You see that’s the biggest thing that stands in our way of weight loss and Progressing forward and our health is just to be willing to find the light though You have to be willing to believe in yourself and to believe in your story and to believe that there’s more that you’re going through And that what you’re going through is going to bring you Further into who you’re supposed to be and your calling and find the good in it Okay, hey guys welcome back to my video channel, okay Hey guys, welcome back to my channel if it’s your first time here My name is Kristy Sierra and I post videos every single Friday Today’s video is a mixture of both a workout and a weight loss video which I’m super excited to share this with you guys because I get so many comments from all of you on both my Instagram and My YouTube about my body and my fitness and how hard I train and what I do And how do I maintain my health? And so this is the video for you because I’m going to tell you about my tip on what helps me Keep me in shape these two workouts. I’m gonna be showing you today. You can start your fitness journey right from home We all like the sound of that don’t we? Yes we do And yeah, I hope this video just kind of inspires you guys I know sometimes getting to the gym is hard both because of inconvenient and Insecurities and so I just really want to make it accessible for you guys to start your fitness journey right from home So don’t trick yourself into saying you can’t start until you get a gym membership because that is absolutely false Let me just pop that out of your brain. It’s false. You can start today. You can start at home You will start now and that’s why I made this video for you guys So the first bit is like it said gonna be two different workouts are going to show you guys both them I’m not really gonna talk you through them. I’m going to music and put some notes on the screen So you will have notes to go off of and then you guys can also check down below I’m gonna write up their workouts for you. So you can just take a screenshot of that and you will have them forever So at home You can adapt this any way that you need to you’ll see that I have to adapt that some things for a way that works Better for me just because obviously we know That I’m a little bit different than most of you and so just adapt to the way you need to Challenge yourself as you meet you you can use harder resistance bands or lighter resistance bands Whatever is closer to your level You can add weights by pulling weights if you have them at home or holding things from around the house that can add a little bit of a challenge to You whatever you want But yeah let’s go do this workout and I’m gonna come right back here and I can tell you guys my top tips for weight loss and Containing a healthy lifestyle. So let’s go work out and then let’s get educated Quickly before we start our workout. I just have to let you guys know about hope fitness gear they are their resistance bands that I will be using all the way through this workout and I just want to tell you guys a Little bit about their company because I am both in love with their products and their mission Which is hard to find in the fitness industry So the mission behind hope Fitness is not only to promote well-being and fitness But it’s also to help kids that are fighting Childhood cancer and other rare illnesses and they’ve donated over ten percent of their profits in the past two years from their first launch To both hospitals and the families of the children themselves. And so this is just a really awesome company guys They’ve got a really good heart their products are actually really amazing. I’m obsessed with the quality and also guys with hopefulness They’re not looking to just serve the athletes. They’re wanting to create products for wherever you’re at in your fitness journey So if you’re at the very beginning or if you’re an advanced person at the gym, whatever you are they have products for you They’ve got everything from light to extra heavy resistance fan So I’m going to show you just a couple of them that I have. I’ll be using two of them here But they’ve got tons of options on their website. So make sure you guys go check them out down below there’s gonna be a link and you guys can go get them for yourself there and just go support this cause I mean It’s gonna get you healthy and it’s also gonna help young kids Battle what they’re going through and you guys know that on this chat all about everything that we’re about is helping each Other get three of the hard things that are going on in our life and this is just one really amazing way to help both you and At the same time so go check them out annulling and I’m going to show you guys that they have so these are the two Fabric ones that I’ve got. The black one is smaller and Heavier resistance the red one is larger and not as much resistance. But still they’ve got grips on the inside of both of them So they don’t slide up and down your legs I use these every single worker so must must must must They also have a whole bunch of these rubber ones which like I said They go from extra heavy. It will say on the bottom there all the way to I think it’s ones light Yeah extra light so there’s lots of different options for you guys as Well, as some of my favorite ones are the super super long one so these ones are great because you can tie them to pull you can use them all the way from squatting to pressing at the Same time And they have a bunch of different levels of these guys as well. So without further ado Let’s jump into this workout video, and I hope you guys enjoy Make sure you stick around for the weight