“Highlights from the 2020
Dietary Guidelines Hearing” I was honored to speak before
the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Committee and I wanted
to share some highlights. The produce people were there… “…enjoy more fruits and vegetables
in all forms for healthier, happier lives. Have a plant.” This evidently inspired some
of the audience members to put theory into practice. Of course the meat industry
was also out in full force. The Cattlemen’s Association
complained that… “Americans are getting fewer calories
and less fat from nutrient rich beef…” The meat institute appeared
a bit threatened by plants… “It is inappropriate and
a disservice to the public to consider beans or tofu as equivalent
to meat and poultry products from a nutrition and health
perspective, because they’re not.” I love the audience reaction
there—check it out… “It is inappropriate and
a disservice to the public to consider beans or tofu as equivalent
to meat and poultry products from a nutrition and health
perspective, because they’re not.” The representative of the True Health
Initiative probably said it best… “We do not have a protein deficiency
problem in the United States; we have a vegetable deficiency problem.” There were some inspirational,
impassioned appeals, for example Audrey Sanchez, speaking as a
mother—and executive director of Balanced, a nonprofit organization
that NutritionFacts.org was honored to have played a role
in getting off the ground… “So, now is not the time to
settle for the status quo, or to build a consensus around
minimally “good enough”. It’s certainly not the time to
allow any part of the food industry to influence dietary guidelines. Now is the time for bold,
evidence-based dietary guidelines that put the health of our
children and our families first.” Of course there’s always the low-carb
keto-crazed to keep things interesting… “You know, if laughter
was the best medicine, then the nutritional guidelines are
best practiced because they’re a joke.” Pam Popper jumped to
the committee’s defense… “So there’s a lot of confusion about
diet, some of it’s been sowed here – people advocating high-fat diets; and I personally take offense
to anybody who would come up here and say that the dietary
guidelines are a joke.” With Garth Davis poking fun
at all the carbophobia. “They don’t know whether to go low carb; they don’t know whether to go low fat. They’re petrified of a banana. You could hold up a bank
with a piece of bread, people are so scared of carbs.” Milton Mills called out the
Committee for historically recommending a beverage that most
communities of color can’t even properly digest. “So, I want to encourage you to get the racism out,
get the dairy out. Please do your job. Thank you.” Then, it was my turn… “My name is Dr. Michael Greger
with Nutritionfacts.org. This month, a paper was published in the Journal of the Academy of
Nutrition and Dietetics, they found that essentially there’s been no change in processed meat consumption
over the last 20 years or so, which represents just an
abject failure of all of us in the public health community
to warn people about the very real risks
of processed meat. Bacon, ham, hot dogs,
lunch meat, sausage— these are known human carcinogens. The official 2018 IARC report
couldn’t have been clearer: “Consumption of processed meat
causes cancer of the colorectum.” That’s our second leading cancer
killer of men and women combined. We know these foods cause cancer. I mean, we try not to
smoke around our kids; why, would we send them to
school, with a baloney sandwich? That’s not hyperbole. According to the Surgeon
General, living with a smoker increases the risk of lung cancer 15%. So, the cancer risk of secondhand
smoke is comparable to the 16% or 18% increased
risk of colorectal cancer eating the equivalent of a
single sausage link a day. The 2015 Dietary Guidelines really
appeared to drop the ball, in this issue saying, processed meat
could be “accommodated” as long as sodium, and saturated
fat limits were within limits. But that’s ignoring the
cancer risk, which we’ve known at least back since 2007 when
the first comprehensive analysis was published by the American
Institute for Cancer Research. In fact, one of their top ten
recommendations for cancer prevention— Avoid Processed Meat. Full stop. The American Cancer Society
also encourages people to minimize intake of processed meat. We cannot allow the billion-
dollar meat industry to continue to subvert the science when
so many million lives are at stake. The Global Burden of Disease Study,
largest study of disease risk factors in history—funded by the Bill
and Melinda Gates Foundation— found that the #1 cause of death… in these United States
is the American diet. Since bumping Tobacco to #2,
this committee now has control over our #1 killer. You know, 1964 was the peak
year of smoking in the U.S. before declining basically
every year since. What happened in 1964? The science hadn’t changed—we have
studies going back to the ’30s linking lung cancer with smoking. What changed is the
Surgeon General’s Report. Just this public acknowledgement
by the powers-that-be of this link between smoking and cancer. You, now have this mantle
to make a difference by just informing the
American public about the risk of cancer
with processed meat. Godspeed.” Let me end with my favorite diabetes
educator, Dr. Caroline Trapp, who talked less about foods going in… than foods coming out. “I’ve travelled here today
from Michigan to speak to you about underconsumption of a nutrient
of concern for public health – fiber. My number 1 concern is number 2. Yes, I want to talk to
you about constipation. Given the nutrient density of plant foods,
the only source of dietary fiber, this committee could best improve
the health of Americans in this way. Summarize your 800+ page report to
the USDA/HHS with just one sentence: “All Americans are advised
to consume a fiber rich diet.” Let’s make America GO AGAIN.”

