My name is Heather Kokesch Del Castillo and I am a certified holistic health coach. I
guide people to put in healthier foods and in doing that we can take away
unhealthy foods. We’re a military family and two years ago we had to move for the
military and we moved to Fort Walton Beach Florida from Monterey California.
California did not require a license for holistic health coaching. It never
occurred to me that I would be prohibited in my career and the only
thing that changed was that I moved state to state. One day I was just
sitting on my couch and got a knock on my door an investigator said I’m serving
you with a cease-and-desist and a $754 fine. I was taken aback, I was
totally floored. I learned a registered dietician decided
to report me. That cease and desist meant that I could no longer health coach in
the state of Florida. That meant that a piece of my income and my career and my
passion was then suddenly squelched. The penalty is if I don’t cease and desist
first-degree, misdemeanor, a year in prison, and a thousand dollar fine for each offense. To be licensed in the state of
Florida I would need a bachelor’s degree in health on top of the bachelor’s and
master’s degree I already have, a 900 hour internship and to pass a board
certified exam. I just can’t pursue getting licensed in
the state of Florida because the requirements are just too lengthy and
too financially burdensome. We’re a military family we may only live in
Florida another two years. What I do is no different than a blogger or a
book author who is able to publish freely their words and advice about nutrition.
Someone can be a certified holistic health coach write a book publish it and
sell it in the state of Florida with the same advice I may give to an individual
but I can’t meet with that person and talk to them. A lot of my coaching
happens just over the phone and Skype or Google Hangouts. The First Amendment allows us to speak freely
about nutrition, whether paid or unpaid. With the Institute for justice I am
suing the state of Florida in federal court for my First Amendment
right to discuss health and nutrition with other individuals.

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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Health Coach Threatened With Jail for Dietary Advice”

  1. A law which was lobbied by large companies who wanted to corner the health-coaching market in Florida. Kinda like food trucks being practically lobbied out of business by brick-and-mortar restaurant holding groups. This is not the way America is supposed to work, folks. I know we need some regulation to protect the public, but the kind of requisites Florida has set up for her is more appropriate for a healthcare professional who creates medically-critical meal plans for infirm patients, not someone who suggests more organic kale and a carrot or two to citizens without life-threatening illnesses.

  2. JAIL… FOR GIVING DIET ADVICE! Yup, only in America. Where we imprison more people than any other country in the world!!
    Now, repeat after me: "America, land of the free!"

  3. Certified by whom? What will the institute for justice do about all the quacks who crop up and tell people that drinking anti-freeze will reduce gout? Are you going to support their right to tell people that?

  4. The good old capitalist system – destroy the competition so you can monopolize the market and extort the gullible.

  5. The First Amendment guarantees me the right to freely claim that snorting powdered wheat grass will prevent cancer. The First Amendment does not grant me the right to earn a living by holding myself out to be a health professional based on some online classes and sell people woo and pseudoscience. Depending on their background and training, there are some legitimate health coaches out there… But there are a great number of fakers, hustlers and charlatans.

    The Tenth Amendment grants the state the right to impose regulations as required to protect the health and safety of the citizens of that state. Historically, these licensing regulations were the result of a crackdown on fraud… Not some conspiracy theory to protect the status quo.

    Wouldn't it be great if we could all magically have careers that required little or no education, training or professional experience? That works in the fantasy world of health coaches and life coaches… But not in the real world. The state has established professional critera in order to ensure that those selling "health coaching" services are properly trained and qualified.

    Sorry, guys… But I have to break ranks with you on this one. States are within their rights to establish criteria for the licensing of doctors and other persons wishing to hold themselves out as health professionals. In my own profession, moving to a new state required additional continuing education credits and licensing requirements… As well as higher errors and omissions liability insurance limits. I had no problem with that. Nor should she.

  6. My mother always love peas she would eat them right out of the can. A trained? nutritionist told her that she would poison herself by doing this that they needed to be cooked.

  7. So is there any context here that can explain the insanity? Was she, say, recommending a diet for diabetics or similar where it might might carry grave health risks? Was her diet advice actually harmful, like "eat lots of fried food"? Is there any mitigating context whatsoever?

  8. Playing the Devil's Advocate here – there's a reason why they require nutrition advice to only come from registered a "Dietician" (legally protected term), it's because too many people out there are claiming to be "Nutritionists" (not legally protected term) are giving nonsensical advice about food. There was one "Nutritionist" who was advising people that different coloured foods had different "energies" and would "vibrate" at different "frequencies" and therefore would have different effects on your "energy" and your "chakras". This is complete nonsense and if they were allowed to continue spreading that misinformation, people could end up with serious health problems. It's because of this that they created this system of being a "Dietician" where you need to actually demonstrate knowledge about the human body and the effect of various nutrients and chemicals. I watch a lot of IFJ videos and I agree that a lot of licensing regulations are very bad, but in this case I honestly think that it's for the best for society.

