and now we're gonna go get a pink drink from Starbucks and Briony hey what pops welcome back to my channel I'm so excited to be making this video this is a life change that I've been telling myself I was gonna make for years and years a years upon end I'm going to get into how I quit Starbucks which you guys know I was it was like a literal addiction and now we're gonna go get a pink drink from Starbucks and Briony very first venti pink drink I'm officially obsessed with it and how I am starting my fitness journey so this video is sponsored by fabletics you guys know I work with them literally all the time I never want to stop working with them and one of my first tips obviously forgetting and your finisher knee is getting some new active wear so that you can get excited to put it on and go to the gym or do something active so basically if you don't already know if athletics is a global active lifestyle brand that has every woman in mind it's got all different types of sizes from extra extra small to 3x they're made to inspire physical activity of any kind but you can also wear them out because they're so stylish the price points are super super super reasonable there are definitely a lot of active wear brands that just really like to go up above and beyond for the market price and fabletics is super super fair in my opinion because they're super great quality but they're not scamming you in fact you can actually get two pairs of leggings – what are $24 if you become a VIP member which is insane become a VIP member means you get everyday discounts up to 50% off but you have absolutely no commitment to purchase but they show you a bunch of these customized outfits because you take a little quiz on your style and you can skip or shop every single month you can skip as many times as you need there's really no commitment involved but you get the discounts and it shows you your outfits of that month it's just a good deal I'll definitely use my link to get two pairs of leggings for $24 I mean a little try on haul for you so I got this tank top in pink and black it's got that open back which is very nice for when you're working out and I like it because you can use these two things to tie it in the back which is also really cute this is the pink sports bras they have different levels of support that you can choose from low to medium to high impact which is great because you know it's a very organized way of saying how much do your boobs bounce and how much support you're gonna need okay and then I got this red set which is so cute this was actually one of my outfits that was recommended to me because I'm a VIP so as you can tell you're gonna get some really cute outfit options so it is just a matching red sports bra as you can see they fit my short little legs and ish what I just show are cute I always want like a red activewear set and they have matching headbands which are super cute so that's my little haul and now we're going to get into all of my tips and really just explaining how I finally quit my addiction okay the pink match is my room a little bit better so I'm gonna keep wearing this but let's get started into how I actually did this I feel like this is a video that is missing from every fitness channel that I've ever seen really which is a bold statement I'm not saying I'm better than anything trust me I don't know nearly as much as they do but I do know how hard it is to get into Fitness from like a regular person standpoint which is why all of these channels were so frustrating to me because I was like the biggest thing holding me back was Starbucks and I know it sounds so stupid but in a Starbucks drink let me pull it up actually I have this app called My Fitness Pal it's a free app Under Armour created it it's really really really good it helps you track your food and it really shows you what you're eating and really makes you conscious about it okay the Grande pink drink had roughly 20 grams of sugar but I was getting a venti pink drink which was probably 35 grams of sugar plus a chocolate croissant which was also more sugar so I was having like 50 grams of sugar for breakfast and if you don't realize how bad that is basically all of my fats that I hated on my body was coming from Starbucks because not only did I get it every single morning which is a horrible way to start your metabolism off with I would go back around 4 p.m. for an iced caramel macchiato which is 24 more grams of sugar and I was just stuffing my body fool just Starbucks was probably like 72 grams of sugar plus all of the other foods that I was eating and I wasn't eating healthy food either so I figured let's just do an experiment if I were to just cut out Starbucks from one week I would probably lose the pounds so easily and it's not about losing weight because when you gain muscle you can turn your fat into muscle and you'll still weigh the exact same but I was focusing on my fat percentage so my fat percentage should start off with was was like 21% and it actually went up to 23% because of how badly I was like addicted to Starbucks hey guys it's now been one week since quitting Starbucks and I measured my fat percentage yesterday and it went down to 20% so my body fat percentage went down 3% within 6 days of quitting Starbucks and starting to eat healthy which is so insane so proof that this works from a mediocre person who doesn't know what they're doing and this has been an addiction for years so for me to break this seemed literally impossible to me and I can't really explain it without her sounding funny but it was just it was just a habit and habit some really bad to break it was the first thing I would do in the morning is I would get in my car and drive to Starbucks and I liked driving so it was just all in all it was just a really bad habit that was causing