大家好!我們是 CantoMando
What’s up guys! CantoMando here. 如果你是第一次看我們的頻道,我是
If you are new to the channel, I’m 歡迎來到 CantoMando 的大家庭
and welcome to the CantoMando squad. Sheldon,今天我們要幹嘛呢?
Sheldon, what do we have in store today? 今天我們要挑戰做出中式的披薩
Today we’re doing the Chinese pizza cooking challenge, 我們每人各自做一個披薩
in which we are gonna make our own pizzas. 我們會去超級市場買食材
We’ll go to the grocery store, buy ingredients, 規矩是我們只能用中式的食材
and the twist is you can only have Chinese style ingredients. 中式比薩大挑戰
Chinese themed pizza challenge. 我們會用外觀、創意和味道
We’re gonna compare who has the best dish 來選出最出色的披薩
in terms of appearance, creativity, and taste. 在今天的影片開始之前
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Without further ado, let’s go! 大家好!我們現在身處超級市場裡
What’s up guys! We are at the supermarket right now. 二十分鐘,二十塊錢 買所需的材料
get what you need. 不要跟著我
Don’t follow me. 是你不要跟著我吧
Don’t follow me, man! 我要做的是拉麵餅皮的披薩
I’m gonna make ramen crust pizza. 飯底披薩
Rice base pizza. 豆豉雞披薩
Black bean chicken pizza. 這不錯
This is good. 我會用蛋來把麵條黏在一起
I’ll just add an egg to it, so it sticks together. 台式蛋黃肉糭
Taiwanese egg yolk and pork rice dumpling. 蒸熟以後就用來當餅皮
Steam it, and use it as my base. 豆豉醬家裏就有了
What I have is black bean sauce at home. 蛋
Eggs. 我的媽呀,雞心
Oh my goodness, chicken heart! 不不不,沒人會吃的
No, no, no one’s gonna eat it. 買雞胸肉就好
Let me get the chicken breast. 中式臘腸
Chinese style sausage. Mike 老兄啊
Yo bro…Mike. 哎他在跟著我,他又跟著我
Dude, he’s following me. He’s following me again dude. 上一支影片不就叫你不要跟著我了嗎?
I told you not to do that in the last challenge. 午餐肉
Spam. 麻辣不錯,就這個吧
Yeah, numb and spicy. It’s good, let’s go with this one. 起司
Cheese. 亞洲人的習慣
…how it is, we’re Asian, 要拿後面的
So we get the one at the back. 去看一下 Sheldon 跟 Edward 是什麼狀況
Let’s go fuck around Sheldon and Edward for a bit. 老兄啊
Yo, yo dude. 不要抄襲我
Stop copying me! 可口的屁屁
Dat ass. Mike 就只會抄襲我
Mike always tries to copy me. Oh shit. 兄弟!
Dude! 成功了,我們成功擄獲敵軍的資源
We did it guys, we captured one of the enemy items. 魯蛇
Loser! 這叫理論
It’s called theory, dude. 這是好東西
This is the good stuff. 這一罐超棒的
Holy shit, this stuff is amazing! 一定要買
We have to get this. 剛剛想到做披薩要餅皮啊
Just realised that you need dough for pizza. Sheldon,問你個問題
Yo Sheldon, I have a question. 幹嘛?你想對我幹嘛?
What? What do you want? What do you want from me? 餅皮怎麼辦?我們要用麵團嗎?
What about dough? Are we gonna have dough? 沒有
No. 他完全沒有創意
He doesn’t know any creativity, man. 我想問你的披薩會是什麼樣的
I’m curious what kind of pizza you would do. 我們大家都要弄餅皮,對吧?
We both need dough, right? 大家分著用,好嗎?
Do you want to share? 不好
Not really. 你不會用到麵團嗎?
