hi everyone today’s topic is healthy pets and I get this a lot in my emails like how do i okay raw food for people but can cats and dogs be raw food and if so what do I feed them a lot of people I know their cats are getting renal failure their kidneys are shutting down their dogs are getting arthritis so with me today I have a special guest dr. Rosa Bogdanovich did I say that right yes you did mark and you wrote a book many years ago called love your pets 1 nature be the best love your pet let nature be the vet I got the book I loved it it was it really helped me a lot and will show you how to get it at the end of the video it’s still available right yes ok get Amazon and stuff like that just to start things off you had a dog that live what 25 years old or something yes German Shepherd and they usually have start having like hip problems like what 8 9 10 years into the if they even live that long yes and now even earlier they start having problems yeah I think one of the big problems is we’re just feeding them junk food right this is the canned food the kibbles all that stuff it’s it’s just not stuff we find in nature go ahead tell people about healthy pets ok thank you Marcus I appreciate this well the most important thing that I found is from my experience with animals and I think you’ll hear different opinions from different people but I think the experience is what counts the most and having pets all my life and originally when I became a naturopathic doctor nobody wanted to listen to me but if I could cure their pet than they did right it was just always ready to hear that and also pets will always do what you want them to do because they don’t have a choice right we’re kids and people they’ll just you know after they go to a healing place they’ll go near McDonald’s but dogs will not and pets will not so the success with animals is so important because you can actually do what you need to do and what I learned the best way to keep them healthy and long limits to keep him as natural as possible give him plenty of sunshine grass walking microbes under their feet I’ve helped many many people because their animals will have rashes and Cullum’s they would be walking on the carpet and I say you need to put your dog on a dirt and dust and what happens there will microbes hide between the toes and if you ever notice and if you have animals you will see that they would actually like between their toes after date why do they do that to get microbes it’s like b12 exactly yeah so what people are gonna say well I live in a clean house I don’t want the pet to dirty up my house so what do we say to them well the dogs are not dirty they usually are very clean animals and cats also they don’t want to be dirty but they have to have those microbes and where are they gonna get them sometimes they roll in the dirt and cats would lick their fur and that’s where they get their micros is there a supplement microbe supplement no people are gonna ask this I’m gonna ask you the obvious questions that people oh I’m sure that there is a way that you can do but why not just take a box of dirt and some grass and put it in the house if you have indoor pet and you watch they’re gonna be spending lots of time on that you know the women are gonna freak out saying it’s gonna dirty up my house Susan be paw prints all over the place if you wanna I notice the people that have indoor pets they really have to be careful with that to have grass for them that that dirt that to have also tea water for instance people don’t realize that you can actually make a healthy pet but soaking some good herbs in the water and you will see that they will drink the water more than they would drink the water that is that it because in nature when there’s a river or a stream leaves fall in the river and it’s natural tea it’s actually not pure water there’s all kinds of stuff soaking and lowing exactly and it Goldy drink out of there’s all kinds of stuff I mean all the things that we learn from animals it just blows me away oh how they can heal so quickly and one of the best way to heal him what is fasting Bal what we’re doing is we’re taking animals out of nature and putting them into a synthetic sterile environment and wondering why they’re not healthy right I mean they need to be in nature another thing that I noticed that the animals that are free in the nature of course they don’t get sick they don’t have any problems with anything but we make a mistake by thinking that they can actually be happy just by giving them supplements right but there’s something that they cannot get in a bottle you know that have natural environment and stuff most of the food that we feed them the canned food it’s like the worst junk that’s left over from after making human food right it’s the leftover stuff that nobody wants the the animal parts that are garbage and that they mix in wheat and and stuff that the animals are never even naturally plus there’s no enzymes in it they add certain things in the food so they would get addicted to certain brand they even put nicotine in the food caffeine and all kinds of stuff and cats don’t eat kibbles in nature it’s not a natural thing it dries out their kidneys and you no wonder they I start having kidney problems right I know cats and dogs are two different things like dogs they can eat anything cats from what I understand they have to eat meat is that right well yes they do but when they need a to be the whole animal with bones and yes everything so that’s the key with dogs you can feed a vegetarian vegan raw vegan diet and it’s okay right it’s okay but I think they still like to eat they like bones they’re like we feed our dog land wood you know the brittle bones and things like that and again I’m asking questions people are gonna ask well don’t when they eat the bone when they crunch the bell and not those sharp pieces cut them up as they’re swallowing none when they’re raw the raw bone doesn’t only cook bones up this is important for people to realize cooked food this is dangerous every day always there’s no enzymes and right exactly just give us an example what do you feed your dogs and cats and stuff well our dogs are free nature and they’re run around and they usually eat wild life they whatever they can get sometimes they lizards snakes birds most people don’t have access to that and in your book you gave a lot of recipes for raw food and you explained and I’d like you to explain a little bit to the people how you got into this in the first place it started with the people right and then it got into the animals afterwards you realize raw food was the only way to go for real health and then you kind of said well the animals I’m sure yeah well basically what happens I’m seeing more and more hospitals for animals appearing everywhere and I said these poor animals are on IVs and they’re having all these health problems why don’t you just let them be natural you know and what like you said a lot of times it’s impossible if you have indoor pet and you can’t have time but even if you have indoor pet and you have a for instance you want to put it on the Sun open their windows so the cat can get direct side versus just laying on the window in the Sun everything that’s real is more natural more better they’re better side effects and healing in animals that are now well it’s very easy all you have to do is take away from that and given you know your nature there are no rewards or punishments only consequences so just do what’s right and you will have right result so people that don’t have like oh the woods nearby or a park what what do you suggest other than buying canned food and kibble what do you suggest they start feeding them like you in your book yes you have some give us give some example I’ve lots of good recipes well first of all for cats it would be good to have some raw meat especially organic wild anything that you can get but not cooked not cooked right yeah so you start with the raw food and at first they might not recognize it or because they’ve been on it for so long they might not want to eat so if you take them away you always want to do gradually but give them a meal and when they start feeling that desire for the real thing their instincts are still on they will start the cats are a lot finicky er than dogs like they they can actually refuse to eat for a week which is like nope but not me I want the junk and that’s it they refuse to eat that’s actually good because during the period that they’re not interesting fastening and cleansing but I’ll guarantee when they get hungry they will but they know their masters are a little bit soft hearted so they’re gonna throw it aside like women they know that’s so yeah okay so dogs are a lot easier to deal with they’re just like kids they just want to have