Congratulations! By visiting this page, you have taken an important step towards better health and a better life for your family. I am honored to welcome you to Health First Colorado, Colorado’s Medicaid Program. Unfortunately, too many of us are reluctant to apply for these benefits and never reach this page. But fortunately you are different; you are
doing the right thing. Most of us have struggled to support our families. Perhaps you have, too? You are probably doing everything possible to move your family forward. But if you or a loved-one faces a health
problem, it can be extremely difficult— difficult to work, to get the care you need, and to create stability. Please know that help is available to you,
right here. Furthermore, when you get the help you need you will be able to do more, achieve more. This will be good for you, good for your family, good for the community, and good for the state of Colorado. However, many of us are reluctant to rely
on a website for help and information. We want a person—a live person, not a face in a video — who understands our situation, our priorities, and our sacrifices; who knows the system and how to navigate it, who can give us guidance, and who can answer our questions. Don’t worry. I will show you how to find such a person,
and it’s easy. If you need a person who will help you determine whether you are eligible for benefits through Health First Colorado, click on the purple
button for a list of Assistance Sites with bilingual personnel. If the person you need is a doctor or other
provider who accepts Health First Colorado, click on the blue button. Finally, the most important person you need is yourself. The people you find through Health First Colorado can help you best if you do the following: Give yourself credit for making this good
decision. Take the next step.
Don’t give up. I’m Rodolfo Jose Cardenas, and I thank you for visiting Health First Colorado. Sí se puede.

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