You not using dough? 不會
Yeah. 他想做傳統的披薩
He’s trying to make traditional pizzas. 這包是好東西
This is the good stuff right here! 蝦米就是棒
Dried shrimp is bomb. Sheldon. 來看看他買了什麼
Let’s see what he has. 不可以看
No, you can’t look. 我跟你合作
I’ll make a deal with you, 豬肉乾
Dried pork. 肉鬆
Shredded. 好吧,我跟你分著用
Alright fine, I’ll split with you. 牛肉酥
Beef floss. 你說得對,這個選擇太棒了
You’re right, this is actually a great choice. 你知道 Mike 想怎麼樣嗎?
You know what Mike’s asking for? 他在問「你要用麵團嗎?」
He was like “Dough? are you using dough?” 合作愉快
Nice working with you. 非常時期要使出非常手段
Desperate times call for desperate measures. 我從零做起吧
Imma try to make it from scratch. 我大概會輸了
I’m gonna lose this game. 我在搜…我不知道怎麼做麵團啊
I’m searching…I don’t know how to make dough, bro. 我差點就要買冷凍披薩
I went to a point of trying to buy frozen pizza, 然後把上面的配料給撥走
and then strip all the toppings off. 我要買酵母,然後自己做
So I’m gonna get yeast, and then we’re gonna make it myself. 他真的買了酵母!
He got yeast! Mike,你要慢慢等麵團發酵嗎?
Mike, are you gonna wait for the crust to rise? 所以我拿了快速發酵的啊
That’s why I got quick rise! 我們回到家啦
We’re back to the apartment now. Mike 要先上
We’re gonna start first with Mike. 對
Yep. 準備好了嗎?
Alright, ready? 讓我們來觀摩酵母先生是怎麼做麵團
Let’s watch Mr. Yeast make his dough. 雞胸肉
Chicken Breasts. 香菇
Mushrooms. 杏鮑菇
Black oyster mushrooms. 你買了起司?
You got cheese? Dude. 蒜蓉豆豉醬
Black bean garlic sauce. 還有
I’m not done yet. 還有什麼?
Where’s the last one? 麵粉?
Flour? 麵粉?
Flour? 等等…
Wait… 這包是燕麥片啊
It’s the oatmeal. 那麵粉在哪裏?
Wait, where’s the flour? 沒有麵粉啊
There’s no flour! 在這
There. 想像一下如果我沒有麵粉
Imagine I didn’t have flour. 我要做的是豆豉雞披薩
I’m gonna be making the black bean chicken pizza. 你在幹嘛?
What you doing man? 我在看要怎麼做麵團
I’m trying to search how to make dough. 一至一個半小時
One to one and a half hour. 我可以回去超市買東西嗎?
Can I still go to the Raba’s to prepare for the pizza? 你完蛋了,不可以
You’re over bro, you can’t. 我可能要用上一個小時五分鐘
I might need an hour and 5 minutes. 一個小時後你們肯定羨慕死
You guys will be so jealous in an hour. …小碗,溶解…
…small bowl, dissolve… 茶匙還是湯匙?
Teaspoon or tablespoon? 我不知道要用多少!
I don’t know how much to use! Mike 十分鐘的成果就這東西
This is Mike’s ten minutes of work. 好笑的是他表現出來好像很篤定
The funniest thing is that he acts with extreme certainty 很有信心
and confidence, right? 「來吧」
“Let’s go.” 不知道哪來的自信
Where’s his confidence from, right? 奇怪
It’s so weird! 老實講其實我沒什麼信心
I actually don’t feel very confident. 你看他!
Look at him! 這是什麼?Mike 這是什麼?
What is this? Mike, what is this? 酵母跟水,要溶解
Yeast and water. You have to let it dissolve. 我要糖
I need sugar! 你們不要再弄我了
Guys! Stop sabotaging me. 我弄錯了嗎?
Did I do something wrong? 對
Yes. 我覺得我水放太多了
I think I put too much water. 「跟頂級餐廳的一樣」
“Just like you get in great restaurants.” 「我從頂級餐廳裡弄來了食譜」
“And I’ve gone to a great restaurant to get the recipe.” 「這位是 Anthony Falco」
“We’ve got Anthony Falco right here.” 哇 Anthony Falco,好的
Oh Anthony Falco, okay okay. 「…所有的粉,然後我們要
“…all of the mix, and what we’re doing here 攪和至混合」
is we’re mixing to combine.” 「攪和至混合呢…」
“Now, mixing to combine…” 簡單啦!可以啦
Oh, easy! Easy! Okay. 重點就是攪和至混合
The key is to mix to combine. 你進度還好嗎,Mike?