fun yeah I just want to pull out some information about some examples of food that you make for your dogs in your book I don’t have it with me but there was some great ruff I mean I wanted to eat some of that stuff no we make all kinds of good stuff I’m in disguise the woman you can start whatever depends what kind of a caddy and what kind of dog if it’s a Labrador he’ll eat anything we’re never thrown your food away he will just literally to anything now there are certain things about food combining that for animals just as good for us so you have to be aware of that as well but I think basically start with the simple recipes and give one or two that are simple and then you can you know give them like dog biscuits that I made idle grand it up almonds and walnuts and put a little grass in there or anything mix it up some garlic if there warms some high protein if they needed more depending what they’re nursing puppies or they’re not so you just kind of do the same way with people but you just have to make sure that they’re getting the most important element and that Sun pure water and that’s for people to everywhere that’s no different if they’re really no different so really what you were doing is you were making like instead of like canned dog food you were making pate out of nuts and seeds and stuff like that but we do that’s right and they love cats cats are I was babysitting a lady’s house then that eats nothing but steak and barbeque all the time and she’s she went on vacation she said make sure you give my cat some grapes when I’m gone where are the grapes in the frigerator so I went to the fridge it open and there was five big huge different kinds of squares of cheeses in the refrigerator and the cat wanted grapes can you want that the great catalyst we got smarter than the people that’s right what foods are animals not allowed to like chip like chocolate can kill dogs and stuff so so what what what do you find what took worn people like don’t give it to war I think the definitely sugar is number one don’t give many things they were doing with people I think we had a German Shepherd ate a bunch of eminence thirty years ago and he survived so I think there’s no need to scare people but no not to give animals but I think it’s important to know that keeping stuff away from them that is not good sugar I mean everything the wheat turns into sugar so why not give him some that turned slowly into sugar versus some that’s been a cause in all kinds of problems so but I think there are dogs that could eat a little bit of everything you know even a poison in a small doses right could be accurate so I wouldn’t worry about it so much but I think just the biggest mistake that people made they give their pets table scraps from the cook food right like also my dog loves bones but I give him a Robbo Kimura bones I have all the enzymes and everything in it versus giving them cook stuff from the stew or whatever you know and once they start eating raw food they’re not gonna go want to go back to the cook food so would you say stay away from all cable for all animals I think that would be the best and one of the main reason is that number one doesn’t have enzymes number two it has a lot of combinations like corn and things that it’s not really designed for five yeah they put wheat in it’s like they’re eating bread especially or again you know genetically modified did they use today it’s just bad I mean the stuff that they feed animals is just pathetic and then they wonder why they have all these problems but number one reason also is just not the food Marcus I think people don’t realize that vaccinations I have always problems with veterinarians if the dog has epilepsy or cat you know some vets won’t even touch a pet unless it’s been vaccinated so how do you get around that that’s a ridiculous thing you know we have to find a holistic veterinarian and also it’s so important that these dogs and cats have been so impressed for so long that they’re artificial they almost lost their touch with nature so what I would do is I would recommend no vaccinations I would recommend the least amount of artificial lifestyle and definitely vaccinations they’ve reduced vaccinations limit for the pets now where before used to be every three months and I asked a friend of mine that’s been veterinarian for 40 some years and I survived so many dogs getting epilepsy you know and he’s blaming it on the breed and I said let me show you why and I took a picture of the colon and I told them that the upper part of the colon transfer corn represents the brain area and if that it’s clogged up the dog or cats could not have problem he said oh my god he said I never heard of that that makes sense but they couldn’t prove it I said I could prove it and I proved people that are dogs that have epilepsy have to reduce that but just put him on a nature diet and keeping the bow open and the intestines working so they can absorb the nutrients and that the electrical connection will you yeah I wrote about that in my voke heal your face it talks about the this one here but that how every part of your face is connected he do comprise your body and your teeth and everything yeah the Chinese have known this for three thousand years and in that it’s all connected and it’s not just like you said it’s not just the food it’s like it’s it’s the stress levels it’s the if the owners are yelling at each other you’re killing the animal it’s absorbing all that negative energy and and you need a happy environment you need something that’s peaceful relaxing yes stress is number one killer for and cause of the disease just like with humans they don’t view it burns out the adrenals suddenly the absorption of nutrients is no longer good they they can’t sleep right there it seems like some of the biggest problems with dogs is at least we like well you have a German Shepherd is hips and things like that for cats it’s like hearts and kidneys like okay I know sorry I’m jumping all over the place here but a lot of people they already have pets that are already vaccinated so I know a question I mean getting a lot of is well it’s already been vaccinated this is just some way to detox it is it like people with green juices yes that helps also with the pets detoxifying and put them on a raw food diet really does magic for pet well pets drink green juices oh they’ll do anything you want to do if you’re just strong enough to let them hang in there but I think some of these conditions I do believe that a lot of diseases are not genetic but because of high breeding and everything some of the animals do inherit some weaknesses but that could be corrected because if they were genetic why doesn’t that happen when the puppies first born it happens because they all follow certain that is right and the diets will absolutely get that animal to that position where they’re having problems physical problems I I do believe the most diseases are not genetic well they’ve even I write about this on my stuff in epigenetics they’ve proven that you can reverse the genetic it’s just a bunch of switches that are either on or off yeah and you change the position of switches by resetting them through different mechanisms so yeah it’s funny I laugh from people though it’s genetic there’s nothing I could do about it you know with themselves – thanks like it’s my family it’s genetics it’s same with their pets I can’t deal with it I’m going to work yeah it’s sad and those poor pets are stuck in that house they’re stuck in that lifestyle you pulled something out of nature you put it in a in a plastic box and you’re wondering why it’s not happy and I was right you know but things are turning around Marcus I I believe that things are turning around or more and more people are aware of that and I’m hoping that my biggest thing is that they will quit vaccinating so much because it’s unnecessary totally unnecessary and just the latest thing I don’t know if you heard about this vaccination thing for people and animals they will not allow dogs to go to the grooming place if there’s no vaccine they were not allow kids to go to school if they’re not really so this is what I’m coming up with and I wrote this in my book The Cure’s in the class if that is the case why are the people there vaccinate worried about the non-vaccinated ones because it doesn’t work your immune system is so much better when it’s not interfered with with the blood and the vaccines so I mean they’re just making this up because they want everybody to be vaccine they want everybody to be dumbed down and and it just doesn’t make any sense at all yeah it’s funny how the kids that play around in the dirt are healthier than the ones that are kept sterile and clean all the time same with animals same thing a dirt dust Deepak Chopra told