hey everyone so today I am going to be telling you how to fence extremely damaged hair if your hair is extremely dry and damaged from the bleaching or coloring I am gonna tell you how to fix it so a quick backstory on my hair I've been coloring my hair for eight years noise so it years ago I started dyeing my hair boy and I did it myself at home when I was a teenager what's the permanent box dies and I dyed it so many times on the few years after I decided to go long so now I went to the hairdresser's after again I still had a PI night so that was a full head of sleep I thought its silver and gray I thought pink and purple ombré in it so my hair has been through the wringer and it's been through everything basically it was in the worst condition you could possibly imagine it was out of fear I didn't even know how to get to if any of that sounds familiar to you or you're thinking yes stuff exactly what my hair is like it's a minute well don't worry because I'm really picky 3 everything guide it fix my hair and to get a box to looking like this and getting it really healthy and long I'm going to show you all the products that I use to fix my hair and everything that actually I will leave a link to in the description bar below if you want to go check and weigh it for yourself so my first tip is that your hair is in a really bad condition is to start colouring it out a minute if you color it yourself just give your hair a break and stop putting more products on it more products use more fun buildup on really ruin your hair so step away from the colors of the guys on the bleach on give your hair a breather first of all my second tip following on that is to get it on in a hairdressers rather than doing it yourself speaking from experience when I was a teenager I always did it myself with the home dyes in the box side and it usually never turns out well and can end up really thumbs in your hair which is what I did although it can't be a little bit more expensive hairdressers it's really worth the money to leave it to a professional because they know what they're doing and they can advise you so if you are going to continue to color your hair make sure to go to a hair investors to get it all no I'm going to get into the products that I use to fix my hair so my mentees of advice would be to use really good conditioners and shampoos because they are welcome to bring your hair back to lay so there are three conditioners that I use the first one is to pure all of these strength pure conditioner this one was about 15 points but I honestly think you need to spend a little bit more to get a really good conditioner fixed on the stairs but I tried a lot of cheaper conditioners unknown some work none of them fixed my damaged hair my hair was still breaking and solenoids unknown of the work but whenever I started standing a wee bit more and conditioner and getting the really good ones that's when I really started to notice the light coming back into my hair as pure ology is a really good ranch or hair on color treated hair especially the second one by very night it's carousel resistance Commissioner before you actually use before you shelter you put this on after you dump in your hair in the shower and then you Sean through afterwards by doing that it protects the hair fiber and doesn't weigh it going as karakov is a brilliant for color-treated and damaged hair as well the third one I actually just run itis but I'll put a picture of it here it's the red can extreme range the redhead one is brilliant if your hair gets very knotted and tangled whenever you watch it whenever you put it on it makes your hair who extremely silky on it takes any knots or tangles so if you have really got a tear that always gets and not on really modest the red camel is brilliant for the time limit and making it extremely smooth and the reason why 3 is that I alternate between the 3 each time I wash my hair or every couple of weeks because your hair can get used to conditioner and then it won't have the same effect so I'm giving you this one before two weeks and I will put it off and use this one which the red can $1 be on to my next tip about it to not wash your hair too often I wash my hair at work twice a week because if you watch too much it does dry right as well so inspirate two times a week to wash it good to let the natural oils from your scalp and your hair and cool not through another conditioner as well for shampoo I usually use the carousel resistance shampoo which is the much to the conditioner and well trying to get a shampoo that it's opiate free so if you look at the ingredients on the back you'll be able to see if it has salt in it that soap is where your hair done and take the moisture out of it so if you want to try and get chanceries that don't have soulfia's on it my next step is to use hair conditioning treatments on your hair too as well as your shampoo and conditioner you should be using the hair mouse or hair treatments on them to really get more moisture back into your hair and one that I use quite a lot in too expensive is bad hair GG urban antidote musk it's the resurrection one so I did we put this on after shampooing and leave it on for about half an hour sometimes even maybe a couple of hours and you put it up in hair up or you can sleep in it overnight as well another one idols but I found out if this works cause keratin laundry month I'll let others know as well that really works well on my hair – I'm not full hair not that I highly recommend is coconut oil now I even get big help this in most drugstores I hope this instance this is the Vedic oh cool coconut oil this was at next hand point for this health and it is basically a big tub of pressed coconut oil and what I do is I get a bowl of hot water and I put a smaller bowl on top of it I get a big tablespoon of this and put it into the bowl on top and people rise up on melt the coconut oil and then I will take a coconut oil and distribute it all through the length of my hair mostly focusing on the ends in the length for it smoothly damaged and I will put it off into a phone or tie off in a wrap and leave it on for a good few hours or overnight another hair treatment that a lot of celebrities use and a lot of people swear by it is olaplex you can't Bible text but it's very expensive I think you can get a tiny bottle with 30 points and the bigger bottles or about 104 but I love a hair down Thursday like the hair does is able to discharge their treatments for tampons you will ask your hairs after if they stop little pets and if they can do as little tax treatment on your hair I had to tell it so for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I notice my hair extremely soft and silky on in the gradient condition after using it after I've washed my hair and I'd let it air dry a bit I always use a split and serum so if your hair is very dry and dominant you're more than likely going to have a long split and even my hair now even though it's in a really good condition it will be prone to split ends because it is still color treated so I always make sure you just split and serum afterwards I have a drugstore one on high implement the ones I use all the time is well professional split and serum who I usually just take a little pump about on my con I'm spread it in my house and just put it through the and my hair and work it up to the middling a drugstore alternative to that is the Guarnere ultimate land serum and this is a strength restorer serum on this health transplant as well my next tip would be to not use heat on it when you don't have to so try to not use heat unless you really really need to that includes hair drying your hair after washing it straighten it or curling it I know it can be hard to not use heat on it honestly couple the best ways to get your hair back to your condition try to do some braided hairstyle we're offering to give your hair a little bit compete I've done some videos on my channels do and keep this hairstyle that you can do always use a heat protectant spray the one I always use is this trend making defense pray my final tip to fix damaged hair is to get it cost pretty regularly every couple of months or so I remember both of my hairdressers when it was out its worst and they said that they really needed to take at least four and dissolve it on color up to about here and I just were not mask encoded I really did not want to cut off all my hair so although we don't have to cut off completely all your hair I did end up cognitive but little my shoulders to go there and although what p.m. we'd have to do it hair is in a terrible condition like mine definitely was it's worth getting a few inches calls but because it'll later own natural hair Royce I'll get a lot more healthy who they're on my tips on a high six really knowledge hair those are all the tips that I did on all the products that I used to get my hair very silky and long and healthy again so I really hope you find this video helpful on I hope your hair is about to be lovely and healthy if it's very dolmas just a minute so if you did enjoy this video please give this video a like by hitting the like button and if you're new to my channel please subscribe to see all my newest video and if you're already subscribed hit the bell side my channel means get notifications of mine I upload and leave me a comment in comment section if you have any other tips especially knowledge share or if you find any of these tips helpful thanks for watching and I wish you all the best for your hair and I'll see you all in my next video bye