How does it look so far, Mike? 麵團開始成形了
It’s starting to take form of pizza dough. 我的天啊 Mike 你這麼專業的嗎
Holy shit Mike, you’re actually a pro! 不錯耶
Nice nice. 當 Mike 在弄他的「披薩」的同時
Alright. So while Mike makes his…“pizza”, 我們就坐在這裡休息跟吃洋芋片吧
we’re just gonna chill here and eat this bag of chips. Mike 有點起色了耶,你看!
Mike has made some progress, look! 要開始成形了
It’s actually taking form of a… 成噁心的形
Weird abomination. 你知道 Ramsay 主廚說過什麼嗎?
You know what chef Ramsay says? 什麼?
What does he say? 千里之行,始於足下
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 始於…裝著麵粉的湯匙下
A single spoon…of flour. 你們等一下就會搶著要吃我的披薩了
Dude you guys are gonna be so envious of my pizza. 等等…
Wait… 前提是你要…
Will it be done before… 在我有生之年做好啊
…during my lifetime? 你看看這麵團
Look at this dough. 這就是專業
Come on, this is dope. 好像那種高級法國麵包店
It’s like when you go to like fancy French bakery places, 放馬卡龍的地方
and they put a macaroon in here? 對
Yeah. 但這裡放的是醜到爆的麵團
And then this is just an ugly piece of dough. Mike,這個多少錢?
Mike, how much does this cost? 這麵團多少錢?
How much does this piece of dough cost? 無價
Priceless. 趁著這團東西毫無目的地被放置一旁時
While this thing sits here and there’s no purpose, 下一步要幹嘛?
what’s next? 杏鮑菇
Black oyster mushrooms. 這是唯一…
This is the only– 這個跟雞肉是唯二對勁的材料
This and the chicken is the only good thing 到此為止
that he’s done so far. 切得有點小
The pieces are kinda small. 我就用這麼多
This is all I’m gonna use. 接著是雞肉
Next, chicken. 他把雞肉拿出來了
He’s got the chicken out. 你在幹嘛?
What are you doing now? 攪著來醃製
Tossing and marinating it. 你打算用這個醬…
So you’re gonna use that sauce… 豆豉醬來做醬底嗎?
the black bean sauce as a base? 是
Yep. 這當醬底?
This as a base? 你知道這有多鹹嗎?
You know how salty it’s gonna be? 你要讓我脫水至無可救藥的田地嗎?
Dude! You’re trying to dehydrate my body to a point of no return? 這已經被放置十五分鐘了
This has been here for like 15 minutes now. 哇這…
Wow, it is… 聞起來還蠻香的呢
It smells pretty good too! Kind of. 你是隱世大廚嗎?
Are you a master chef? 吳大廚是你?
Master chef wu? 他要使出絕招了
He’s doing some real stuff right now. 你的絕招是什麼?
What’s your real stuff? 絕招是什麼?
What’s the real stuff? 你們想見識見識絕招嗎?
You guys wanna know the real stuff? 你們真的想見識絕招嗎?
You guys really wanna know the real stuff? 仔細看好
Alright, watch. Edward,保證要拍下來
Edward, make sure you get it. 我在披薩店看過!
I see this in pizzerias! 搓呀搓…準備好了嗎?
Knead, knead…ready? 有點厚呢
It’s kinda too thick. 我想要弄心形
I wanna make it a heart, 因為我愛你們
because I love you guys. 噢!
Aww!! Mike 在討附加分
Mike is going for all these side points now. 因為他實力不足
It’s because he can’t handle the real thing. 「順帶一提,我愛你們」
“I love you guys, by the way.” 先塗醬底
Let’s start with the base. 你弄完以後我可以吃點起司嗎?
