daily health tips presents top ten healthiest nuts and seeds you should eat every day one Armand's many people consider almonds to be nuts but they are technically the seeds of the almond tree a small handful of almonds are all you need to eat daily these oval-shaped nuts contain fiber protein calcium zinc magnesium potassium phosphorus copper iron and some B vitamins to Brazil nuts Brazil nuts are technically seeds but people call them nuts due to their Brown not like outer covering these nuts help in the prevention of breast and other cancers cirrhosis of the liver heart disease and premature aging they can also improve cardiovascular health manage type-2 diabetes reduce arthritis symptoms protect skin from sun damage lower bad cholesterol and fight anemia three cashews cashews are not actually nuts they are the kidney shaped seeds that adhere to the bottom of the cashew apple the fruit of the cashew tree the several nutrients in pursues can provide energy improve cardiovascular health lower cholesterol help in the production of hemoglobin manage type-2 diabetes reduce PMS symptoms and help maintain healthy eyes hair and skin for pia seeds consumption of chia seeds on a regular basis can help reduce joint pain keep the digestive system healthy aid weight loss deliver an energy boost improved brain health reduced depression fight arthritis and protect against diabetes liver disease and heart disease I've flaxseeds the high fiber in flax seeds promotes healthy bowel functioning suppresses appetite and helps support weight loss flax seeds can even help ease the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome PMS lower cholesterol protect against heart disease stabilize blood sugar and reduce the risk of cancer they are equally good for maintaining healthy skin and hair six pine nuts although used as nuts in the culinary world in the botanical world pine nuts also known as seed and nuts are the edible seeds of pine trees the recommended serving is two to three tablespoons daily these nuts help improve heart health reduce bad cholesterol protect the arteries from damage suppress appetite boost energy and improve vision health they also help increase the Bloods hemoglobin level and relieve fatigue and tension 7 pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds also known as pepitas are flattened asymmetrically oval regular consumption of these seeds helps boost immunity lower bad cholesterol control blood sugar fight anxiety and depression reduce arthritis pain support prostate health improve heart health and reduce the risk of developing some types of cancer 8 sesame seeds sesame seeds are highly valued for their oil which is exceptionally resistant to rancidity they can lower blood pressure and cholesterol protect against liver damage and prevent diseases like arthritis asthma migraine headaches osteoporosis and certain cancers note excessive consumption of sesame seeds may trigger migraines and irritable bowel syndrome IBS symptoms in people who are sensitive to nuts and seeds ix sunflower seeds sunflower seeds of a gift of the beautiful sunflowers they are an excellent source of vitamin e a fat soluble antioxidant regular consumption of these seeds can help reduce the severity of asthma lower high blood pressure prevent migraine headaches and reduce the risk of heart attacks the recommended serving size is 1/4 cup daily 10 walnuts by eating just one ounce of walnuts daily 7 shelled walnuts you can enjoy many of the health benefits regular consumption of walnuts can help reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer lower high blood pressure improve cholesterol levels aid in weight control boost brain health and manage diabetes they are equally good for your skin and hair nuts and seeds are super healthy and most of us aren't eating enough with them they are important additions to our daily food consumption you can incorporate small amounts of a combination of the following 10 nuts and seeds in your diet to enjoy their health benefits you

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  1. almonds are full of oxalates and should NOT be eaten every day!!! same with many of the seeds and nuts!

  2. Am a woman of integrity & dignity, to serve my Sovereign Motherland- NIGERIA volunterily, to uphold Her HONOUR & UNITY at all cost.

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