me to hate my body so it finally got to the point where I was sick and tired of seeing my body before I took a shower in the mirror and absolutely hating it I noticed that I was only ever wearing baggy clothing I never wanted to go to the pool with my friends and this all sounds very dramatic but it's true I wasn't treating my body right and I hated my body so I was thinking tired of that feeling and I wanted to make a change but quitting Starbucks seems like the most intense hard thing for me to do so instead I started with my food first and I hate vegetables so it's very hard for me to watch ye today videos and figure out what I'm supposed to eat if I hate vegetables so for me this is for like a picky eater who hates vegetables these are meals that you should eat avocado toast with egg on top it's so so so good it's got so many healthy fats and protein and you put it on whole-wheat bread and that's that's great salmon salmon is so good I know that it's expensive but if you go to like Costco or something and you buy it in the frozen section that's perfect to get your vegetables in it make a smoothie with like spinach or something in there and to get my sugar in even in the morning whenever my body was used to getting sugar in the morning have an acai bowl instead those are still packed full of sugars but they're at least from fruit and fruit is fiber fruits vitamins and it's not Starbucks sugar that is just gonna be completely processed into fat in your body immediately basically and another issue with Starbucks is it somehow heard my appetite so I would have a Starbucks patron and that whole little meal in the morning and that I wouldn't – like 3 p.m. so my body was storing all this fat because I don't know if you know this but if you starve yourself your body is going to literally think that you're starving and there's no food around you and in order to survive it's going to maintain fat so you can live off of that so you're actually going to probably look worse if you don't eat so eat food people if are a healthy snack I got edamame packets from Costco you put it in the microwave for 3 minutes you take it out you put salt and chili powder on it it is so so so good if you eat that and it makes you drink a lot of water and it's such a good snack but it's protein packed so how I quit the Starbucks you have to give yourself a replacement at least in the beginning because you will have cravings obviously that's why it's so hard to stop this drink it's called buying it has 2 grams of sugar in the entire bottle and only 10 calories and I get the coconut flavor and it honestly reminds me so much of a pink drink so that's what I was drinking I'm only a date for of quitting from going from like 5 years of drinking some sort of Starbucks drink every single day to just not for like almost a week pretty big deal for me okay have some sort of replacement drink there's so many drinks on the market today that tastes really sugary and good but they're not actually as bad for you I wouldn't recommend doing that as like your new habit like every day you get that drink but it is good to wean yourself off like today I'm not even really craving that during but for the first few days when I was struggling it's definitely necessary or else you're just gonna go binge on Starbucks anyways next hit I wasn't giving up Starbucks because I felt like I still looked okay and that's an issue because it's not really about how you look it's about what you're doing to your body and what how I was treating my body I was probably gonna have a heart attack by the age of 25 you can't treat your body like that it's just not healthy I'm so much more susceptible to diseases and at the rate that I was having sugar I was probably susceptible to type 2 diabetes which anyone can get just from having too much sugar and I know that sounds dramatic but there were literally days where I would have 200 grams of sugar it doesn't matter if you look small on the outside there's so many reasons why it's not good for you and I finally had to recognize like okay even though I look okay it's just not okay to treat my body like this so get some sort of inspiration that you can look up to for me right now it is Sarah's day she has a YouTube channel she has an Instagram and literally like look at pictures of her body on and you will realize that your body is capable of looking so good if you wanted to but it's not just about that because I would just feel so sluggish during the day and I knew it was because of my diet and I don't know if you've ever heard your stomach referred to as your second brain but it really is it feels like sometimes your stomach can control you and you want sugar so bad that it makes you drive to Starbucks stuff like that and then I would just feel so sluggish and I just felt like I was not as motivated so get obsessed with some sort of fitness youtuber for me it's Sarah's day like I just said and then I got so obsessed that I even bought curry ebook and I am starting her eight-week program I underestimated her workout plan because it's all stuff that you can do at home and I was like well if you can do it at home it's praying out that hard if there's no equipment then it's probably not that hard it's pretty I can show results I kid you not I've tried to do the first workout in that plan twice already I cannot even get through half of so I'm sure after eight weeks of this I'm going to look like a different person and even just I'm not kidding on day three of quitting Starbucks I already saw more definition in my ABS because all of my fat which is coming from those Starbucks drinks so to replace drinks which is my issue I don't know if here's this like candy or something but find some sort of replacement for coffee in the morning Ryan makes this coffee from coffee grounds and then