Can I have some cheese after this? 然後放香菇
Next is the mushrooms. 沙門氏菌香菇
Salmonella mushrooms. 你知道這是什麼嗎?
You know what this is? 沙門披薩
Salmonella…alladante. 終於是時候放進烤箱了
It is finally time to go in the oven. 你要先預熱啊
I think you have to preheat first. 烤箱要先預熱的
I think you need to preheat the oven first. 你知道好笑的是什麼嗎?
You know what’s funny? 這個挑戰其實是我的晚餐
Actually this challenge is actually my dinner. Mike 的披薩就是我的晚餐
Yeah, so Mike’s pizza is my dinner. 二十分鐘,三百五十度
20 minutes on 350. 不,Mike…
No, Mike… Mike 你把沙門氏菌帶回你放房間
Mike, put the salmonella to your room. 你把沙門氏菌放到椅子上?
You put salmonella on a chair? 好了,Mike 要把他的心血送進烤箱了
Alright, Mike is storing his stuff into the oven. 把沙門氏菌都殺清光啊
Alright, kill that salmonella, Mike. 求你確保要夠二十分鐘啊
Wait, make sure it goes for 20 minutes please. 沙門氏菌要死清光才行
Cause salmonella needs to die. 來看看 Edward 有什麼本領
Alright guys, let’s see what Edward has in store today. 餅底
Base. 是的
Yep. 糭子
Rice dumpling. 哇,用糭來做餅皮
Whoa, rice dumpling as a base. 他還買了鹹蛋!
He got a salted egg too! 是上一次用剩的
This is the leftover from before we used it. 醬是沙茶醬
Sauce, Chinese barbecue sauce. 配料有…
Next, toppings are… 豆腐
Tofu. 鵪鶉蛋!
Quail eggs! 怎麼可以有義大利辣香腸
And how can you have Italian hot sausage 卻沒有中式豬臘腸呢?
but not have chinese style pork sausage? 挺聰明的
This is smart. 最後,我跟 Sheldon 會分著用這個
And then, last but not least, I share this with Sheldon, 是我們的策略
our strategy. 豬肉鬆
It’s shredded pork. 首先…
So first… 這個要蒸個三十分鐘
this has to be steamed for 30 minutes. Edward 目前為止
So far, what Edward has done is 就只有成功地燒好兩鍋水
successfully boil 2 pots of water. 下一步
Next step. 你們有沒有聞到…
Do you guys smell… 香味撲鼻啊!是什麼呢?
It smells amazing! What is that? Mike 的披薩!哇你看看
Mike’s pizza! Oh shit, look at it. 他把豆腐切片
He cuts out the slice of tofu. Mike 你知道我為什麼要把豆腐這樣切嗎?
See Mike, you know why I have tofu like this? 因為它要扮演辣肉腸的角色
Cos it’s gonna be my pepperoni. 所以它必須是辣肉腸的形狀
Therefore it must be the shape of a pepperoni. 他要煎豆腐
He’s gonna fry the tofu. 放點油
Put some oil on there. 他在燴東西,又在煎東西
He’s boiling some things, he’s frying some things, 還在烤其他東西
and he’s baking other things. 我不知道他的成品究竟會是固體、液體還是氣體
Not sure if he’s trying to make a solid, liquid, or gas. 看看他接下來要怎麼辦
Let’s see what he’s gonna do with it. 下一步是把小寶寶們放到開水裡
Next step is putting the babies into the boiling water. 你殘害生命
You’re gonna kill life. 我的天
Woah shit! 見鬼
Holy shit! 你想殺了我啊?
You gonna murder me bro? Edward,你的成品應該完全不是披薩的樣子
Edward, yours is not even gonna look like a pizza. 看起來應該就是糭子上有點豆腐
Yours is gonna look like a rice dumpling with tofu on it. 多美的畫面
Look how nice this is. 很美吧?
