so there are more and more companies that are releasing meal replacement bars and so it's pretty important to do your homework to figure out what bars are some of the best they all have their claims they're the best meal bar in the world period right and so what you want to look for is five major key factors that's going to determine the legitimacy of their their claims I guess number one make sure it's low glycemic a lot of times you'll have these bars with lots of sugar or sugar that absorbs and utilizes quickly but doesn't have you know fats or fibers or carbohydrates to go along with that sugar so what happens is you get rapid absorption of sugar you have a peak of energy and then you'll crash right where everybody's familiar with the crash and then when your crash obviously you run up the energy then you're like I need more food so this is something that you really don't want to run into and you can prevent by simply having foods that are that have a lot of 500 fat not necessarily a lot but have a proper ratio between fat fiber sugar and carbohydrates whey protein is in my opinion essential there's many different there's thousands of proteins that can be put inside of a meal replacement bar and any food really but the reality is is studies have shown that whey protein is the most beneficial source of protein for the human body now whey protein comes in two different forms make sure it's Undine a tchard protein under nature great proteins so you can you can take protein it's great but when you process it you can lose so many amino acids so many different things about that protein that is beneficial for you so when you process it you lose a lot of this nutrition this is not good you want unda natured whey protein or not cold process and processed in a way that you're not going to denature those those good things that your body wants not only that you don't want just one form of protein you want a few there's different proteins that absorb into your blood quicker and get utilized quicker there's some that take a very long time to break down absorb and utilize and there's some that kind of happened in the middle so the proper blend of that is important because it helps keep you instantly full maintain your fullness and even long-term fullness so you see it's very important to have that not to mention the nutritional impact that comes with having whey protein number three is you basically want to have a very nutritionally dense low-calorie bar anywhere between two to three hundred calories this allows a low enough calorie intake where you can still promote weight loss if that's what you're trying to do and literally still have enough protein and such to help build muscle mass if that's where you're choosing to do because protein whey protein will help induce musculature growth assuming that you're working out along with eating that meal replacement bar so in a nutshell you're on a very nutritionally dense low-calorie meal meal replacement bar that's like fundamental number four is satiety basically it's a term that describes your hunga love hunger level or feeling full so basically when you have the right ratio like I mentioned a minute ago of protein especially whey protein the right ratio of these different proteins forms of that protein basically again you have fast absorbing stuff that utilize this quick medium and then long-term release and absorption and consumption and assimilation basically so in a nutshell you want the proper ratio and you want to look for something that keeps you full longer so you're having a you know like a 200 to 300 calorie bar okay so that still allows to promote healthy fat burning and weight reduction but you're still saying full staying full most of the time when someone has two to three hundred calories they think oh my gosh I'm going to be starving right that's not the case so you have to have if you if you want something healthy where you can still consistently lose weight and feel better obviously want a nutritionally dense low calorie meal replacement bar two or three hundred calories so it promotes your body to simply burn its own fat and then plus you're still you're not feeling hungry like you would if you had two or three hundred calories of something in your cupboard number five is quality you want to find a company who is producing food that they're saying they are producing if they have high claims you want to be able to have sources that can back that up even third-party sources that can back that up a lot of companies will not use the most advanced period and so therefore their percentages of which they measure could be off in you know percentages in either direction you know if you're getting less nutrition on what you thought you were getting more fat than you think you are and so all these different things could be off not to mention you know when you process stuff and you use some companies use chemicals and all these different things that you physically don't want inside of your body some of them will leach into the food and you consume them heavy metals there's a big one so you don't want a company who is producing your food that's leaving remnants of things that you don't want your body's impurities when you when you consume impurities you know heavy metals and that's one of the big ones preservatives all these other things they go inside of your fat cell that's one of the things that they do and it's hard to get them out until you sell you tart and still you start to cleanse so it's very important to prevent them from going into your body in the first place so in a nutshell that's pretty much it if you want to see the meal replacement bars that I purchased and I tell the world about basically just go to super food guide calm cliff click up there find something about meal replacement bars our bars just type in bars as a keyword and boom you'll find some stuff and get your hands I'm in and try they're delicious there's like multiple flavors oh my gosh I'm in love with them this is probably my absolute favorite source of food period I absolutely am in love with these things and I eat so many of them is crazy on a weekly basis so they're probably my single favorite way to eat

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  1. i need to lose weight fast. i have already try couting calories. but because i dont have time to exercise i cant do that anymore. so i am taking for food replacement gnc shakes 2 a day but i need a bar to replace the rest of the day only at breakfast i eat regular boiled egg whites and crakers with black coffee or natural green juice

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