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Methew Wade

94 thoughts on “Highlights from the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Hearing”

  1. Plants aren't as good as animal foods "Because they're not" has to be the best evidence ever delivered. 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. The guidelines are a joke. The best thing the government could do for the US population is to stop making any recommendations altogether.

  3. I like the other recommendation for dr. Greger to have his own show. Let's vote for that right now everyone that sees this post a comment you want to see him on his own weekly show.

  4. It's true that we are totally lost. No need for any guidelines. Just eat from each and every food god created but in small portions.

  5. This was covered a while a go by Mike the V. I remember Dr. G bashing that Balogna sandwich.

    I guess the new guidelines are still not out

  6. Recently, I met candidate Cory Booker and I told him that I am a single issue voter -> I am against institutionalized nutrition miseducation – he agreed that this is a big problem right now and said that I am the first person that has raised this issue with him during this campaign – please be sure to bring this issue up to politicians whenever you have the chance – http://www.greensmoothieparty.com/fatally-flawed-food-guide.html

  7. They came for the cigarettes but I did not smoke so I did nothing.
    They came for the processed meats which I did not eat so I did nothing.
    They came for the hamburgers…

    Interesting how Dr. Greger limited his position to only processed meats. Why not the whole shebang?

  8. First of all I’m glad so many were there speaking of plants, second of all..thank you Greger for speaking so fast because you were able to get in twice as many words in the allotted time 😉 and third.. we do need to make America “go” again. Plants have been the only thing to save me on that aspect!

  9. Michael Greger is one of the Kings of shade. Anyways, it's funny how the vegan doctors came in with unfunded Science proof and all the meat people only said " fat and meat are good and plant foods are bad because they're not". Says everything you need to know.

  10. Why is a panel of 11 middle aged fatties deciding guidelines for hundreds of millions of people? Why do they decide based on speeches of random people? Wouldn't it make sense to have a panel of say 100 experts who have extensive discussions with the actual studies in front of them for weeks and then vote on the new guidelines?

  11. Meat industry representatives clearly overweight for the most part… Those beautiful thin plant based diet advocates must be conspiracy theory actors!! 🌱

  12. Your short yet compelling speech will hopefully be heard by those in love with beef. So thankful I know this information. Kudos to you, Dr Greger!

  13. Huffpo Canada was (I’m assuming) either bullied or paid off by Big Meat to run that atrocity of a review claiming red meat is safe. Yes and so were cigarettes decades ago. I do my part by adding comments when I with links to credible unbiased information and studies. Just getting angry does nothing.

  14. We’ve got a new style of video debuting next week. Stay tuned for the October 14 video of the day! -NF Team

  15. The system prefers people sick and stupid, why have them eat healthy and allow their brain to start functioning properly. The people would figure things out, everything is a lie, not only in the health and nutrition field, but the money system where a group of men print money out of nothing and have enslaved us, it goes on from there..lies after lies.. George Carlin said it well.

  16. I grew up staring at the dietary guidelines' infamously misleading "food pyramid" emblazoned on cereal boxes for many impressionable morning hours. These industry influenced guidelines have influence…especially on those who don't think they have the background to read and understand scientific research. Most of my family seems to think I'm stroking my ego with confirmation bias while cherry-picking research from the vacillatory and highly contradictory field of nutritional science. They place far more weight on those panel 'experts' who make the dietary guidelines than any of the primary research I can present. We need them to get these guidelines right!