That’s nice, right? 就蛋而已
It’s just egg. 對啊,就蛋跟水
Yeah, it’s just egg and water. 十五分鐘過去了
So 15 minutes have gone, 下一步就是要把臘腸煮熟
and our next step is to put these sausages in, okay? 蓋好蓋子
With the lit on top, okay. 現在我要為你們打開蛋
Now I’m going to open the eggs for you guys. 剝開蛋殼
Unpeel the eggs. 趁這個還沒好,把其他東西先準備就緒
And get everything ready, for when this is ready. 然後我就要來弄餅皮了
And then I’ll make the base. 我覺得他…
I think that he… 他跟著包裝上的指示跟得很好
I mean he followed the instructions on the packets really well. 開水燒得很不錯
He did a really good job at boiling water 他在分開準備各種材料上的表現還蠻好的
He did a good job at making individual ingredients, right? 喔是個肉糭
Oh this is a meaty rice dumpling. 我可以在它被你毀掉前先吃掉嗎?
Can I eat it before you ruin it? 這是我的披薩啊
This is my pizza, dude! 我覺得現在就已經完美了
I think right now it looks perfect. 我敢保證他放進烤箱以後
I’m 100% sure it’s gonna go in the oven, 當他拿出來的時候
take it out, and then when he takes it, 整個飯糰會散開來
it’s gonna fall apart, the rice. 不成功便成仁
This is a make-or-break moment. 他要怎麼弄乾糭子啊?
How’s this rice dumpling gonna become dry? 我敢保證
I’m 100% sure. 我想不到你可以怎麼烤
I don’t know how you’re gonna bake it. 這個問題我自然會有解決辦法
That’s the question that I’ll have a response for. 你看他,他完全沒頭緒
Look at him, he doesn’t know! 你們不知道的秘密絕招
You guys don’t know the secret trick. 你知道秘密絕招嗎?
You know what the secret trick is? 什麼?
What? 他打算亂說一通
He’s making shit up right now. Edward 在沉思
Edward’s in deep thought right now. 烤過以後會好很多
It’s gonna be better, if I just bake it. 行
Okay. 等等,我要先把它拼好
Wait I have to arrange it first. 這個
This. 這就是醬底
This is the sauce base. Edward 這是個現成的糭子
Edward, it’s a store-bought rice dumpling. 醬還蠻香的
The sauce smells pretty good. 你看到這有多結實嗎?
Do you see the firmness? 有
Yeah. 結實到它完全不會動的
It’s so firm to a point it won’t move. Edward 確信他的糭子會黏在一起
Edward is super convinced that it’ll stick together. 你知道你應該買什麼嗎?
You know what you should buy? 什麼?
What? 強力膠
Superglue. 老實說我真不知道你可以怎麼把它
I honestly don’t know how you’re gonna move that 移到烤盤上
onto a baking tray. 你看好
Watch. 還沒好
It’s not ready. 等等 Edward,這到底是披薩還是炒飯?
Wait, Edward, is this pizza or is this fried rice? 搗爛
Mushing it up. 這就像是起司,但卻不是起司
This is like cheese, but it’s not cheese. 下一步是辣肉腸
Next step, pepperoni. 這就是如果我生了個兒子
This is what I imagine if I ever had a son, 他去上學
he would go to school, 從學校帶回來的就是這東西
and he would bring this back to me. 把蛋放上去
Putting on the egg. 我想看他用意念把披薩移到盤子上
I want to see if he’d teleport this pizza onto a tray. 你不會成功的
It’s not happening man. 揭曉真相的時刻到了
This is the moment of truth. Edward 到底能不能把披薩移到鋁箔紙上呢
Can Edward move this pizza onto the aluminium foil? 讓我們來見證
That’s the question right now. 不,他不用鋁箔紙
No, he’s not using aluminium foil! 他直接放到盤子上!