me one time these microbes can live without us but we can only with that exactly and I mean that’s so simple people don’t realize that our bodies the 60 trillion cells 2/3 of it is not us it’s not our own cells it’s something else that we’re coexisting with it’s a bunch of different communities that are existing together part of the whole picture our system is designed to have 85% friendly but a flora and 15% unfriendly they keep each other in check so why go against nature just let it be but I think living food died and you know organic biological diet is very important and while things are very important and also minerals in your body and our animals that they’re eating eating all that animal that has hormones what is that gonna dice a lot of dogs with ball gi’s thyroid problems why they’re watching TV until 2 o’clock in the morning the people doesn’t know difference they’re all hyper on their their drugs and sugars yes just to sum this up is there any basic complement being in nature most much as being as natural as possible yeah happy healthy clean lots of water everybody thinks the food is the most important I would say less food is better I would say natural lifestyle is so crucial why stress a lot of animals are locked up and they don’t get to be outside and play into things less stress and I think that would be the main Key West food let’s stress no cable no cable and definitely take a look at what you’re buying and what kind of food there’s lots of good food are there any brands out there that you know that our sold are ready to go and it can art that are ok remember the canned food is cooked food I’d have to use something to preserve it as well like Whole Foods has a freezer section now here pets we can buy if roads like frozen yes real just chopped up that’s right first I think sad to say but I think they don’t have to have so much animal parts and especially you know the way it was done natural and without suffering and stuff like that but animals can live healthy and happy with the variety of other food dogs if your raw food is you can basically feed your dog what you’re eating right now cats I’ve seen people go I have a vegetarian cat and I’m going that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good right I mean a it’s vegetarian which means it could be cooked food probably is yeah there’s probably all kinds of junk in there but don’t cats need meat too well they do by nature I mean if you no matter what you feed your cats and you let it out she’s gonna go catch a lizard or a bug or a grasshopper but these people who are proud that they’ve made their cat vegetarian how do you feel about that is that feel right to you not so much that it feels right to me how does it feel to the animal I mean if that animal is happy she’s getting variety and minerals and nutrients then it could be alright but I’ll tell you one thing that I noticed the nature and I love to watch all the animals I saw a that we brought on our property teeth poison oak and one day I saw a grasshopper flying around and the goat went after the grasshopper really I was shocked I was just so shocked and I think that all the animals will eat if they can get something they will eat something other than grass so our nature tells us that if it’s a living thing and it’s fine how many how many bugs do you think a cow eats while she’s eating the grass and we’re getting right even monkeys he dances so how are you personally as I mean you were a raw foodists are you still around yes completely yeah he’s brought me much some no no me just now and I think do you feel like you’re lacking anything no we’re not liking but I believe that even the raw vegans need to have so much more variety than they’re right the 12 things to eat overall eat the same thing it’s so important to have that mineral content and variety and perhaps more fermented cheese’s and things like that we use a lot of cheese meaning not dairy right I just see cheese’s right that’s so you’re booked where can they get it do you have a website the best way to get to go to my website the cures and the cause and that’s calm the cure is in the cars right yeah talks about that’s yourself with cleansing that’s the book that’s very thick got about 300 400 pages and that was been the most productive because people I go back to simplicity and nature and I think it’s so important to know that the there are no such things as incurable diseases all incurable patients are not willing to do what it if you’re your title the cure is in the cause which the website is curious in the cause calm it sounds like what I’m saying is like people keep coming say what do I take for this well I think that I say it’s not what you take it’s what you stop doing stop doing what caused the problem in the first place when people don’t want to do that no I want to keep doing my pizza my my cigarettes my cheese my bread but just give me some herb to get rid of the diseases I’m getting because of it right right it doesn’t work that way you have to stop the cause the cure is in the cause now there are so many different causes so you need to find out which one it is for instance I waited that at a lot of stages of liver cancer and by the time we got to the bottom of everything come to find out that she was taken artificial sweetener so she wouldn’t gain anyway so she got rid of the gum got rid of the all the artificial stuff and the body cannot wait body cannot wait to hear it yeah you have to look at everything the relationships that they’re in that’s the job they have the environment it’s not just food it’s it’s everything it’s the whole package deal dr. Jensen my mentor and just a beautiful person that over more than I did from any college education he says that I have to love you for my own good so that’s number one number two you cannot work and do some work that hurts others you have to do work they will heal people for instance a guy had leukemia and came to dr. Jensen he said well what are you doing what do you work what’s your work he said well I sell Coca Cola he drives coca-cola trucks he said well you can’t talk to me anymore until we change your job I can’t help you and the man was so impressed he quit the job and healed himself that’s nice so everything that you do reflects on other people so you have to you have to be aware and conscious and we still work with kids and we don’t charge for kids we never did ever suggest he was born I promised him he asked my mom could you promise me that you will never charge for kids because it’s not their fault that the parents don’t know what they’re doing so we’ve even helping kids all over the world that’s our biggest right great well they have that you should start them young before they start getting into bad habits I’m in kindergarten and then unfortunately a lot of hospitals send him home to die and they come to us and they say what can we do and we put them on a raw food juicing and oil stress back to nature and it’s amazing how it works well good so they can reach you or at least start and the cures in the cause calm are my email addresses dr r uz a at gmail.com and people don’t drive her nuts okay give her some you really let her enjoy some part of her life here because I get 300 emails a day and they ask you the most insane questions like some people are like they don’t even want to think they just want you know they just want a quick answer they want a quick bill yeah and a lot of times what you tell them is what they don’t want to hear but well thank you so much for coming there have been years trying to get you here I mean you’ve been like you live in Croatia half the time yes on this beautiful island and it’s I’m worried out in nature you know when I was talking to Louise Hays and she told me that her favorite thing is to be in the garden with her dog and that’s that yeah it is it’s therapy it is plants and animals are yeah I just want to say one more thing before I go and that is there were in this world to heal our wounds and heal ourselves and then as soon as we do that energy and the love that we have will help heal others yes well you got to be the we have to do it to ourselves first yeah and then other people watch we become the example we inspire them they have to see proof that it works all right so we have to prove to them that it works it’s been a pleasure thank you finally for coming thanks folks we’ll see you next time we hope this really helped you animals are such a special part of our world they they’re probably practically what helped keep us sane most of the time so please give them they love and the attention and the time and the health that they deserve because they’re there to make you hang in there another few years so I hope this helps you help them thanks stick around we’ll keep watching Marcus news.com