  9. This is caused by very egocentric self righteous people who believe they know better than all of us how to save humanity from itself by make laws that restrict almost everything we do, depending on the state we live in. I am sick and tired of those self righteous bastards dictating to us that we must be licensed, which they consider a privilege you and I have to pay for. In other words they have no problem trying to convince us that is perfectly OK for the state to make you pay for something God gave us, and then convince us that it is a privilege that the state allows you to be in business they approve of with all their rules and regulations.

    Of course needless to say, humans have brought this upon themselves because most have no compunction against screwing each out of a dime if they think they can get away with it. In fighting back, law are always created as a hysterical backlash, that will always be worse than the original problem in its restrictions of our freedoms.

  10. We're a society of haves and have nots, she has not… now get back in your pen with the other humans, here's your flag, and dont forget to vote! Lol

  11. Sounds like Florida is messing with interstate commerce. Time to call the Feds how is this different from a nursing degree or any other degree what about being in the military?

  12. So it's about money. That's a bit extreme you can however work under another person whom is licensed in that field. That's the fastest way.

  13. I usually say that Florida is almost as bad as California with all the stupid regulations, but this makes Florida seems just as bad.
    Good luck with that lawsuit!!!! Praying for you!

  14. Licensing is now bureaucracy's cynical way, first, of controlling, and then selling you back your own ability to work, and all that under criminal rather than civil law such that one has little redress except in full court. Thank God for the IFJ.

  15. "The right of persons to work shall not be denied or abridged by membership or non-membership in any labor union or organization."- Florida constitution. Seems to directly conflicting with Floridas' "right to work" constitution!

  16. It's all about food, education, pharmacy etc industries. it's controlled by government. All of them want YOU to be constantly in state of sickness, so you can consume their products and services – they need you to be depended on their paid services. There is dozens of people who transformed their lives and health by learning themselves how to eat clean healthy food – and no any degree required for that. Now, if you want to share your experience and make living from that – government against that, as you will go beyond their ""promoted" way of "healthy eating." I transformed my health totally, i did research. I even wanted to get nutritionist certification, but after i read their syllabus – it make me sick – nothing healthy out there.

  17. I have no problem with the requirements of board testing, getting a background check done, and proof of bonding/insurance. All the other stuff is pure bullshit to prevent competition.

  18. Omg i'm a Coach in Florida and I my coaching is more emotional/spiritual. I am self trained and self taught and I can't believe this. Because they would probably be harsher on me because I do help issues that a therapist can help…

  19. Maybe this woman should stop crying and work on a two degree as a nutritionist I myself don’t believe in that holistic nonsense

  20. This is another example of the over reaching powers of the Government. What is wrong with people giving their opinion and coaching people on healthy food intake habits? Guess what Floridians, here is some advice, it is better to eat green leafy vegetables, apples, and oranges in lieu of a bag of cheetos. Now am I going to get thrown in jail for this advice?

  21. Write a cook book, then explain your book to those who want to buy it…do not give advice or coach… just be a cook..

  22. Good for you Heather! Having to relicense in every state is their way also of making money off practitioners of all kinds.

  23. Would you allow Joe schmo "the nurse" off the street to tell you how to treat your diabetes?? Also stop blaming the military for this. The military will actually pay for your license and credentials if you actually had them whenever you move state to state. Take it from the REGISTERED DIETITIAN military wife over here 🙋. You're allowed to give general Nutrition education to anyone, but you are not allowed to give prescribed diets to patients. Registered dietitians are required to go through years of training and pass the board certified exam that you were talking about. This proves that you have gone through the extensive training and are competent enough to provide nutrition therapy and it also protects you. There are diseases out there that require very specify diets. Patients fall for articles and blogs all the time. You may be very educated in what you do, and do extensive research, but you have not proven that through the requirements to become a registered dietitian. Like I said you wouldn't trust Joe schmo off the street to tell you how to manage your insulin, so why is it okay for you to give specific diets to treat illnesses? I have to correct patients all the time, who come to me and say their doctor told them this, or they read this online…. Doctors aren't even required to go through nutrition training. They aren't allowed to give specific information either.

