hi guys it is on Holly folks hope you didn't get it I'm gonna tell you guys my birthday is coming up soon so um we are gonna make a Butterfinger bars show let's get started so first I'm gonna tell you what the in green mix are you have some of porn flicks corn flakes and this is your stuff pops it looks like and then we come white sugar control and right here I need some chocolate chips / gravity of this big bowl ring Katherine hmm and then there are we got some peanut butter and a 1 cup of it and this kind of swirling club and then Brian rice syrup in glasses and a pinch of salt since I show joke all what we are god I need it so i'm going to show you what we just one more thing we need this thick pot so what's your mom or dad might want to help you love you she's gonna turn 5 in a few days forget have plenty terpolymer push we have to play end up hanging up blood I'll be your helper I'm gonna help scoop it into the pan right look how slow it is one ok but no up slow and and guys I come into a bad birthday oh I'm for right now so I'm not trying fine this yeah you're gonna add your white sugar or cuanto mix that all up huh they saw your mom and dad have to stay by you so the Panther that like explode on the floor it's a black your puppies or your sister or your dad come and it might burn their selves and um then would just spill everywhere and we have start over that would be bad hmm what's gonna like work 18 the teaspoon that's good okay let a stir we can't do any to the same yeah well and we're spelling to the pan don't go to me burnished our hands to crush crush crush it right now we're just gonna go ahead and pour it all in and we're gonna stir it together hope this works is stirred together it's kind of more I can't come in there I can get in the fridge freezer free free all right we're gonna let that freezing get hard run hey Rick park let's melt the chocolate chex come on over let's go get started dude with the since we don't have a double boiler we're going to use this big saucepan with some water in it and then a little saucy and put the chocolate chips in so the chocolate cakes won't burn we like these vegan ones then oopsy much for me now we're going to let them melt Hank but that's a clear when you have a helmet on okay be careful it's hot which one can take that number it spread it around yeah no champion we gotta spread it fast cuz it'll harden on to this I'm doing how you do it spread it spread it get some chuckles going on every spot Fraser difficult this way it's like our number two let it go this way to number five there is a letdown I see you guys at my party little marshmallow on your nose happy birthday to you happy birthday dear hey happy birthday to you kinda tired from help you and um um i was gonna show you after i get to the party and show um i'm gonna show you now here's what it looks like nice alright have a chocolate mini or how do go

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Methew Wade

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