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Methew Wade

67 thoughts on “How Stress Affects Your Brain – A Deep Dive”

  1. Feeding our Endocannabiniod system the fat's it needs and cannabis creates homeostasis in all of our cells. Endocannabinoid deficiency.

  2. I feel as if my head is in a bubble sometimes. I have migraines everyday and hear my heart beat in my ear. I'm praying for healing. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I also have palpitations and heat sensations over my body.

  3. there's items you psychologists seem to bear that are mostly untouched by other science people, assertions you say like "everything happens for a reason" that seem to transcend empiricism, the possibly intelligent psych survivor among your clientele might have conviction that "2+2=5" and may amen with some philosophers of the Absurd and Surrealist painters that common sense and pragmatism don't hold up in all scenarios, are they wrong because they're ill?

  4. 1 day of bad meals has me down for a couple days. Keto has changed me for the better. Real meats and leafy greens AND magnesium/potassium. Thanks Doc!

  5. Hello mam how are you i have a question i recently moved my home to a little bit cold clean environment i have diagnosed with anxiety 14 months ago my anxiety got better but i observe my anxiety got worse when i moved to new place…Its more cold here is cold can affect anxiety? please answer…

  6. You look fabulous! Look at those clavicles! Are your still following the depression diet? And I just loved the older gentleman. I didn't know what that meant either. So glad you went on to explain it for us. Thanks!

  7. I was under the age of ten in the early 1980s, boys I associated with, often more boisterous than me, often goaded me into fights, yelling would start, and something in me would flare, I'd strike out with my fist, and next i was aware they would be running, screaming for mom, this part of me seems long retired, it would be something I'd be tempted to revive again, bullying intervals in my years from age 11 i think put a lid on it, guys threatened me, the school environment reeked with negative ambiance, popular and upperclass females bullied me as well my emotions well remember, what can you tell us about formative psychological injuries in males, the probably permanent changes in such proceedings, some have stated that damages like that are just an instrument to be used for the determined and the fully aware

  8. Excellent video. I've been eating Brazil nuts every day for the selenium. Selenium helps prevent the flu also. No one in our family has been sick yet except for a very minor cold. It's so good to see a psychiatrist discussing diet and nutrition.

  9. Just eat more fruits and vegetables and drink targeted herbs. Eating a liver from another living being will not help you. Go straight to the source…

  10. Great information as always. I was always confused about veggies, I used to be RAW vegan that was nice but I also had a lot of stomach aches. I guess some veggies need to be steamed or cooked

  11. I'v been gaining weight since the time I doubled the dose of lamotrigine and now I stopped wearing most of my clothes. I'm in real struggle, I just want to lose weight..
    Dr. Help

  12. Hahah… "IDK what that mean.." Would pistachios be good for oxidative stress? Also, explains why I've been more into eating my vegetables for the last 10 years, before and after I cut my hair. Really thinking about buying me another juicer. Thanks Doc!

  13. Dr.Marks I got ur email thanks 4 the video and the calendar I just placed my order.

    This video is helpful I need this especially as a trucker.

  14. I have difficulty eating when I become depressed or extremely anxious. Is it bad for me if I skip meals when I feel anxious or depressed? Or replace meals with decaf coffee (+ milk) and a protein bar? Eating feels like a chore when I’m anxious/depressed.

    Some background: I have PTSD. I’m 5’2’’ and ~115lbs. Usually, I go to the gym twice a week. (Recently, I’ve been a bit depressed and have only gone once a week for a few weeks, but I’m still going which I count as a win when I barely have the energy to drag myself to and from work every day.)

    When I’m not depressed or anxious, I eat normally, but when I’m depressed or anxious, I don’t feel hungry and all food looks and smells gross, and I have to force myself to eat.

    So my main question is: Would it be okay for me to skip meals when I don’t feel like eating? Or replace meals with just a protein bar and a drink like decaf coffee with milk?

    Also: Why do I feel so repulsed by food (even foods I normally enjoy) when I’m anxious/depressed? It seems like most people tend to eat more under these stressors. Why do I want to eat less and have to force myself to eat the same amount I do when I’m not anxious/depressed?

  15. Thank you Doctor Tracey Marks your videos about diet and stress are so informative and love them. I tried the Mediterranean diet for a couple of weeks and was impressed with the results both mentally and physically but fell off the diet because I restricted calories too much. I will be trying it again next week. Thanks again for your videos and I hope you make more about diet and mental function.