he puts creamer milk and some like fake sugar I know fake sugar is not that good for you but I'm on day four okay so like this is for people who are regular and not health nuts and just try to make small changes so I get that and it tastes like Dunkin Donuts but it's not forty grams of sugar it's so crazy to me because in order to make these changes they were so much more reasonable to me than I could have ever realized but in my mind it was so impossible but it's just really small changes in order to eat healthy you really only need to like three healthy meals so for me I love salmon salmon is so good if you don't know how to cook I know this is a very very expensive way but there's a place called flour child I know they have that in like LA and some other places but I would always get the chicken sweet potatoes and rice and that was so good so I'm gonna figure out how to make it at home but you know to figure out what I liked I ate it at a restaurant I like acai bowls there's not a lot of people who don't like acai bowls so if you still need that sugar craving at least get it in the form of fruit smoothies are so good and a perfect way to put vegetables in there and then for working out I'm the type of person who has really bad gym anxiety so I always try to go to the gym with the two Ryan's we've been doing different workouts nowadays and I was so scared you can ask Brian the first day where I went in to try Sarah's day workout it's basically you just get out on that and you start going hard at these like burpees and all these things I was terrified to do that I don't know why that's what the gym is for I was just so scared and it wasn't until he walked over with me he got mad with me I put it down I was next to this lady I put him out your phones and I started blaring music and then I just started going and once I started going I was like oh this is way less traumatic than I was making it and then find a fun way to do cardio this was so important for me it is playing basketball with Ryan's we played this game of 21 in basketball I'm sure you know it's like first one to get into 21 points and we get so aggressive that we are burning so many calories playing this game without even realizing it if you like cycling you can do SoulCycle it's very expensive but if you can afford it and you like cardio that way that's a really good environment to playing tennis and my family plays tennis all the time so if I go out there and play tennis with them they're sweating so much you're burning calories and even just going on walks Sarah's day said that whatever she does just like two walks per week it actually speeds up results so if I take Spock on a little walk every now and then that is great yeah I just feel so much better about life now because I felt like if I couldn't even control the very first thing I did in the morning which was getting Starbucks how was I going to be motivated enough to like make a video or do anything else productive with my life and now that I've shown some sort of self control over my food I feel like I have so much more self control and other aspects of my life determination and goals wise so I don't know I just feel like a lot of people hate their bodies and it's summertime and that's when it's like really amplified and I just feel like I never saw a video that was explaining real ways to at least try and start living a healthier lifestyle because going from like an average person watching these Fitness people who literally eat kale and workout twice a day it's really hard to feel like that's attainable but coming from someone like me who literally had a Starbucks addiction who had quit dance and was not doing exercise anymore and like my body was just gained at the pound rapidly I'm honestly I way too much for my body right now hopefully this feels more attainable and I will show you my journey like I said this is the start of my fitness journey I'm nowhere near where I'm supposed to be or where I want to me it's clearly like day four of me even quitting Starbucks but how did you told me literally two weeks ago that I would have gone for days without Starbucks I would not have believed you so welcome to anything is possible if I can quit Starbucks you can literally do anything with your life so those are the tips that I have for now I'm on day five no Starbucks it's going great I feel great look better already I will definitely take you along as I start my journey with Sara's day a week program and see if we see results at the end I'm sure we will if I go from having 200 grams of sugar a day to cutting all that Starbucks out and working out and doing all these workout plans and next I want to tackle my waking up schedule I want to wake up on a good schedule so maybe we can try like waking up at 6:00 a.m. every day for a week or something like that yeah I hope you guys like this video a lot I was gonna make it regardless of the fabletics sponsor so it was a really perfect tie-in right there make sure to check out that link to get to crazy ladies for $24 subscribe and turn on the post on a piggys good subscribe and turn the post notification bell which is next to subscribe so you actually get a notification on your phone when I post a video because subscriptions don't do that I have a main channel as well and I have an Instagram and a Twitter filling up all those things and this is my merch if you want to be a girly pop that's really cute I have all the other designs stickers and stuff I will see you guys somewhere else on the Internet god bless really pops goodbye this is the end of my vlog yeah this is the end of my vlog what are you gonna do now watch another one of my vlogs or a main channel video or go to my Instagram or go to my Twitter or go by the March okay bye

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