BH group and the Spanish designer “Francesc
Padrós” cooperated to design the classic bike trainer, the SB2. The SB2 has one of the most advanced X frame
geometrics. Its design concept is resulted from research
on cyclist of the “La Vuelta” in Spain. Our precise molding process enables the SB2
to maximize the frames strength and stability while spinning. This is why the SB2 is the most famous bike
trainer for triathlon athletes at BH in Europe. Multi-purpose handlebar and Smart-Fit System
The angle and shape of handlebar are designed according to the different riding postures
of triathlon athletes. The anatomically designed gel coated saddle
and handlebar are micro-adjustable both horizontally and vertically. Users could adjust the right riding position
based on with a 4 way adjustment. Dual SPD-trekking pedals
Allowing users to fasten feet easily, using cycling shoes or normal sport shoes. The SB2 is equipped with high quality friction
braking and resistance system. Users can regulate the resistance with the
integrated shift and brake knob by turning it to the left for more resistance and to
the right for less resistance. For braking the user simply presses the knob
down. LCD monitor
The LCD monitor shows all the necessary information; speed, time, calories, distance, and RPM. This helps the user to keep track of their
workout progress. Three-piece crank set
Heavy duty SKF bearings and Three-piece crank set allow the cycling movement to be smooth. This prevents injuries on muscles and joints. Chain Drive system
The low-noise chain drive system provides true road riding feel and simulates outdoor
cycling. The SB2, train as an athlete in your home.

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