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100 thoughts on “HEALTHY NATURAL PET FOOD- What to feed your dog to be healthy”

  1. Markus, thank you for doing this video.  I currently give both my dogs wild green formula and vitamin C to their raw diets.  I BEG OF YOU to really look at the inclusion of Xylitol in your protein formula.  It is not that I want to give them this product, but it is absolute poison for dogs, shutting down their kidneys …. and I hate even having that ingredient in the house.  Have to believe if it is so hard on them, there are challenges for people as well

  2. This was so good. Thank you Markus. I thought the funniest thing was the cat drinking the natural tea water. I make a natural tea water for my dog. He eats kale, collards carrots and other veggies and prefers that over anything else.

  3. My experience with Darwins raw has been great – they ship directly to your home.
    Darwin’s natural raw dog and cat food starts with high-quality, fresh, natural ingredients: Only human-quality, USDA-approved meats and vegetables. No steroids, hormones or chemical preservatives.  No grains, cereals or other fillers.

    getting my first dog 5 years ago woke me up to the food industry and how disgusting it all is – pet food is a metaphor for everything going wrong with this corporate world – feeding the peeps sludge makes for sludgy peeps.

  4. Thank you Markus thank you Dr Ruza Bogdanovich for all the wonderful knowledge and work you are doing . My dogs have ben raw for years and thrive beautifully on their diet . I made the changes after reading a book by Dr Ian Billinghurst called ' Give your dog a bone ' Once again thank you for taking the time to make this video so very informative and interesting . Very much appreciated XX

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  7. Wonderful video Markus!  Thank you.  I've been feeding my dogs raw foods for over 15 years now.  Amazing that I didn't think of doing the same for myself back then.  Nonetheless, life is a journey of learning…Pets are such an integral part of our lives and it's our responsibility to take care of them.  I have friends all the time that tell their cat is always wanting to go out and eat grass, and I always have to explain that this is their medicine:)  BTW another great book is Raw Meaty Bones by Dr. Ian Billinghurst who tokened the term "BARF"…Biologically Appropriate Raw Food…

  8. Thanks Markus! Great information. What do you give a dog with anxiety issues? I have a chow chow Golden retriever mix. He likes up to only 5 people. And has so much anxiety around other people. Adults and children. What can I do?

