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15 thoughts on “Healthy food vs junk food…hilarious little kids”

  1. I'm candy , I'm full of sweets but bad for your teeth.
    3.Who are you?
    I'm hamburger , I'm delicious but full of fats , I'm bad for your health.
    3.Who are you?
    I'm cola , I'm delicious but bad for your teeth.
    4. My friends come over here.
    3.Who are you?
    I'm vegetables , I make the body healthy.
    3,who are you?
    I'm fruits , I'm full of vitamins.
    3.Who are you?
    I'm fish chicken and meat , I build muscles.
    3. Who are you?
    I'm potato , rice and bread, I give energy.
    3. Who are you?
    I'm eggs and cheese , I build bones.
    3. Ok ok , take the rope again and let's see who will win.
    Everyone " let's do this".

    And the healthy food term wins

  2. 1.Healthy food team " we are the best "
    2.Junk food team " we are the best".
    3.The judge "stop it. Who are you and what are you doing?"
    1.we are healthy food.
    2. We are junk food.
    3.where are your leaders?
    4.Healthy food king :" hello , I'm healthy food , I give bodies everything they need , proteins , vitamins and carbohydrates. Who are you ?".
    5. Junk food queen :" I taste good and make bodies far and lazy".
    4.I'm better than you
    5. No me better
    3. Then show me your friends
    5. My friends come over here.
    6.I'm French fries , I'm yummy and salty.
    To be continued…

  3. Amazing duet between Healthyf & junk food , for long Time **Attention **Healthy food
    When you get old fine Happy life.

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