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Methew Wade

48 thoughts on “How To Fix EXTREMELY Damaged Hair At Home”

  1. How to fix damaged hair at home! Give this video a thumbs up for more hair tutorials! What are your tips for getting healthy hair? 🙂

  2. I’ve dyed my hair 8 times and I’ve bleached it 2 times my hair used to grow and it was really thing but silky but every time I dye my hair it gets thicker but it’s dry it won’t grow and my hair started falling out I just bleached it then dyed it blue over it after my hair fell out (just my baby hairs but now there growing and the stick up it’s so ugly) but I’m not going to dye my hair in a while and I hope all these tips work😊👍

  3. I have insanely damaged hair w/ out heat or colour.. it’s just super broken because it gets really knotty and when I brush it it just breaks because my hair’s super thin

  4. I NEED HELP, my natural hair colour is dark brown and I have bleached blonde hair now but if I go back to brown (which I want to) will my roots come back out bleach blonde or will any roots be turnt a different colour when I’ve dyed my hair brown if that makes sense please respond anyone I need to know lol x thanks if you do

  5. My hair is horribly damage cuz I straighten it too much but at the link that's at I'm on the verge of just starting over going to come to my shoulders grow it out and not touch it with a straightener and I may try these products that you're mentioning

  6. Your hair getting used to the same shampoo and conditioner and not working properly is a complete myth. You don't need to alternate. Use the same shampoo if you love it and you see it's giving you good results. That's like saying washing your toilet with the same bleach isn't going to kill the bacteria as well the more you use it which obviously isn't he case.

  7. i cant tell if my hair is super damaged or not i do put heat on it a lot but when i first got it cut my natural curls were super good cause obviously my hair is healthy and now they aren’t so much and it just kinda looks dry so help?

  8. So my mom is a hair stylist and when your hair is damaged never ever ever dye your hair with permanent hair dye only use semi permanent I would really recommend artic Fox because that’s mostly conditioner and the actual color is really good it won’t damage your hair it will actually make your hair softer so yes you can dye your hair while it’s damaged now it isn’t exactly the best thing in the whole world to do but it will not damaged your hair any further

  9. I wanted to talk shit about her accent(s).. but then I said to myself: hey, I'm not talking in a YouTube video, but she is. Good for her! Ty for the info.

  10. My hair got cut too short so I got scared to cut it. Didn’t cut it for like a year so now it’s split to the root. Never used heat tools. Never colored it. Never bleached it. And it’s split to the root.

  11. My hair is naturally like the damaged hair in the thumbnail. I don’t dye it, or put heat on it. I’ll brush it and it will look nice and silky, but like 2 mins later it looks gross and damaged. My hair is also really fine…

  12. Another thing; if your stylists does not offer Olaplex, ask for the Redken PH boner on your color service, I promise you, it will make a difference!

  13. Hey Emily, would you classify your hair as fine? Mine is super fine and I cant seem to get it past my shoulders without it looking all split and damaged. I will try your tips. I see many people with fine long hair that looks healthy and I get so envious! I tried using shampoos for oily hair but it turns into a big tangly mess. It only gets oily on the top so I tend to wash it too much. I hope these products you use help. Thanks for the great video

  14. 1. step away from the dry
    2. get your hair dried professionally
    3. conditioner and shampoo (good ones; expensive ones) eg redken
    4.dont wash your hair too often (2x week, otherwise it will dry out)
    5. use masks eg coconut oil (sleep overnight), inspex treatment
    6. Split end serum
    7.dont use heat as treatment
    8. regularly trim your hair

  15. Thanks for sharing tips of hair care. I think herbal hair oil is the best way to repair damaged hairs. Herbal hair oil contains natural ingredients like Bhringraja & Vatajatadi. These herbs help to reduce hair and nourishes damaged hairs.

    Read more tips to get rid of Damaged hair: https://cureveda-remedies.blogspot.com/2019/02/incredible-tips-to-get-rid-of-damaged.html

  16. Where is the norm person getting the money for all these products for hair. And to register go to the salon.

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