  9. Hi Markus,
    Have you ever heard of eating for your blood type? What do you think?
    Because every thing that I was doing with the raw food diet like coconut, avocado, tomatoes. cashews, alot of fruits an vegetable in your book Love On A Plate I'm not supposed to eat. But it's so good. Again what should I do? You and Cara look so good together both of you are a great inspiration.
    Thank You.

  10. So its impossible to feed pets like cats vegan food? I don't eat meat period. I would feel so guilty feeding it to my pet. I know its the way of life because they are carnivores. Are there any good brands that do it "humanely"?

  11. Wow, it's amazing! Thank you for this video! The given information is priceless, especially cuz I 'm planning to have a dog 🙂 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  12. I have a small business selling raw pet food and it's so amazing how healthy they become ….. my cats fur is just like silk …. soft and shiny and they have wonderful energy and personalities …. no dander and very minimal shedding … it's important to ease them over a few days …. dogs and cats are not the same …. I do put some sprouted pea shoots or arugula etc now and then for my cats and they eat what they require but they are mostly meat eaters where as dogs require more vegetables …. all choose to sell organic food and no factory farmed foods …. thank you for putting this information out it's so important …

  13. What I do is , in the regular water I put different  green herbs as meant , lemon grass ,rosemary , eucalyptus , the same for the birds ,cats and dogs.

  14. Markus, could you make a similar type of video about children and diet for them? I'm taking about newborns and up to, I don't know, 15-20 years old when they are growing and their bodies are developing. What are the things to pay attention to and what food they need the most? Again, their bodies are developing and growing so they probably need some specific combination of nutrients, right? I mean – they need some things more than others… I'm asking because now I live in Japan and I'm a teacher in a kindergarten. And every day I see children eating chocolate and cookies and chips and candies when they have snack time. It hurts my mind but I don't feel knowledgeable enough (and I'm not a dietician) to give their parents tips on what they should give to their children (besides bananas and grapes 🙂 ). One thing is me doing experiments to myself and fasting for a week, but children are different. And in few years I'll have my own children and I really think about it now.

  15. Marcus thank you for this Great video and getting this info out there
    Unfortunately I found out the hard way, the love of my life my beautiful dog Boy developed diabetes.
    After he developed diabetes I went on mission to find out why and this lead me on the path to holistic health. I switched him over to RAW and feed him raw but his diabetes would sky rocket unless I gave him kangaroo meat. He went blind I had his cataracts removed so he could see again.
    I followed Dr Karen Becker advice and  I am positive that his raw diet gave me a few extra years with him. He passed away at 12 years. He is dearly missed every single day and I live with the quilt that I did this to him…. he can be seen on YouTube under petstock Boy……. RIP Beautiful Boy

  16. I feed all my animals raw food. It is incredible the difference it makes! We wonder why our fur babies are starting to get all the human diseases now! Thank you for spreading this info; it is so important!!

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    I get off it for a week then back on.
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  19. We have been feeding our two kitties raw organic chicken since we got them six years ago and they have never been sick once. Full of energy!

  20. Wow, what a genuine spirit this woman has. When I learned the horrors of "normal" pet food I switched my dog at 8months to vdog (vegan kibble). I never gave him meat or bones so his favorite snacks are apples, pineapple, bananas, cucumber, carrots and he will also eat greens from my garden. Someone even offered him a hotdog but he didn't want it! But he loves to catch flies and eat them which I don't mind at all since they are so annoying. He is a little over a year old now.

  21. Thank you Markus for this AWESOME video. Big woof woof from my beautiful beagle Chester too.

  22. Glad you brought up video on pet food. Yes, bones are so dangerous for dogs, it was even in the news.

    Always best to first research everything you feed your pet.

    There are different grades of dog food, low, medium and high quality. Definitely stay away from foods with by-products, corn, and gluten. Holistic pet products are best.

    People are learning that by- products can be ground up animals from Shelters, the vet's office, beaks , brains, feet, feathers, roadkill, zoo kill .
    It also contains the 4 – D's which are dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals. Most cheap dog foods come from dead pets at the rendering plant. It's endless horrors of what are in by- products in many store bought dog foods. 🙁

    Don't feed dogs grapes or raisins, onions, garlic, cashews, avocados, peanut butter is questionable, or of course chocolate. I always look up, What are horror ingredients and dog food?

    I have a nutribullet and throw in plenty of raw fruits and vegetables and use it as a broth over their top quality holistic dog food. They also have vegetarian dog food by Natural Balance! My dogs are pretty close to vegan!

    And definitely true about the vaccinations. Limit them as much as possible.

    My passion is educating people on dog food! Thanks for making the video and advocating for animals! 🙂

  23. This is so true. Our little dog Google got attacked and his leg was broken. What he did was fast and lay in the back of the garden in the grass to help him heal after his operation. He laid there for nearly 2 weeks. I just let him because I know this was going to help him..

