I cannot believe that just happened okay so we just did a whole unboxing and I forgot to hit the button to record so no me hi I'm Brigitte and I'm doing a get this up here um case unboxing so I'm going to show you everything that's in this box um I heard he went through it without anybody watching I do this a lot so I'm gonna go ahead and go back to it and put it back in the box while I'm going through it with you okay let me give you the specs this is a health and nutrition case I paid 144 20 there's 31 items in this case which makes it four dollars and sixty-five cents per item there was a thirty dollar shipping fee so really this case was one fourteen twenty ten thirty dollars for shipping which is thirty dollars across the board for up comp cases they charge a flat $30 fee so I already went to the manifest and everything and after fees on the different various platforms and we're reselling it um I'm expecting to make for 79-80 so after I pay myself back and after fees and all that stuff I should be conservatively making three hundred thirty five dollars and sixty cents of the profits um that's profit that's money my pocket after I pay everything back myself f-for the pallet box and everything so so let's go ahead first birthdays always discreet boutique panties they're like depends I believe wrap it dry odor lock I'm just gonna put them back in the box you have these open up matter absorbency pants up and up is target you have these poise pad liners another one boys pant liner you need to move you over for a second okay can't reach over but I've to these big packets of place – package is in good shape so far off packaging has been in really good shape see it depends silhouette except more underwear large extra-large to sell these are women's underwear open up brand and large 16 to 20 dress size really good size those of how we end up selling locally usually target brand now sell locally I have actually two of those poise pads with Apex just fits Tampax super tampons then we have these always infinity with something tech flex foam pads you can see how the client stickers always discreet pads for bladder leaks we have this free to baby still sealed medicine dispenser pissed their first I thought was a snot sucker my good no but it's operated this is a supposed to be a brand new palette like everything's supposed to be brand new sealed ready to get listed immediately this is Tampax pearl tampons champions ever have an expiration date these moisture seal contact lens cases some more poise pad liners walkways headliners and more voicemail liners Tampax radiant Super Plus tampons mean I've never heard of coral period test ban move enough packaging ultra-thin overnight with wings free of chlorine fragrances and artificial dyes must be like an all-natural Tampax pocket curled so and then we have seven of these the complete easy rob formula multiple solution twin pack with free lens case inside contact lenses for the wine we have to this we had a little bit of condition issues plugged into there I think I can fix this one two three four now for the other three these are in really bad shape these I will be calling talk about this is completely crushed I mean really bad everything sealed inside but the brand-new condition in the box is supposed to be really good too it does come with the so free lens holder but this is pretty disappointing this is in really bad shape this I will be calling back suicide I don't know if they're gonna want it back in that somebody just say this is another one really bad shape crush this one does not have the free lens container inside trying to get it to where I couldn't see I mean this is just really bad really bad so definitely a great condition these would be what I would consider unexpectedly turns condition this one is the worst one everything is still sealed inside it doesn't have bones holder it's got like stuff on the thing it's ripped it's dirty so I'm gonna be coming bulk about those those three things so that's everything in that pallet or that case oh my gosh please like that um I will be doing sorry my face cut really close I will be doing another one I have a another box on to unbox in this and I will do that tomorrow that one's gonna be different that one's clothing women's accessories and things like that so that will be fund up to open that'll be for my Poshmark store so that'll be a lot of fun of them this one's fun I love opening these I really do so there's 31 items three of which are destroyed I yeah I can't do anything with them because um I just can't they were supposed to be brand new I bought this pellets specifically because it was brand new to pay four dollars and thirty 65 cents per item you know and I went through every single thing on the manifest and knew how much money I'd be making and that it was worth dying but this these three things are a big loss these three things are big for that so I yeah I'll just come and see what they're see what they're willing to do for me um you know the majority of we were fine so I'm not extremely disappointed 28 items are fine 3 ohms they're not and I'm sure bulk will make it right they're really good I've heard about that so I definitely call them about it or email them about it take pictures send it and stuff like that or they can watch this video and see it so yeah I'm really happy with everything so now I gotta go ahead this will take me probably not even an hour to do to get on and list and get it off taking care of it away so I'm gonna go ahead and do that now and make sure you subscribe to my channel click the like light like like button on the video and click that Bell because I'm gonna be doing a lot more of these I found a liquidation place local to me some gonna be getting a pallet from them shortly so I'm gonna be doing a lot of these videos thanks for watching and I hope you have an amazing day and a great week bye

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