(energetic drum beats) – Good job, Rich. Good job. Rich, this is another
one of my favourite tools. It’s a TRX suspension strap. And you’ll find these in
a lot of Four Seasons gyms hanging off some of our
favourite pieces of equipment. What’s great about this
is the versatility, and it fits all different
body sizes and shapes. And it allows you to
use your own body weight or percentage of your
body weight as resistance. My favourite moves with
this are a back row, a hamstring crawl and a pike plank. Three incredible movements that train your back, your abdominals and your hamstrings, using a percentage of
your own body weight. The first one is the TRX row. I’m gonna have you grab these handles right over here. I’m gonna put your heels
right along this line. Lean back all the way. And put your feet flat on the floor. Yeah. And I’m gonna put a
little hinge in your hip. And now row. Perfect. Perfect. Next exercise. Great. Next I’m gonna have you
in a pushup position with your toes towards me. So, hands right over here. You’re gonna hand me one foot at a time. And then the other foot. Excellent. So, what we’re gonna do
here is hold that position. First of all, I want you to
relax your abs for a bit, let it sink down. So, that’s the beginning. And then go back where you
just were a second ago. That’s the end. That’s it. Back down to the stretcher abs, and back down to contract them. Contract them. Good. Now, when you contract look at your toes, ready? Look at your toes as you contract, and then look at your hands as you relax. Look at your toes as you contract, look at your hands as you relax. So, we call this a pipe plank with a TRX. One, and relax. Perfect. One foot out at a time. This heel we’re gonna put right over here and then your other heel right over here. And lay back all the way. Okay, slide towards me just a bit more. Okay. Hips up in the air, and squeeze your knees and bring your heels all
the way into your body. Perfect. Bring your feet a little
further away from each other, so the handles don’t touch. Here we go. Squeeze and away. Do you feel it in the hamstring already? – [Rich] Definitely. – Yeah. Good job. Awesome. That’s why I like the TRX. ♪ Ooh-la-La-La, ooh-la-la ♪

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Methew Wade

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