  24. Awesome! More with this lady!!!!

    I've been using canned food over kibble for ages now but it's not junk. I know raw food is best so I'm gonna go back to that for my pooch 🙂 thanks for the inspo and in gonna check out her books! 🙂

  25. Awesome interview, Markus! Dr. Ruza was great! I have been transitioning our cats for the past year. They really are finicky. It's tough to be a vegan and have to chop up raw animal parts, but we had the cats before we were vegans and we try our best to keep them healthy. Thank you for the reinforcement. I have been telling everyone about the awful kibble and someone always has a story about a healthy kibble cat who lived to be 20.

  26. Onions, grapes, raisins and avocados are poisonous to dogs. Dogs would not eat these in nature and definitely would not eat a "vegan" diet in nature.

  27. WOW! After being a raw vegan for about a year now, this really confirms some ideas I've had for a few months. I used to wonder if animals are getting the same diseases as humans then perhaps they are mirror images for the unhealthy, artificial lifestyles that modern people are living! Now, I know what I guessed is right…out in nature, you don't find wild animals with cancer, leukemia, or epilepsy; sadly, this seems to be largely found in domesticated animals that eat "vet-approved" junk food. 

    And, by the way, I learned something new today: never knew that nicotine and other harmful chemicals have been put in pet food to make them addicted! Unbelievable what some can do and all in the name of mindless greed. 

    Thanks so much for this video, Markus. -_- You, Cara, and all your guests are always a pleasure to watch. Thanks for living life to the fullest; you inspire me and help me to remember that I can be just as healthy, happy, sexy, and spiritually vibrant as you. Cheers! 🙂 🙂

  28. That's was a very informative interview! I really enjoyed Dr. Ruza's presence. She's a pretty solid lady with what she knows!  And, I too feed my cat the good stuff!! Thanks for sharing, Markus! 😀

    PS. I will be getting a copy of her book, "The Cure Is In The Cause".

  29. Thank you for this video. Animals need help too. In every way. Protection, love, good loving homes, and all their needs met. They are angels in disguise and precious living beings 🙂

  30. Hi Markus..I have a few of your products, and love them all,, but I have a question,, is your super green food for my 18 year old little dog?? Would love to add to his water,,

  31. I have 2 indoor cats, so after watching this I started walking outside, holding them, to allow them to get some natural sunlight. They love it! I let them smell the trees, plants and look around. I tried getting a box & putting some dirt & grass in it, but my cat just peed in it, lol!

  32. It has dyes in it red. I had long time ago lived in country on back read, if you know nature growing up on land I wouldn't put animals in apartment I don't feel its fair. all our animals never where sick and lived outside. all barn cats we didn't feed they lived and were healthy they know what to do. Same with dogs give them bones from butcher water carrots love my Maltese like every morning end day gone. Most animals look like Master over weight cat is dog is. They don't understand animal body or there's or how to feed or exercise. So bad poor creatures.

  33. Thankfully animals can't be in apartments unless sprayed vaccinated maybe some people won't have pets let them be free. Untouched and happy. Goes for people also. We need be close to earth to touch and feel and smell and get sun and rain ad water and listen to nature. It is so great and good God created for us, he loves all so much, finally so many people are going back to eat and herbs and nature and know it is wonderful and healing with nutrients he puts in all plants fruits nuts soaked herbs seeds Sprouts.

  34. From AUSTRALIA I decided to study AMERICA's Dr Francis Pottenger's Cats-Diet 10 YEAR STUDY using 900 cats over 3 generations during 1932-1942. He was a Medical Doctor. He did academic research using an experiment on cats (instead of rats) he uses raw meat vs cooked meat in a controlled environment. Guess which DIET delivered the best health benefits for the cats? For the answer please Tube on Pottenger's famous cats-diet will effect future generations.

  35. if you want healthy dog or cat.they must eat live animals such as rats and doves that is their natural food, not vegetables. this channel is turning into fanatism.

  36. Hi and thanks for this very informative video. I would really like to know if there's a way to contact Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich. Do you know if she offers online or over the phones consultations? I'm quite desperate about the health issues of my 11 year old lab. I've been to different veterinary clinics and none give me much hope of recovery. Is either that or the costs of conventional treatments are just way out of my budget. He's been with me since he was 2 months old and I just can stand seeing him laying on the floor without eating and barely drinking water. He has lost a huge amount of weight and I really don't want to lose him. Thanks in advance for any guidance on this matter. If anyone else wants to comments and give me any recommendations, they are also welcome.

  37. I have really enjoyed watching your videos as well as those with Cara. You both have a natural humbleness where you are still trying to learn from others where many people with similar success let it get to their heads. Very down to earth and inspiring. Thanks for sharing this!

  38. Hi Markus, Thank you for sharing such important information. Sums up all the problems dogs are facing from their human owners.

  39. Kudos for the Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried – Chireetler Eating Program Rule (do a google search)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for discovering the secret the dog food industry is hiding without the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy after many years got cool results with it.

