[Music] Marking. [Music] Dr. Doris Peek and I’m the Chief Information
Officer for a very large health care system here in South Florida. And I’m Ronaldo Montmann, Vice President
of IT, information technology, for also a major hospital system. I have the pleasure of working with the students
here at University of Miami in the Master’s program for Health Informatics and I absolutely
love that. Same here, I love teaching at University of
Miami Online program, Master’s in Health Informatics. Online learning has become a preferred way
over traditional classroom setup. We all live in a connected world. You know, through our emails, smartphones,
laptops, and tablets so we can remain connected and plugged in with the professors and with
the students and go about our days. So it’s a wonderful experience.. And as a professor, you know, because I love
what I do, I’m always checking to make sure that, you know, every day, sometimes three
times a day, to make sure if someone posts something and they’re not on track that
I can quickly get them back on track. It’s a very hot field right now. It’s kind of the magic ingredient in the
recipe for how transformation occurs through technology and health care. So what an informaticist does, they take the
technology, they blend it into how a person works, whether it’s a physician, a pharmacist,
or a nurse, and then they work with IT to make sure that the workflow and the technology
blend. You have to understand the workflow, you have
to have a little bit of a technology background, but you have to be a real change agent, that’s
what it’s about. Our program is designed for every prospective
student to join and get exposed to health care. So you can be a subject matter expert, you
can be a sponsor of a program, you can go into leadership, you can be a project manager,
you can work for a vendor, because it’s all about change. It’s whatever you want it to be for you. The world is yours. [Music]

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