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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Healthier KFC Zinger Burger – 3 ways!”

  1. If you'd like to give this recipe a try, head here for the method and ingredients for the 3 different options https://barrylewis.net/recipe/healthy-kfc-zinger-burger/ I absolutely loved this!

  2. Our oven did exactly the same thing TWICE… luckily both times the kitchen was empty. First time it happened I was home alone, it was very loud and upsetting. They replaced the door and it worked ok until we tried the self clean feature again, my husband assured me that the door must have been faulty,no way would it happen again… he was VERY wrong. Luckily he was home the day it happened again. They replaced the entire oven this time, but I too terrified to ever try to use that feature again.

    Out of interest what is the make of your oven? Ours is hotpoint… I’d be interesting to know whether this happened to anyone else and what the brand of theirs is.

  3. YES! PLEEEEEEASE do more of these Barry!!! I havent had carbs in over a month so I'd add pork rinds instead of tortilla chips but OMG I need more inspo

  4. You made Art! All three look and sound delicious! There is no such thing as too many/much mushrooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yum!

  5. I am part of that 80%, but its surprisingly not a texture thing with me!

    For some reason ever since i was really young thinking about touching a mushroom always made my skin crawl, my brain basically screams that im getting spores on myself. So yea, irrational fears man

  6. A healthy version of the crunch wrap supreme from Taco Bell would be awesome! I'm pregnant and have been craving Taco Bell frequently, between episodes of nausea.

    BTW, I love mushrooms. That sandwich looked amazing. 👍😋

  7. Never met a mushroom I didn’t like, cooked or raw! What a genius idea, I’m going to try it! But I liked the kfc burger where there were 2 chicken burgers as the bread, and there was smoked bacon and cheese between them! Could totally do that with this too with a halved and flattened chicken breast! 🤤

  8. KFC has never apologised for being unhealthy. Some of the family meals have 32,000kj (kilojoules is used in Australia) which is enough to feed several people for a day each. I used to get a boxed meal and split it into the main meal of each day. When I moved there was an entire drawer full of KFC refresher towels and cutlery.

  9. Isn't using spices, sauce and chips and mayo beats the whole "it's healthier" thing? Sorry I've got gastritis and pancreatitis, so stuff like that really bothers me =D

  10. I like using the mushrooms and replacing a burger with it. It's a good change from a greasy burger once in a while.

  11. ever seen an oven that can self shatter? well I have not so far. someone contact the guy who made that thing, my german gens are revolting over this marvelous feed of engineering

  12. Was your house on the chilly side when you cleaned the oven? In the trailer I grew up in, the house was on the cold side and I decided to put dinner in the oven. When I took the food out and shut the oven door, the glass on the door shattered, leaving just the metal framing of the door. Mommy said Screw it; the oven still works as needed. So we never fixed it. I think that's what happened to your oven door.

  13. I'm in the mushroom (and Marmite) lovers camps. I think it's a generational thing as most of the people I work with are under 30 and won't go anywhere near a mushroom or fish, in the same way that I wouldn't eat offal although the generation before me loved the stuff.

  14. Normal burger yeah, lettuce one YAAAS, mushrooms, hell to the NO!!! I just can´t eat mushrooms….tastes like funky dirt and the texture….uggh….granted, I am sensitive to textures since I´m Autistic….but I´ve learned to eat a lot of other things over the years that I never thought I would, so I´m not gonna say never to mushrooms…but it´s not something I´m able to eat today.

  15. Any chance of you taking a shot at the Vegan 'chicken' burger KFC are doing for Veganuary Barry? Have tried to replicate it myself but it's not turned out great each time.

  16. I've had my oven glass shatter twice once the inner glass the second time the actual door! Not much fun did two weeks with no oven!

  17. Barry, can you do a poll as to who likes or dislikes mushrooms In your next video? 🤭 My family home is divided 50/50 on the mushroom from (I am firmly in the anti-mushroom camp), but this would be a great way to finally put an end to the mushroom war in my house 😂 Thank you and Happy New year to you and your family! 💖

    I hope you and your family are well!This looks and sounds amazing! Can’t wait for my mum and I to try this!
    I am almost blind and I just want to say that you described everything so well! Thank you so much for that! 😉

  19. Have you ever tried ‘ants in a tree’? Not real ants. Lettuce wrap with fried rice noodles and a mince (chicken, beef, pork) then soy or teriyaki or sweet chilli sauce.

  20. But Barry it can’t be a true KFC Zinger burger as their are only a few people In the world that know what’s in the KFC herbs and spices coating…..

  21. Hi Barry! Can you please make a collaboration with fellow uk YouTuber @Beardmeatsfood? You guys make the giant something something, beard eats it all moahahaha. Greetings and love from Sweden!

  22. Shroooms! This is an really nice 'n tasty idea to use those big boys instead of drying or make a soup out of it! Cool video, thanks!

  23. Am well up for trying the mushrooms one, I find that I am eating WAY TO MUCH bead No joke I Could sit and have toast for breakfast, lunch and tea #, so yeah I think it's about time I find new ways to eat my chicken burgers, Just thought what about Two chicken burgers with a mushrooms in the middle with some cheese on top of it that would be nice more chicken mmm

  24. We have a SMEG oven and used the same pyrotechnic setting and the glass door exploded. I'm lucky I didn't get hit. It's so scary!

  25. My choice would have been the lettuce one, but I would have used double the lettuce. I've been afraid to use the self cleaning mode in my oven and now for sure I'm not going to use it.

  26. Barry, greetings from Manchester, NH, USA! I want to get your silicone baking mats but I can't find them anywhere. Can they be purchased? Thank you!

  27. I’ve never thought of using mushrooms as a “bun” that’s awesome. I’m with you as I really do like mushrooms, I would make a pun and say I’m a fungi, but I won’t do it, I’ll let you do the bad puns 😉 much love and respect but the recipe looks awesome and I will try it. Thank you.

  28. Try using chicken thighs instead for burgers . They give a lot more crunch and don't burn quick when cooking so you can control how crispy you want it. Also a lot less dry and more tender.

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