  40. I gave my 2 year old german shepherd blue heeler mix dog, 40 lbs, a kosher goat knuckle bone 10 days before Christmas thinking it would take some time for him to knaw on that…20 minutes later he had it polished off. Surprise. The result was he got so bunged up trying to poop 50 times on each walk but nothing coming out. By the 5th day I was so worried I took him to the vet and paid $125 to put him under aneasthetic while he was given two quarts of saline by intravenous. Still nothing happened for another five days …he would drink water but could only eat canned food off my finger…I layed on the sofa Christmas day with Chocolate, his name, laying on my stomach, thinking that I was going to lose my dog on Christmas Day. He layed there on my belly in weakness peed on my tummy without even rising up…I started to cry thinking that was it. I took him into the backyard one more try and finally! Success.
    He passed a rock hard plug of bone. I was never so happy in my life. I got my dog's life back for Christmas Day. I give thanks for this beautiful dog every day and considered myself so blessed. He was a rescue I saved from the euthanasia room the Christmas before. I will never give my dog a raw or cooked bone ever again! He was shipped from Phoenix to Vancouver Canada by a very talented breeder for his first family who preferred Chocolate's sister, so he was a neglected back yard dog when i found him, who'd never been loved …everyone thinks he is a shepherd puppy…my forever puppy yes, but a control freak even though I had him neutered…he is a herder after all. He had to learn not to nip human ankles even though he was bred to nip cattle ankles…not his fault he has good breeding…lol. Anyway friends, never trust a bone. It could cost you $125 or even your dog's life. Just not worth it. Kibble sucks. But food in Canada is way more expensive than USA so can barely feed myself let alone a dog and 3 cats.
    I am transitioning from lacto ovo vegetarian bread eater to hopefully raw vegan someday soon.
    I refuse to feed my pets cornmeal or wheat anything unless I am in financial crisis. All those brand names are just advertising. Crapppy kibble makers are all branding only. Read labels. Boycott corn and wheat 1st ingredient kibble. They will get the picture if no one buys it. Love all you animal lovers. Thank you Markas. i will definitely order your cookbooks and Markas sugar soon. love you both. awsome vision. awesome videos. loved the story of the princess. and Tony and his pepperoni was great. more roll playing please. loved Spy Girl too. Nice to laugh again. I finally have the solution to diabetes 2.

  41. *Markus Rothkrantz please help my baby. My dog is so sick. We were in a home with black mold a little over 3 years. I do not know how to cure mold damage. I am also very sick and have many issues. Please I don't want my dog to die. I have had him for 12 years. I cant lose him, he has been there for me through so much. His first few years were full of horrible abuse and neglect. He deserves a great long life.

  42. You might be feeding your family member (dog) bad food. If you care about your dogs health, Use this instead! Urgent matter, If you love your pet like I do!! This has been all over the news about this!

  43. This is awesome, fuck the vet they just want our money, we are the vet the pet owner we just need to do some research.

  44. Thank you Markus. I just love your videos and you pass on such a vibrant positive attitude. Keep up the good work. I am transitioning my dog to raw frozen food. Her kidneys are getting hard from 15 years of kibble,

  45. I love my dog so much, he is the best friend ever, he is old now and suffering from arthritis. I have seen a difference on myself when I changed my diet. I want to give him the best diet possible to help his body heal his arthritis. Thank you so much

  46. Why would l feed my dogs meat? If its bad for me its bad for them. My dog has been vegan a year now. He hasnt had a seizure in 8 months. His blood work is perfect. The only supplements he gets is taurine and cranberry powder and a multivitamin.

  47. Thanks for the link to this video Markus. You've pointed me in the right direction for healing my pet, and the pets of all my friends and family.

  48. My four month old Chihuahua puppies begged for my mulberries this morning after I picked them. I had noticed last night that they were eating the mulberry residue off the soles of my shoes. So I offered them some & they LOVED them! In fact they finished off my bowl of berries! I feed them lots of raw fruits and veggies (they LOVE the little yellow mangos) but I never would have thought of feeding them mulberries!

  49. I cried when she told the story about her son. What a wise young man there. "They can't help that their parents don't know what they're doing". So well said.

  50. Please, please, please do NOT feed nuts of any kind to your dog. They are toxic an can cause permanant liver damage.

  51. Markus God bless you for having this lovely lady on your show. I was wondering if she would cover vaccines for people to and she did. Gee I hope mr greger will hear this video since he pushes vaccines in his book how not to die. Thank you Markus.

  52. First of all, thank you so much Markus for bringing a person who is truly devoted to pet health. I love how you have a video for everything and also the questions you asked her were questions anyone would ask. I have a question about a specific type of dog. I want to get a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and I know that for wolfdogs it’s best to feed them a raw diet which includes raw meat and other animal products. I don’t want feed my dog any meat or animal products, just a Raw Vegan diet. I’ve read that dogs have small GI tracts or colons, so with that being said is it unhealthy for the dog to NEVER be fed any meat? Is it possible for them only eat raw vegan with no raw animal products? Thanks again.

