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Methew Wade

45 thoughts on “How to Kegel for Men – Professional Guide to Effective Kegel Strength Exercises”

  1. I am confused…doing this exercise while actually urinating or imagine urinating and do the contractions?

  2. That is some valuable information. I would like to know if having stronger pelvic muscles can help with premature ejaculation.
    Also, can trying holding your urine can be a good exercise? Would it be safe to do?

  3. I'm not able to hold a hard erection during the whole sexual act. Will this help? Another thing is that I want have more sexual intercourse sessions in one night and come more than 4 times with my girlfriend. Will this help get me stamina and endurance?

  4. Nice Aussie lady, what is the Keyes exercise used for?
    Why should I be doing this? What are the benefits? Thanks

  5. How long before ya get some results I'm about two weeks in an no erections although I can feel and see the muscle working. Thankyou (if anyone else can advise with this it's appreciated)

  6. So when you say “lift and squeeze” in the video while laying down you mean to contract the pelvic muscles for 8-12 seconds and then relax them and continue to do that 8-12 times ?Also once we progress to standing up would be doing the same thing just standing?

  7. I have a couple questions, would doing it sitting upright compare more in intensity to doing it standing than laying down? I can't stand long so if that's a possible alternative that would be fantastic. Also, I understand that control is also a factor, but I don't have any feeling of resistance, so I can't get a feel for doing it slowly, is this a problem? Is there a solution?

  8. Hi Michelle , Thanks for the video,
    It was indeed a full information about the pelvis muscles and the exercise.
    I have been searching for a complete info about the pelvic muscles and exercises now I found and got it.

    I am aged 44, male and understand that
    10 X3 seats daily are ok as a beginner.

    Thanks again

  9. Hey there Michelle, As you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for bowel incontinence do you still have to actively turn them on and off or will the muscles automatically work to prevent gas leakage.Please reply to this question. It's seriously the most important answer I'm looking for in my life 🙁

  10. Grab a real man and perform the exercises, we all human we don’t need to hide anything haha good video thaaanks doctor

  11. if i pee frequently in a day, do i have a weak pelvic floor muscle? hoping for a response soon, thank you!

  12. I don’t get it. If your shouldn’t move your ass at all your doing it wrong but if your holding the feeling of passing wind it your doing it right?? How is that possible if your moving ass or tightening it in the process?? Any answers be appreciated

  13. Thanks. Been looking at your videos for both my wife and myself. First rate explanations of many great exercises. Subscribed.

  14. Hmm, @Michelle Kenway, your video is a “how to…”, but it does not at all explain how to perform these exercises in the context of what body position to start and end with! I chuckled after watching this; surely that was a mistake, no? You’re very articulate and well versed on the subject, but how can someone who didn’t know what a kegel is attempt to perform one by watching this “how to”?

  15. You mentioned just stopping urine flow as a test but is there a problem with stopping urine flow every time you urinate? That's what I have been doing but I wanted to make sure I wasn't possibly causing some problem. Thank you.

  16. Hi Michelle
    Thank you for taking time to help
    I am about 2 and a half years out from radiccal prosstatectamy and salvage radiation
    I have had periods where I thought I was progressing but I currently feel totally defeated.
    If I can maintain your exercise regime do you think there is still some light at the end of the tunnel I am becoming more reclusive due to my level of incontenance.
    It seems I need to do these excersises every day without fail. Ive pretty much had enough at the moment so any helpful encouragement would be much appreciate. I am now 66 yrs old

  17. Hi Michelle hope you see this comment. I downloaded an app for kegel exercise and I set it to three times a day. But what I want to ask should i do the 3 exercises in quick succession or space them out during the day

  18. Points lost for disclaimer…stand by your shot or don't do it..wont watch it. Disliked, reported as spam

  19. Is there such thing such as reverse kegel exercise, it's said that it's the reverse kegel when applies during the sexual intercourse can delay the ejaculation not regular kegel? How can you do reverse kegel without regular kegel exercise, are they basically the same thing? In kegel exercise you normally do both the contraction and relaxation of the PC muscle, how can you do the relaxation of PC muscle all the time when you are not contracting it, is that the same thing as not doing any exercise?

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