loss tips at the end of this video Let’s do it wanna move. Ah, see See I’m searching from the fabric man to a regular resistance bad Bunny funds are easier for doing walking and they have a little bit more movement to them and not a step So that’s why I’m switching see Strange fruit is one when you stir That’s me From his men Some row me Strange Before you Okay Now that you have the workouts guys here are some tips And again, we are all about creating a healthy lifestyle not about doing a massive diet That’s unrealistic for you to maintain and then crash it so these are just tips that you can incorporate into your everyday life that will progressively Help you get healthier and get fit and feel better and have more energy and just have a fuller life Essentially, okay. So first thing is first have a High-protein breakfast breakfast is the most important meal of the day It’s my favorite meal of the day but it’s the most important meal of the day for me that looks like oatmeal with protein powder and some fairies number two Healthy snacks along the day to reduce your meal size guys You could not just have line of massive dinner and not feel yourself properly throughout the day and expect any Changes you need to start incorporating healthy snacks about the day but that will help you a lot because When you get to dinner and suddenly you’re so starving and you have nothing in your body Obviously you’re gonna overeat and you’re gonna have larger proportion But if you are feeding yourself nutritious snacks throughout the day You won’t have as much capacity in your stomach and you won’t have to Overstuff the way that we like to deal with in our time number three water Drink water. You need water. You need more water Like your life can literally change the day you start drinking water. Just need you to know that start drinking more water It will help you also fun fact Yes, you’re supposed to drink water all throughout the day But if you drink water half hour before your meal, it’s actually going to increase your weight loss by four to four percent So get that glass of water in half hour before you milk. Why not avoid sugary drinks and juices your white chocolate caramel mocha eggnog Lebanon Napa do does not help your fitness guys so yes treat yourself every once in all but do not have them as a The other thing because that will blow everything out of proportion and mess you up pretty quickly. So Say no to those sugary drinks and juices and instead you can find healthier versions of those you can find things that have similar flavor, but then don’t give you 12,000 calories in one drink eat mostly a whole unprocessed foods So that they have a Whole Foods is they are way more Filling so you don’t have to eat as much and your body won’t want to eat as much as well as their just all-around healthier and like I said avoid overeating so Whole Foods versus processed foods Eat food slow. You don’t need to devour it my friends You don’t need to finish it in five seconds If you eat it slow your body’s gonna digest it more and you’re not gonna have to eat as much again a lot of these things come down to overeating and that’s one of the biggest thing that stands in our way of weight loss and Progressing forward and our health is just eating too much because yes, we need food Yes, we need fuel, but we don’t need that much and there’s things that will satisfy you more than others So just choose to take the more filling and the more fulfilling foods versus the processed I know they taste better sometimes but you can make Whole Foods Yummy, too. Now. This is one. I really stand by to lift weights three times a day so even if that means getting like one or two sets of weights for at your home just lift some weights and women out there It’s not gonna make you bulky It’s not gonna make you look like those woman body builders that you’ve seen you might not want to look like that if that’s not the figure that you’re going for Lifting weights does not do that. That is a whole nother side of training. That’s a whole nother strategy That’s a whole nother diet and process and journey You will not get this big buff looking thing. You will lose weight. You will feel healthier You will feel stronger and that’s the bottom line that comes from lifting weights. It’s healthy and it’s needed Wow, I’ve been really heated like this whole time I need to relax geez, please Sleep every night. Oh my gosh, please go to sleep. Like don’t stay up until 3:00 a.m. On your phone Go to sleep. You need sleep. Cuz also I bet you didn’t know this but sleep increases weight gain Why would we want to gain weight just from not sleeping go to sleep. Get some rest let your body Recharge you let your body heal let your body grow and do it thing over night because it needs sleep. So doing that and uh Yeah, that’s pretty much my top easiest tips on to weight loss And so yeah let me know how you guys like this video and let me know how you like workout videos and nutrition information and Let me know what you want to see because I love doing them Fitness is a huge part of my life It’s a huge part of my training and I love being able to share that with you guys So let me know if you want more of it also Next week we start vlogmas so get ready guys put on those post notifications and Comment down below if you put them on because it’s gonna be an amazing December I’m releasing videos a lot subscribe comment down below if you like this give this a big thumbs up and Turn on those close notifications because it’s about to get belong Missy in here It didn’t really make sense. Oh, well, I love you know soon

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