  53. most petfoods…all standard ones…have synthetic taurine added to it. It is also advised by all raw feeding advisors to give taurine supplements. also fact. why ? flesh today is lacking taurine. Petfoods have to have measured identifiable nutrients….so that is why taurine is added to be measurable. many non vegan petfoods FAIL when tested for the nutrients they claim are in their foods. non vegan cats do go blind…heart problems also…which lack of taurine is a big cause of. https://www.good.is/features/vegan-cats is just one of long lived healthy vegan cats around since a long time. Look up Little Tyke the lioness…well documented usa ex zoo lioness…lived vegetarian 9 years died of pneumonia contracted on excursions in usa not diet missing nutrients issue. The person who commented that the cat would die in a few months is correct IF the nutrients were lacking in essentials…that is what would happen. It does not. My cat is 1 year old tested healthy blood tests. any lacking nutrients would have been fast identified. Go take a look as I did at the Raw feeding advisors for cats…all i see are strongly recommending taurine supplements. For good reasons. Meat has unmeasurable taurine in it…taurine is easily destroyed by cooking …fact…easily destroyed fast generally. That is why they supplement. What is it in flesh that is needed ? the nutrients. When these are measured and proven to be not destroyed…and freezing flesh destroys taurine of course…there is no need for the flesh. Taurine is what the cats need…and 50 percent i repeat of the world's taurine is put into PETFOODS as it is the most stable sure way to ensure cats get what they need, and that tauriine is NOT from flesh but synthetic and the other half used for medicinal purposes. Athletes also take taurine for heart strength benefits i add. VEGAN all of it. AHA ! i am helpful hey…just found out…someone pointed out that this ZIWI do not list TAURINE content in their foods…their waffle reply…"Why don’t you list Taurine in our ingredients? 
    Products must list, in order by weight, each individual ingredient contained in in the recipe. Because the Taurine in our recipes is naturally provided by meat and seafood, and not an added stand-alone supplement , it cannot be listed as an ingredient." so ? it is hit and miss…only petfoods that can MEASURE the quantity of taurine in the petfood are allowed to state the quantity. I would not trust cooked petfood taurine content based on "hope" that it is not destroyed AS the raw cat feeders themselves clearly state SUPPLEMENT when feeding RAW let alone cooked flesh. "Other nutrients provided by meat that aren’t included in the ingredient list include vitamin A, chromium, and selenium." right well for me ? i do not want WISHFUL thinking of what MIGHT be in petfood…i want definates measured. I know..that quantified taurine and those other essential nutrients a cat needs ARE in my vegan catfood. I even give EXTRA taurine powder to my cat and dogs. No harm in excess. It is good for hearts is why. Seriously…i had to see so many RAW feeding cat owners giving AS RECOMMENDED taurine supplements…due to admitting that the flesh taurine content is not enough…and that is RAW well they FREEZE flesh so that destroys tauriine at once i found out. Once cooked taurine also destroyed. It really is simple to understand why taurine is a problem in petfoods if not synthetically added. Years ago ithe petfood industry found out this massive problem due to sick hearts cats….then rectified it. It is logical…that if eating fresh kill taurine is not destroyed….however…we are NOT feeding NATURALLY …we buy flesh…freeze it…cook it…and taurine is destroyed. So the petfoods add taurine that is synthetic and vegan. Now do not get me going on another huge problem that flesh feeding gives cats…uti/kidney diseases…..why ? well check the scientific autopsies links on my page link provided…in brief…74 percent of wild lions etc had UTI/KIDNEY DISEASES..on flesh diets…whilst petfood fed cats get 30 percent of those health risks only. Now that is still a high health issue…like heart murmers in cats at 30 percent…same in wild lions flesh fed ! so ? get some extra taurine since obviously cats have a genetic health problem with uti/kidneys on flesh diets. I took one or two readings of those scientific studies and realised…after only 50 percent of a family of wild lions making it to adulthood in the wild FACT…i did not fancy that…or their genetic flesh diet 74 percent risk of uti/kidney diseases following some "wild natural" diet no thanks. Feed vegan…gmo antibiotics free cancer free food with measured nutrients cats need. Check out the youtube videos done on the subject by this highly qualified vet…http://www.vegepets.info/index.html and just to confirm that cat experts on raw advise strongly ADD TAURINE SUPPLEMENTS for the reasons I have stated…to RAW flesh diets…here is what they say…..https://feline-nutrition.org/nutrition/how-much-taurine-should-i-add "Both grinding and freezing reduce available taurine, but by how much is not clear. That is why I add supplemental taurine when making homemade or supplementing pre-ground meat/bone/organ mixes. Taurine is not toxic in cats and is water-soluble, so any extra the cat can't use just gets flushed out in their urine.⁴ I would rather add some extra taurine to the food and have a cat with expensive pee than risk a taurine deficiency which could lead to serious heart problems or death." now I like you like COMMON SENSE…and so reading CLEAR advice that i have seen everywhere on the raw feeders expert pages to add TAURINE SUPPLEMENTS to raw flesh….i would not fantasise about what taurine is LEFT in cooked or frozen flesh fed to a cat. I do not. I feed the VEGAN TAURINE SUPPLEMENTS that THEY feed their cats in addition to the standard vegan taurine in petfood to my cat. MEASURED..quantified. Nice to have had this interesting exchange. I really should update my page on info based on this good discussion thx. yes i need to update this page…http://vegan-information.com/Vegan_Dogs_and_Cats.html

  54. Can someone say me in german: what should i give my dog to eat?

    Was soll ich meinem hund zu essen geben? (Chihuahua) kein trockenfutter und gebratenes fleisch mehr? Vertragen so kleine gezüchtete hunde rohes fleisch?

  55. For more than 30 years I have been feeding my pets (dogs + cats) raw food. Presently there are 3 dogs with me who even get a bit of my smoothie daily + raw meat + raw veggies – no vaccinations, healthy resting places in the house, no chemical carpets nor household cleaners with poison.

  56. Really great advice thank you so much my two dogs head straight out into garden after they have eaten their meal and start eating the soil

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