people have really strong opinions on single-payer health care it would be the Silver Bullet that fixes our health care system or it could be most people don't even know what single-payer means so let's start with what we have you can think of the American healthcare system as a series of tubes we do not have single-payer health care we have thousands and thousands of payer healthcare and each of them typically pay different amounts for the exact same medical service and that's a lot of administrative work for every three doctors in the United States you have two billing staff standing behind them just handling all that paperwork that comes in and out of a doctor's office if you think of a single-payer system it is just one tube of payments all money flows from the government to the doctors and it's actually pretty popular elsewhere Medicare here in the u.s. is like that it pays all the healthcare bills for people over 65 but there's also a catch when the government is the one paying all the bills they get to decide what they will and will not pay for if the system isn't funded well enough if they haven't raised enough taxes from their citizens that could lead to longer wait times and fewer doctors being available Vermont right now is trying to set up the very first single-payer health care system in the United States by one estimate Vermont could save twenty five percent but it's also expensive the state government in Vermont needs to raise two billion dollars that is a lot of maple syrup but people really dislike the American health care system it gets pretty poor marks from Americans and if you look at neighboring Massachusetts they're a healthcare experiment in 2006 did lead to Obamacare so if this does work in Vermont who knows what could be next

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Methew Wade

26 thoughts on “How single-payer health care works, in 2 minutes”

  1. Single payer is ultimately hateful because it denies everyone their basic human right to healthcare free of government taint. Some things are just too important to trust to something as poisonous and corrupt as the public sector.

  2. So she didn't finish her sentence; it could be silver bullet or….. Glad this wasn't that biased

  3. There is no one who would not like to see medical insurance coverage available to everyone.
    The problem is though, when you have 1 entity (such as the government) in control of funding and managing/distributing any service for an entire society, you are setting up a scenario which can become both corrupt and defunct very quickly.
    This is exactly why we have laws against business monopolies. And having money taken from you via taxation, instead of being in a position where you get to Choose whether or not you will or will not buy a product from a certain company, makes it even more likely to become corrupt and dysfunctional at a faster rate. So I just don't know about this.
    People are in debt now for much of their lives to pay off federal student loans. If you add to that the eventual cost of increasing annual taxation which will eventually be necessary to cover national medical insurance for all, I think you are going to be creating a nation made up largely of citizens who are eternal indentured servants, as every year taxes will increase to pay for universal costs of government-mandated goods / services. I think we might be jumping from the frying pan into the fire financially as a collective society if we do this… but I could be wrong.

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  5. Global News: Woman dies after 11-hour wait to see a doctor in New Brunswick emergency room.

  6. In america you have an example of single payer and its called the VA (Veterans Affairs) and how is that working for you?

  7. Just Ask Google for knowing how universal healthcare works
    in the world… and know how many Universal healthcare nations (UHN) on this
    Earth right now – American people who are human deserve a better Universal
    healthcare system like those nations (UHN)

  8. Ps when the rich people leave or are broke they’ll shut down their businesses and you’ll lose your jobs and you won’t have any healthcare. Doctors are in the 70% catagory you think they’ll stick around?

  9. 2-6hr wait times here in canada. Not enough docs and nurses. High taxes. Prescriptions very expensive. Months of wait times for allergy test, cat scan, etc. Personally experienced these issues. Welcome to one payer health program

  10. Government health care is affordable, but are extremely long wait times, poor quality, and longer delay before surgery worth the price? Private run hospitals are better because more can open independently, meaning more competition and lower prices, quality will also be competed for so A BIG FAT NO FOR GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE

  11. being satisfied with the system u have is irrelevant and dumb, people are like free things that are less quality than better quality costly things….soo when u ask an american if they like to pay money for their healthcare ofc they'll say no… the real question should be is the healthcare the person is getting is rly working and is the quality on par with other countries

  12. This is both a thinly-veiled vote for single-payer healthcare by Vox, and also a display of their ignorance. A small part of me hopes we move to a single -payer system just for one presidential term (Ocasio-Cortez?) so people can realize what a failure it (and she) would create. I also enjoyed the nod to Obamacare as if it has benefited us rather than set us back by injecting socialism into our healthcare system – lowering the average number of insurance providers by state from three to one, setting the world's largest insurers on a path to bankruptcy, fining citizens for NOT having care, ballooning costs, and enabling rampant Medicare fraud in the amount of tens of billions of dollars. It's not intellectually challenging to understand that fundamentally, when given something, human beings become dependent on continuing to be given it. Like every other animal in the animal kingdom, we take the path of least resistance and energy expenditure when working towards a goal. In a single payer system, where the government "controls" costs (like they control their finances?), healthcare abuse will continue and taxes will need to rise to cover it, and the quality of care will continue to be garbage. Unless we change. We need to convert healthcare to a truly free market industry LIKE EVERY OTHER INDUSTRY IN OUR ECONOMY that has given us cars, iPhones, and everything else under the sun that is kickass and that we and the rest of the world enjoy today. Wakey wakey, eggs and bake-y.

  13. Why can’t some Americans just accept that their healthcare system is very much broken and learn from other countries? Australia has an objectively better system, and the health spending is only 8% of our GDP, rather than the 16% of the US.

    It’s time to abandon the idea that privatisation is always better. It simply is not true.

  14. I believe the US health care system needs overhauled. My experience and others can testify that their is a fundamental lack of honesty in billing patients and insurance companies. For example, I was told by the hospital that my out-patient hernia operation would cost $3k if I paid up front (not counting doctor and anesthesia). I paid it. Three days after the operation, they sent me a bill for $10k. After I threatened legal action, they withdrew the charges. This happened twice, a different hospital the second time. That amount totaled over $40k for a simple, out-patient routine operation. The system is beyond broken, it's extortion at its finest. Mob territory. Criminal, felonious.

  15. I know next to nothing about the system… but peripherally… it seems that under single payer the consumer base expands exponentially. Most people who don’t seek care likely don’t bcus they either can’t afford insurance or their premiums and deductibles are too high.

    Taxing the public seems to be the obvious answer. Break the rates into categories: richest folks pay the most into the system. Folks w/ larger families must also contribute more to balance out their kids or retired elders.

    Tax the hell out of corporations & wallstreet.

    And getting rid of all the greedy middle men – lobbyists, insurers, hospitals – will alleviate much of the burden.

  16. Trust the government. Just look at the amazing customer service they provide at the Post Office, the DMV, the TSA, or the IRS. SandersCare is nationalized “I Just Needs T’ Checks Inside Ya Aaayssshole!!”

  17. what about the quality adjusted life years?? we all know if you are in congress you get A+++ healthcare under this scenario while us common folk fall into the quality adjusted life years formula until its too much money to keep grandma around.

  18. I do not read VOX because they it tends to be biased and ill informed, they make Fox News look GREAT because at least FOX makes an attempt to show the other side. This thing was worthless as well. I want to know how much a single payer system will cost me, I mean Obamacare was outrageously expensive and I declined to get it because of the price… BUT, no where do the proponents of SP tell you how much it will cost you…

  19. Canada is having trouble paying for their system so there will need to be changes to fund it. Best to make changes than to risk trouble.

  20. Guess what? Good news! The United States government is monetarily sovereign and thus can never run out of the currency it issues. The government “pays for” anything that Congress appropriates by crediting accounts digitally. That’s how trillions go to wars, and why they really are not concerned about billionaire tax cuts. It’s just keyboard strokes and digits.

    It’s not run like a household, state or local budget …. we cannot make currency! The feds can. Since Nixon.

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