  17. I can't believe that person got in front of a committee of doctors and nutritionists and dropped the "where do you get your protein?"

  18. Dr. Greger, can you make a TV show for kids? Where you are the main cartoon character? Your information is spot on, and your passion is contagious. Kids would really benefit from learning real nutrition information at a young age– and a cartoon where you're the main character would be a great one for all of the family to watch! …just an idea. Thank you for your consistent information with real science. I love your videos so much because the journals and studies are posted and published for us to see…your books do a great job referencing as well. Can't wait for How Not to Diet!!

  19. Imagine how proud you would be as a panel member if you promoted healthy people rather than healthy profits. The world is watching.

  20. No doubt Dr Greger has for x number of years followed his own plant based dietary advice, so can we now raise the question of his ever increasingly frail and sickly appearance.

    Look back upon his earliest videos, his is a very clear timeline of diet induced physical decline.

    It is a trend of growing noticeability given the lasting nature of modern social media images and videos, a clear record of vegan deterioration that stands in stark contrast to the record of thriving vitality from those who eat more meat based paleo, keto, or carnivore diets.

    I appreciate people’s strong desire for plant based ways of eating to be the “optimal” human diet but observable and recorded reality seems to stand in strict disagreement.

  21. Plant protein is not as bio available as meat and dairy protein. There is a measurement called DIAAS( google it) that measures the bio availability of various protein sources. Eggs, dairy and meat are 1.0 or above. Black beans is 0.65, chickpeas are 0.72, tofu is 0.55 and soybean isolate protein powder is 0.92. So if you think you’re getting 100 gms/day of protein only 60-70 grams is bio available. The rest goes to poop.

  22. Bitte kann das jemand auf deutsch übersetzen? Vielen Dank, ohne euch Übersetzer könnte ich und andere das das nicht teilen oder verstehen. Grosses Lob

  23. Is it just me, or dies Dr. Gregor look skinny fat?Always looks bloated and has skinny arms? Just concerned about his health. He appears to need more animal protein and less vegetable fiber, maybe he won’t look so bloated. No, the tie and jacket don’t cover up the mid section.

  24. “What you don’t illiminate you accumulate,” Dr. Robert Morse ND. Make America Go, Again! I love that campaign, and thank you for shining a light on the importance of fiber. From my own experience, I feel so energized and I lost a lot of weight since getting lots of fiber into my diet.

  25. Okay, I'm going to ask you something and I want you to be honest, what is Dr. Greger standing on? I mean, literally!

  26. Thank you so much for standing up for the health of the American people!!! You are really amazing at what you do. Your content always inspires me to keep making videos! Thank you Dr. Greager!

  27. I’m so anxious about the new dietary guidelines coming out. Do you think they’ll FINALLY take dairy out of it?

  28. The usual obfustication and disengenuousness. Note that Gregor's address dealt with "processed" meat instead of "meat". Re actual research on healthy meats, Gregor knows he has nothing and so instead of moving to fund research to back up his unsupported allegations, Gregor diverts and and shakes and bakes.

  29. HOLD ON, do I smell a new potential intro? Either way, it looks amazing. Big props to your illustrator/animator. That's some good stuff!

  30. Here’s a playlist with 35 Speeches from the 2020 Dietary Guidelines: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPnDYXYL61-WU8pO9NWzyGk-PqujzCXjI

    2020 dietary guidelines advisory committee speeches

  31. I'm convinced the meat and dairy industry is going to be the downfall of this planet. It's VERY infuriating to see big business continue to deny what is scientifically proven! Even my own doctor screwed up his face when I told him I became vegan. He went on to suggest milk for calcium, etc …..

  32. I love it, I love the fiber. What a great saying. Thank you for posting this ! I don’t know how I missed her speech when I watched the live stream!

  33. Please get ahold of Bernie Sanders and tell him to get on your diet🙂 we can't afford to have him died of a heart attack❤️

  34. Most people just don't want to hear that our American way of eating is killing us! People have open heart surgery and wake up and eat bacon, eggs etc. I also blame some of the cardiologist telling patients to go Keto!!! Eat your vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans!!!! 🥑🍏🍌🍍🌽🥕🥦🥒🌶️🍅

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