He’s directly putting it on! 好了
Okay, alright. 它應該非常結實了,我來把它拿出來
Now that it’s firm, I’m gonna take it out. 看起來像個滿臉皺紋的老爺爺
It’s like a shrivelled up old grandpa, right? 很醜啊
It’s kinda gross. 天啊…要散掉了喂
Oh my…yo it’s falling apart, bro. 你要不乾脆弄炒飯好了
You might as well make fried rice right now. 我失敗了
It’s an L. 你把碎片拿出來,放到平底鍋裡
Take it out in pieces, and then put it in frying pan, 然後用碗子端出來
and then serve in a bowl. 我有點餓了…
I’m kinda hungry and… 不!
NO! 你們都低估我的披薩了
You’re underestimating how good this is. Edward 你同一句話說了一個小時了
Edward, you’ve been saying that over the past hour, man. 要是我有更多時間去烤它就好了
If only I had more time to bake it. 一定是
Sure. 能上去嗎?
Is it getting on? 你看看底部!
Look at the bottom! 耶!
Yes! 看起來像是…
It looks like a person who’s like… 一個二十多歲、樣貌端好的人
A beautiful person who’s in their 20s, 出來以後變成了滿臉皺紋的九十多歲的人
It came out like a person in their 90s where they shrivelled up. 你好壞喔
Why are you so mean? 接下來輪到 Sheldon 了
We’re gonna get started with Sheldon. 我要做的是炒麵披薩
It’s called the noodle chow mein pizza. 你要怎麼——
How are you gonna make this– 有羅勒
We got basil. 蝦米
Dried shrimp. 金菇
Enoki mushrooms. 好
Okay. 麻婆豆腐醬
Mapo tofu sauce. 好樣的
Okay. 火鍋麻醬
Hotpot sesame sauce. 還有四川口味的午餐肉
And spam with Szechuan flavour. 獨一無二的食材配搭
Okay, this is actually very unique. Sheldon 你是要做川菜嗎?
Sheldon, are you going for Szechuan style food? 對
Yeah. 你煮熟以後再烤嗎?
You boil them, and then you bake it? 把麵放到蛋漿裡
Have noodles in with the egg wash, 蛋漿會把麵條黏在一起
egg wash will keep it all together. 蛋漿是什麼鬼東西?
What the heck is an egg wash? 這麼多麵條應該夠了
I think that is a good amount of noodles. 然後我們要來做蛋漿
And then we’re also gonna make our egg wash. 挺有創意的
Kinda creative. 你也是個有識之士啊
I see you’re a man of culture. 你也是個有識——
I see that you’re a man of cul– 兄弟!
Dude! 兄弟!
Dude. 你把蛋弄出來了
You fucking cracked it out… 有蛋殼
There’s egg shell… 你知道怎麼把餅皮弄脆嗎?
You know how you make it crispy? 他用蛋殼!
He’s gonna give us egg shells! 麵條放進去
Noodle goes in. 煮熟以後就可以放到蛋漿裡
So once it’s cooked, we’re gonna dump it into the egg wash. 放進冰箱一陣子
Throw in the freezer for a bit, 餅皮就大功告成了
we’ll have the base ready to go. 麵條已經準備就緒了
Noodles are boiled and ready to go. 我要來放進蛋漿裡面
I’m gonna dump it into the egg wash. 我覺得好像麵的比例比蛋多了點
I feel like it’s too much noodles to egg ratio. 要伴好
Gonna mix it up. 蛋在這裡會扮演膠水的角色
So the egg will act as a binding agent. 我要寬一點的盤子,那個給我
Yeah, I need a wider tray, give me that one. 蛋就是膠水的角色,你看已經黏在一起了
The egg acts as a binding agent, see it’s already binding. 鋁箔紙給我
Give me some aluminium foil. 壓扁它
Crush it down. 看起來像義大利麵
Looks like an alfredo pasta. 他在按照正確步驟——
He’s taking the right steps to make sure that– 放進冰箱
Popped in the freezer, alright. 現在呢…
Now… 我們要來準備午餐肉
So now we’re gonna prepare the spam. 嘔
Ew. Sheldon 你真的要我們吃這肉嗎?
Sheldon, are you actually gonna make us eat that meat? 這就是午餐肉
It’s spam, bro. 你幹嘛把筷子當刀來用?
