welcome back it's feeding time at the zoo yes again and medicinal chef Dale pinup is rustling up some more Arnold the pocket friendly food for us before we get around to talking about this because lots of people are getting in touch with us as to give out yeah your your recipes you have a book in fact you've got a second one coming yes yes yeah why are the minute to school the medicinal chef and then another one coming in in January so just try to show people how one food can be a very very powerful therapeutic tool and how that can have a huge impact on your health in you know in many ways but also proven to people that health food isn't dull isn't expensive isn't difficult to prepare enough we've actually flicked through the book earlier today and just some of the some of the images gorgeous gorgeous soaps it's just real food using the incredible I mean you know it's not all about weird super foods and wander Wonga berries and God knows what it's probably you you want doesn't mean that could be yeah if that's what does it for you but it's just about real good fresh food okay now one of the best things we can eat is fish that's gonna prepare for us now and the doodle fish dish I'm doing just an oven-baked sorry oh yeah I'm baby's doctor's white fish yes with a fennel bar lotto no I bailas all explained to us all about it okay it's basically was also but instead of using the white arborio rice yes which is very very high GI Jane's it can cause yeah all sorts of havoc with blood sugar levels yes barley is like a real slow burner okay okay and it's the barley that makes it a bar latte so using it pearl barley in place always your Borya rice so got some garlic co-ed incredible ingredient for the health of the heart okay something in garlic called Aon which actually affects kind of like the rate and extent to which blood clots okay a lot of people use it as a blood thinner always there's some onions gotten in there yeah some white onion half a white onion there's two cloves of garlic in there half a fennel bulb okay now fennel is fantastic for digestive health great for digestive health for thinking there that gives it that really strong aniseed flavor can actually help ease bloating and things like that alright so some extra who are in need of anesthesia she is a volunteer ok but then onions another incredible heart-healthy ingredient okay so if if we all go home today from work I'm taking a bit my wife right now where you for watching if I'm loaded with garlic darling it's it's because it's tells my fault it's good for me cuz I'm ganna i've got i got high cholesterol as well so this is a good dish not as high as me no i'm a few points behind you yeah you everything's a game well i'm going to set up another competition where I'll race you to 5.2 so I mean this does take a little while this one is the barley does take longer to cook than an arborio rice so it's not necessarily a speedy option very very cheap very very cheap ingredient incredibly good for you okay when when when you say cheap how much is opening well I mean for a for a 500 gram bag you're looking at 80 pen takes advantage like a better girl– about your right or your and then all the other ingredients you're not part of their very much no they're real just simple simple staples you know okay the white fish yes and have you gone from whitefish because it's cheaper than all those now it's going purely for the flavor and the texture now obviously there's lots of different options in terms of whitefish I do sometimes i like to use comp but it's an expensive cut right so today we use in hate or you can use a new one on a market called with a cobbler okay yeah this is virtually identical in flavor and texture saccade okay okay there were getting a lot of Paula when cod was kind of in in demand and had some kind of through the roof on your voice with this is this river cobbler is something that's wonderful the same texture what is the thing is all those fancy cod dishes you can use that and you wouldn't really know the difference okay I like top so I've got 250 grams of pearl barley in there mm-hmm okay and then just like it was also just adding Stockland often keep mixing it through local roads also it needs a lot of care of it it does need a lot of care and attention you need to keep it moving so all oldies keep adding the stork adding the store until it starts to one get bigger and to get a little creamier it takes much longer to get creamier than arborio rice so if you're cooking it and it looks like it's not working stick with it okay okay just leave it a little bit longer and it will turn right at the last minute so it's going to take up this can take it anywhere up to 45 minutes oh ok so I've got on white fish here yes just tiny little bit of olive oil on it all right a little bit of salt and pepper to keep it really simple because you want the flavor of the fish to really a lot we're going to deal that will go into the oven just tell that one not very long with them with whitefish you're looking at 15 20 minutes what kind of temperature again I've gone just over 200 on this and that's about gas Mart 7 okay that's not too bad last on tape salon I've actually yes smells delicious and then it's just a case of putting it together so we've got some of the bar let's say this cooked up here it's some that you prepared earlier and it smells exactly like risotto it is i mean you know it's a slightly thicker texture it's nuttier mm-hmm super low calorie super filling to keep you going for hours what's a B vitamins in there lots of 50 all this good stuff sort of slow energy releasing yeah yeah it's a then finally this rather than most just that there's no guarantee that this is actually going to make it over to you to such as that amount advance sorry I've got a little salty i mean i use just sort of mixed Mike Ruiz I've just got some shredded spinach here a little bit of olive oil lemon juice on there just put a little bit on mr. does it mean think like weeks leaves you've got all those colors and stuff but if it wasn't spinach you'd use micro greens Michael grades yes so you know broccoli sprouts lamb's lettuce all of those kind of things the little leaves okay and just turn the preparation with a bit of dressy of olive oil get a dressing and there you go it's nice and simple it is very simple you know virgin oh you've got the just relax over there for a minute I'll tell you what it's like from here you know what you can dress the box you can bring them in in fact yeah I know I know you know I can't get off it yeah I'm relax yeah especially that Nolan one you see that's what you get when you put somebody in to attend baking cakes miss behaves anyway no pressure don't burn yourself mmm it's hot whiteout available I'm in need of help I'm in their water it's very cool it's it really is delicious it is gorgeous it really is because it was also kind of texture but there's that little extra nuttiness to it it's got like an extra little depth of egg okay it absolutely delicious and you know like like it's doable it's yes of course balzer the barley is a good replacement for ways yeah it's much cheaper it's much better for you and with those cheaper cuts of whitefish I mean you're looking at something that's maybe what two euros for a color portions okay simple as that and what we cooked today is good enough for two people Oh easily yes yeah you can just let's multiply it as many times as you want okay simple as that dead again yes of course it is don't forget the recipe you'll find on the late lunch live website tv3 tossing you forward slash late lunch live all the ingredients method the whole lot waiting for you there loose they have

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  1. Hey Dale, I've been hearing great things! Really pleased to see you on here. Where are you living these days?

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