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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “How to Make the Best Fried Chicken in New York”

  1. Cooks chicken threw to kill bacteria and salmonella. Checks if chicken is cooked by probing the uncooked area and putting it to her mouth.

  2. Y'all racist fuckers, always saying more shit about the Asian cooks. I don't see this much shit talking with the white cooks. Y'all probably love Nickleback as much as you love Trump.

  3. I like to piss in a bowl and leave it for a week or so. Then I stick a chopstick in it, and if the tip is yellow I know it's ready.

  4. If I can find a woman like her I'd be the happiest dude on the planet. You did an amazing job! Looks soogod

  5. 1:10 I told Koji it had a small dick and would never amount to miso. Played death metal at 3 am, and got a "Instant Yeast is my BFF" tattoo, but still the koji does not seem agitated.
    Seriously though, that chicken looks next level delish.

  6. te' wag ka munang umuwi dto sa pinas, mukha atang di ka mahilig matulog, naku madu30 ka pa nyan! hahahahaha!

  7. "It also caramelizes the out side chicken? when you deep fry it? so we don't need to use any starches in the batter?" I can't focus on what's she's saying because she ends every sentence like she's asking a question lol. Is it a New York thing or is it just her?

  8. Chinese Fried Chicken is so crispy and sweet!….too me is even more then original fried chicken…..all the same tastes are great!

  9. she says "like" at least once in every sentence and ends every sentence on a higher pitch as if it were a question. eh.

  10. "It turns the protein molecules into more like sugars" I know you can get through life really well eithout ever knowing any biochemistry, but that fucking slew me.

  11. Her voice is so soothing and she explains everything really well. The dialogue sounds unscripted, yet professional. I love this video.

  12. So… to see if a chicken is at temperature you stab it with a cake tester, then touch it to your lip… so if it's not cooked you have raw chicken on your lip… I'm not so sure about that…

  13. I'm not trying to make fun of anyone, but seriously, why on earth did it make sense to wear a touche in the kitchen. I've cooked for 20+ years so we won't get into that part.

  14. Don't touch the thermometer to your dirty face and then contaminate the food with it. Might as well just lick it. Great vid otherwise, but that is not okay.

  15. What utter nonsense, she can´t cook, she can´t talk and I never eat green chicken. If I fed this to my dog I would apologise.

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