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Methew Wade

5 thoughts on “Healthy Food Idea – Liver”

  1. Sorry to sound a misery, but I wish Ray Peat and Peat inspired people (you guys) would stop saying that coffee inhibits iron. It doesn't do jack with animal sources of iron. The only studies that exist, show it 'very moderately' inhibiting non-heme iron (plant based). It has zero effect on inhibiting heme-iron. Ask Dr Peat; I bet he agrees. I think he has made a comment in the past on this subject and, like Chinese whispers, his comments have been distorted. The only safe way to keep stored iron low is to cut right back on those animal products that are high in iron (most meats) or (especially if you are a meat eater), give blood regularly.

  2. What would your upper limit for liver consumption (either chicken or beef) be for women with thalassemia minor?

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