  16. The ironic thing about chocolate is that it is mostly regarded as an unhealthy food. As candy bars it's basically saturated fat, sugar, processed fillers, and preservatives flavored with chocolate, but alone it is considered one of the more potent sources of antioxidants. In its raw, unmixed form it has fiber, protein, antioxidants, and vitamins, etc. You want either pure cacao, or a chocolate bar that's 70 percent or more chocolate. And you want cocoa to be the first ingredient, not sugar. Really enjoying these informative videos.

  17. Dr. Marks, I hope that I don't get into any trouble with you for bringing this up in the thread, but I was hoping that you could either confirm or disconfirm something for me. A couple of nights ago I was watching the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) Network. They were showing what I think would be called a documentary. At one point during the course of it I looked up just in time to glimpse a woman who (to me) looked exactly like you. I couldn't hear her though only because I didn't have the volume turned up loud enough so that I could hear her voice and so I didn't have the opportunity of comparing it against the sound of yours. Anyway, the program that I was watching was called Scandal: The Trial Of Mary Astor (from 2018). Could you please either confirm or disconfirm for me whether the lady that I glimpsed for a few seconds on the program was actually you (lest the lack of an answer to that question drive me even crazier than I already am 😁)? If it was you then I would assume that you were on there in your capacity as a psychiatrist and that perhaps you were psychoanalyzing the actress Mary Astor (or perhaps others who knew her). Again, I hope that I don't get into any trouble with you for bringing this up in the thread. It's just that I feel uncomfortably self-conscious about doing so is all.

    Edit: Oh, and thank you very much for another extremely informative video. Your videos are the best out there.

  18. I have an unbelievable amount of anxiety. I have tingling and twitching all over my body. It became really bad after I had my first baby 11 months ago. I became ill and I was on several different medications and antibiotics and I started to eat terrible processed food and stopped eating most fruit and veg as I was depressed and anxious. I think this ruined my gut health and I am now learning how important food is for your brain. The gut and brain are so intensely linked to each other.

  19. Just made a smoothie with spinach blueberries and half red onion in between I swallowed raw garlic thank you Doctor 🙏🏾

  20. Can you please do a video on PBA (PseudoBulbar Affect)? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

  21. Hi Dr Marks. This might be a little specific but I was wondering if you can do a video on dementia and depression? My mom recently got diagnosed with early stage dementia and I'm worried her condition can lead to depression that doesn't get noticed/mistaken for dementia symptoms (I already suspect she is slightly depressed and worried it gets worse but goes untreated as her dementia progresses).

  22. Thank you Dr. Marks for your explanation, I am a part of your email community so I also have the document you mention in the video.

  23. Hi Doc, any chance you could discuss links between mental health and smoking? The rates are high and personally, I've found it impossible to give up in part because of the effect it seems to have on my moods.

  24. Hello Dr. Marks!
    What is your opinion on neuroimaging as diagnostic and prognostic tool for mental disorders?
    Do those methods have the potential to change same basic concepts in the field of psychiatry?

  25. Hello. I have ocpd and also cyclothimia disorder. Can you please give me some advice am really falling apart 😭😭😭

  26. Dr, Marks
    I drink Bolthouse Farms carrot juice , and both house farms green goodness quite frequently. Excellent video. Three more visits to my nutritionist and I see the bariatric surgeon for the gastric sleeve ! Woooooo almost there !
    General repair

  27. my mom is experencing a very bad mental situation , shes completely desperate and keep ruminating bad thoughts all day long that make her get panic attack..
    plz can u make a video abou that? what is going on with her plz?🙏🙏🙏

  28. People say green tea reduces anxiety. That is true to a certain extent but I think drinking too much of it caused my anxiety to become worse. Last summer my anxiety became worse to the point where I started to have strange intrusive thoughts. For the most part ,my anxiety and intrusive thoughts went away own its own but also sertraline helps.

  29. Can you make a video about mental disorders and grief? My boyfriend has schizophrenia and I’m borderline and we just lost our best friend… we’re trying to find healthy ways to cope with this… Love your videos, thanks for all your help❤️🙏🏼

  30. Hi Tracey …I am new to your channel. Do you have info on ODD. My son has ODD and he is 22. He also has a cyst in his brain on the left side of the third ventricle that was shunted when he was 8 mo old. So perhaps that affects his personality. Any insight or info? Much thanks! 🙂

  31. Hi, doctor Marks. Can you please explain how mental health also affects someone's physical health? I've heard that depression can cause bone ache, muscle soreness, heartburn. I went to doctors for chest pain and tests were clear. They said it may be psychological. Is it possible that a mind can affect the body that much?

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