Are you using chopsticks as a knife? 要切成小塊
We’re gonna cut it up into pieces. 放到平底鍋裡
Let’s pop this onto the pan. 煎
Frying. 把金菇拿出來
Get some mushrooms out. 你要弄金菇了嗎?
You’re making enoki mushrooms? 對
Yep. 你就這樣把金菇放到肉上?
You put the mushroom on the meat like that? 你打算怎麼用這些金菇?
So what are you planning to do with these mushrooms? 就這樣放上面?
You just put it on top? 對啊
Yep. 我知道你們愛吃金菇
I know you guys like mushrooms. 午餐肉好香啊
The spam smells really good. 我可以吃一塊嗎?
Can I have a piece? 不可以
No. 我可以要一塊嗎?
Dude, can I have a piece too? 不可以
No. 如果我們吃光他的材料,那他就弄不出披薩來了
If we eat all his ingredients, he can’t make any pizza. 可以要一塊嗎?
Can I have a piece? 不可以
No. 你們要等到最後成品才可以吃!
Cos man, you have to have the end product, man. 最後成品!
End product, bro! 我覺得看起來很像樣
I think that is pretty promising. 因為它有個主題在
How it’s promising, is because it has one theme. 什麼主題?
What’s the theme? 四川主題
The Szechuan theme. 主題是出前一丁
The theme is Demae Itcho. 你是覺得 Sheldon 弄錯他自己的主題嗎?
He’s not believing Sheldon gets his theme wrong? 你知道在香港有這個泡麵
You know in Hong Kong, you have instant noodles and shit, 會放午餐肉一起吃
with like spam in it. 你在說啥?
What are you talking about? 蛋黃都流出來了
Whoa, the yolk leaked. 就是膠水的角色,你看看
It’s the binding agent, look at that. 你可以把這放到盤子上嗎?
Can you put it on a plate? 成功了
He did it. 蠻厲害的嘛
Pretty impressive. Sheldon 所做的其實還蠻酷的
It’s actually pretty cool, what Sheldon did just now. 你要翻了嗎?
Are you flipping it right now? 翻!
Go! 我覺得它會降落在平底鍋以外的地方
I feel like this is gonna end up not on the pan. 那麼!
So! 要加醬料了
Now we’re gonna add the sauce. 火鍋醬
Hotpot sauce. 麻醬?
Sesame sauce? 是的
Yep. 這包裝
The packaging. 好吧,把醬塗上
Alright, let’s put the sauce on. 把麻婆豆腐醬加在上面
Put this mapo tofu sauce over it. 有點奇怪的組合
This is a questionable combination. 相信我,好嗎?
Trust me, okay? 上一次我就是相信了你,然後你知道我喝什麼了嗎?
Last time I trusted you, you know what I drank? 什麼?
What? 裝在瓶子的嘔吐物
Puke in a bottle. 你知道我在什麼處境嗎?
You know what I’m in for? 什麼?
What? 大災難
Disaster. 我很失望
I’m so disappointed. 我知道你在搞什麼了,你在堆砌山丘
I know what you’re making dude, you’re making a mountain. 你本來是我們唯一的希望啊
You’re supposed to be the one, man. 現在要把它放進烤箱裡
Alright, I’m gonna pop it into the oven. 多久?
How long? 十分鐘
10 minutes. 先來試試 Mike 的
Let’s first try Mike’s. 它的名字是豆豉雞披薩
So it’s gonna be called the black bean chicken pizza. 一個參加中式披薩挑戰的西式披薩
Western style pizza for a Chinese style pizza competition pizza. 他在切開的聲音很倒胃口
The sound of him cutting it is very unappetising. 我要吃過期麵包嗎?
Am I eating stale bread? 聽起來就像是過期麵包
It sounds like I’m eating stale bread, man. 什麼味道?