  24. Personally I think none of you are really equipped to be giving health advice, no matter the university degree or crackerjack license from a woo woo institution.

    Everyone with such a degree is just another brainwashed tool, with a self of entitlement, illusions of grandeur, and a touch of narcissism.

    The way she uses the “…military family…” is pure manipulation. It is supposed to create a sense of respect, for me is says this; my husband is a murderer who doesn’t care about the health everyone, but I need money so I’ll pretend I’m a wise woman who loves people. One kills and the other fleeces the sheep.

  25. Uhm hello.. food is a part of health… as is the practice of medicine, would you be okay with just anyone claiming rights to disgnose you with disease?!?!

  26. There is a distinct difference between health coaching and medical nutrition therapy. I understand your frustration, but you literally said you should be able to practice on a level equal to a medical professional without investing in the professional requirements. I am a military spouse, too, and relocation comes with plenty of warning. If your business and livelihood are affected by laws, it is your due diligence to research and comply or change your business strategy. We all go through it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I wish you the best, but it is very important to stick to your swim lane.

  27. Would you take advise from a medical professional who doesn't have any credentials? Go to a doctor without MD (or DO, etc) next to their name? See a physical therapist who doesn't have the training or hasn't passed an exam to prove he/she can do the job?
    Licensing protects the profession and makes sure those practicing have the appropriate training. You can call yourself a "nutritionist" with a 1-3 month online course, while a Registered Dietitian needs a Bachelor's degree (soon it'll be a Master's degree), 1000 hours of supervised practice and pass the RD exam. See the difference? If you were a Registered Dietitian you would be able to grandfathered into any state's license.
    I 100% disagree with your lawsuit, you're devaluing the hard work others have gone through to practice in their profession.

  28. Are you saying You need a license for Health Coaching? I m an IIN student and will be certified soon so I can't practice after since I live in Tampa Fl?

  29. The problem I have is that holistic health is known for promoting quackery. So she is isn't really based in science. I want people like her shut down. I consider them to be hucksters and Flimflammers.

  30. WOW! Our country is no longer a nation of freedom. So sad how much they are oppressing American citizens. Our country is under seige by elected officials. The government used to be the people. Not so anymore. They are getting very greedy and very hungry as they have stolen from us for a very long time and people are starting to see them for who and what they are. Organized criminals. They think we should have to have their permission and pay for the air we breathe. We don't need their oversight in our every affair or their permission to exist. Sorry your going thru it. I am too in the state of Washington.

  31. If you want to give dietary advice and get paid for the advice…you must be licensed. She is not qualified plain and simple. She promotes woo woo and feel good consumerism over science. DNPA needs to go national.

  32. "In July 2019, a federal district judge issued a ruling on cross-motions for summary judgment which upheld the licensing requirement on the basis that Heather’s advice was “conduct” not “speech” and therefore was exempt from First Amendment protections. IJ plans to appeal the decision."

    Sorry, Heather. Best wishes, though! I hope you move to a state that appreciates you.

  33. And karma has hit you !! You cannot be "Holistic" and also be part of a Military family that kills people , ruins countries etc .

  34. Licensing is designed to generate revenue from fees. I certainly understand licensing in certain industries and occupations (medicine, law) but this example is beyond ridiculous.

  35. But you already received a fine, big government is thriving and you can't trust your neighbors not to rat you out.

  36. In all fairness though this license procedure, while burdensome, is also to protect the public from charlatans. Though I must say selling nutritional advice isnt necessarily the same thing as holistic medicine.

  37. i feel bad for most people on this channel, but this lady needs to realize you need to do research before just starting a business.. and without degrees what makes you an expert in giving advice, youtube university? agree with florida on this one.

  38. Ask your doctor for some deadly drugs. He will prescribe them to you. Oh and make sure you get plenty of rat poison! Excuse me I meant fluoride!

  39. Doctors and nutritionists are taught by the government, they don't want 100% healthy people. HHCs are a threaten to them and the farmatheutical companies off course. Is all about money!

  40. This is what happens when Democrats take over a town or city or state, they take away your constitutional rights step by step by step until you don't have any left.

  41. Wow! FREE speech, now comes at a cost, well to those that wish to pay for it? Whats the difference between a public square and auditorium speaker for same subject? ONE has to pay one and the other is FREEEEEEEEEE? madness. YOU go girl sue and teach them your first Constitution RIGHT to free speech.

  42. Agenda 21 at its best , people. We are living in the last days- Surrender your lives to JESUS. Its only going to get worse. The BIBLE says it all. Sorry this happened to you and your business. I pray it will change.

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