What’s it like? 餅皮絕對不是這個披薩的取勝之處
The dough was definitely not the highlight of the pizza. 我想要水
I want water. 我每咬一口,感覺口腔的水分又被吸走一些
I feel like every bite of this is sucking the moisture of my mouth. 這東西乾巴巴的
There’s no moisture in this thing, man. 像是一個月前的麵包
Like a month-old bread. 是中世紀的麵包
Bread from the medieval age, right? 想像一下我們穿著盔甲然後要吃這個
Imagine wearing a suit of armour and try to eat this. 要用到劍來切開吧
You have to use a sword to cut this, right? 我們要用最鋒利的劍來切開這塊麵包
We need your finest sword to cut this piece of bread. 創意…很少
Creativity…is low. 因為這根本不是中式披薩
Cos it’s not Chinese pizza. 口感非常不好
Again, the texture is very bad though. 像過了期一樣
And it’s very stale. 但雞肉跟配料是不錯的
But the chicken, the topping was good, 有扳回一點分數
so I’ll give you that. 十分滿分我給三分
I’ll give it a 3 out of 10. 我給三分
I’ll give 3 out of 10. 下一個
Next up. 名字是什麼?
What do you call this? 我叫它皺巴巴的老爺爺
I call this shrivelled up old man. 我叫它中國傳統
I call this the Chinese tradition. 我撥到你的盤子裡
I will slide it onto your plate. 是要瓦解了嗎?
Is this gonna fall apart? 其實不錯的
Actually it’s not bad. 不錯
Not bad. 對,我願意多吃一點
Yeah, I would probably eat a little more. 我喜歡這個
I like it. 其實來講我就是在吃飯
I’m basically eating rice. 對
Yeah. 味道…是加分的
Taste…gets points. 外觀就有點扣分了
Definitely loses some on appearance. 獨特性跟創意方面是加分的
For uniqueness, and creativity, gets points. 我給六分
I give it a 6. 我分數是給味道的
I’ll give it points on the taste. 披薩有點扣分
I would lose points on the pizza. 總體我給四分
Overall, I give it a 4 out of 10. 味道真的不錯
It tastes pretty decent. Sheldon 的披薩
Sheldon’s pizza. 你的意念是非常有創意的
Your idea behind it is very creative. 我很喜歡
I like it a lot. 我其實覺得如果你麵再炒久一點
I actually believe that if you fried your noodles longer, 你的餅皮可以更加結實
they would stay a harder base. 味覺大雜燴
Big clash of flavours. 有點辣
It’s so spicy. 我喜歡這個
I like it. 我真的很喜歡
I genuinely like it. 你每一種食材都放得有點太多了
You put a bit too much of everything on this pizza. 這正中我口味
This is up my alley though. 就是個人口味,對吧?
This is personal taste, right? 你說辣嗎?
You know the spice, right? 出奇地,我很喜歡這個
Surprisingly, I really like this. 我給它打八分
I give it 8 out of 10. 我願意繼續吃
I will eat this again. 創意方面,我給很高分
Creativity, I give it a lot of points. 我覺得你每樣放得有點過頭
I think you put a bit too much of everything. 吃起來像是千層麵之類的
Feels like I’m eating a lasagna or something. 創意替你掙了不少分數
Creativity gave you points, 我會給你打五分
so I’m gonna give you 5 out of 10. Sheldon 是披薩冠軍,中式披薩冠軍
Sheldon’s the pizza champion. Chinese pizza champion. 謝謝大家收看今天的影片
Thank you guys for watching today’s video. 記得按讚
And make sure to smash that like button 留言告訴我們你們對這些披薩的看法
and comment down below what you thought of our pizzas, 還有你們想看什麼影片內容
and what you want to see in future videos. 如果你還沒的話
And if you haven’t yet, 如果喜歡今天的影片,記得訂閱我們
If you enjoyed today’s video, remember to hit the subscribe button, 按下通知鈴鐺
and notification bell. 否則…
Otherwise… 你們買到的披薩都會是過期麵包的餅皮
all your pizzas in the future will be stale bread pizza. 我就知道!
I knew it! 全都會是 Mike 做的麵團,所有麵團
All the dough will be made by Mike. All the dough. 先這樣,再見!
Until next time, goodbye!

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