[Applause] oh hey what's happening welcome to the gym MTV Cribs style so this is the lobby this is where you come and you check in honestly I see we don't have a lot of stuff still going on but we've been getting a lot of questions for the gym so well here we have a vanilla gorilla in its natural habitat around clothing around the whole day look we're going to fitness focus shirt like you didn't even know we were filming this he actually didn't yeah but it's clothing shirts hopefully we get some Jim shark in my line it's gonna look a little bit like this is dropping we have some supplements over here still don't know what I'm doing with the supplement game we're gonna show you guys some more supplements upstairs become you check-in get it greeted by this smiling man over here smile big thanks Christian for the up energy drinks man appreciate you I've had one what a day almost we got rock star we got Bali are falling by I said Bali because I'm fully on the mind cuz I'm gonna be going to Bali thumbs up this video if you want to see Jake in Bali too cuz there no no joke in Bali there's this monkey forest and there's all these signs say don't look him right in the eye and I just want Jake to go and be like monkeys just freak out they will take justice no honestly scariest thing you take bananas in there they will go through your bags if you have sunglasses on your head they take them up and they run off and they these big old teeth so the kind of freaky what else we got so it shows the wall watch this the wall there's the wall this Teemu jig actually picked these all out himself fix quite the decorator Jake actually years might not know this he's also picking things up he's especially awesome interior design so the known fact this is what you do when you shot a vlog but it's all out of focus so you have to do something real quick to get your youtube video up because you've been telling people you're gonna put a youtube video every single day let's keep going coming in here pretty soon we're gonna have 24-hour access I'm gonna keep this door closed I'm gonna have people coming to the gym how many gyms do you know have a barber shop with our own Kiwi barber he I call it to you because he pretty much is his dad's from New Zealand he doesn't know what a Kiwi men look this is actually our real botanist hit a lot of it we've got a lot of green in here love plants grow you look plants got a keeper green New Zealand screen these very good Zealand engineering yeah bro even though even the title that article that life it was to it guess what I'm have to get another vector this week cousin you got a barber in the gym you get a haircut every week you guys want if you're in st. George you think you're coming through Hickey lie up where can they follow you Instagram add the Kiwi th show it is the Kiwi the never knew that Gotti's th e e ke w e never knew what that was like bloody I don't know what it was the Kiwi I yes you guys are coming up to the gym you want to get a haircut to hit up that man bathroom bathroom nothing fancy we have two bathrooms right there we do have day passes day pass is $15 or you just buy a shirt and you get in for free so I definitely definitely recommend buying a shirt coming into the gym it's nice it's open we got our cardio machines here we got two more treadmills and elliptical and eventually a stair stepper coming this is the wall the people get assigned these are actually white most of them off so when it gets to full if your names on there and gets wiped off I'm sorry but it's not gonna get wiped off until we run out of room 30 yards 35 yards of astroturf here to do a little spit-up run down and run back I'm getting so fast here plyo boxes thanks you x XD supplies this with our flower boxes with our bumper plates and with our med bowls the murals not quite done yet yeah but we don't know what we want to do fitness culture fit cult soldier nation just kidding I don't know already over there yeah fitness culture stuff to the vlog how's that back swell come out of it on the blog today we've got my belt on I like it let's see it lets see it all you're getting it no see big huh nah do this one this one can go tighter if not this one is like velcro so it goes super small the whole crew hey we these guys came up from Vegas today we got matching you know though are they matching all they are man yeah it's like we're gonna see my twin here you see you guys thank you for watching the vlog man you're gonna be on one off today sex all right we're putting it up late chalk station so the whole gist of the gym is to have pretty much a college strength weight room followed up by a functional fitness area we're actually be coming out with a metcon program eventually here and then you got your bodybuilding now the bodybuilding is where we got a lot more equipment coming you should today hopefully have five pieces of Hammer Strength showing up and then also we've got a cable crossover machine we got a vertical leg press we got standing seated calf raises a multi hip hip abductors and adductors you know like an eighty thousand dollars worth of equipment still coming crazy let's keep it moving another bathroom it does not work but he will eventually just protein shake will come out just gonna be a protein shake that just it's like Hawaiian Punch on that movie was that movie Richie Rich you guys remember that movie I don't know it's gonna have a protein shake from there locks up best set wall let's go upstairs check out the upstairs you guys gotta bear with me it is not done at all do some calf raise hey we spoke about as we come out to the gym oh just having a button up here that plays our theme song old your theme song be undecided you this is bananas gorilla banana here no no son I'm dancehall welcome to the jungle [Applause] hey I'm liking what I'm seeing and dressed up into your book she's got her headphones office you can't hear me follow good job entering stuff into your book yeah you are she works at the front desk so this is our this is our certainly canvas here this is our area that we don't know what we want to do yet we have some ideas some stuff for photoshoots and whatnot but this has to get repainted and everything we have our kind of our stock room up here so we have some t-shirts and everything else bathrooms down the hall this right now is kind of gonna be it's gonna be the podcast room Jake's in here give some other people in here get the whiteboards this is where Jason ranae and myself this is where we live I'm kind of back and forth between Jake's office and then in here we had that puppy I got the puppy the puppy pen and then like I said a lot of stuff in my company he's been sending me products to try this is like 5% of them good a lot but I can't say anything yet but I'm super excited about the whole supplement thing ultimately the main goal is to get some products out there that I feel like could make a huge impact or just get some products out there that I know I take that I feel like you're going to be I don't know we won't talk too much about that but thank you guys for all you guys sending me these supplements to try I'm getting a lot of different ingredients trying different ingredients trying different flavors trying different products in general to figure out kind of what I like what I don't like and then this is the their stairway nice and dark in here you have a big spotlight put that on my to-do list and then we're pretty much we're back into the office here that's pretty much the gym right now it's 11,500 square feet people have been asking me hey Steve you guys gonna have franchise it we'll see how it goes here I think that we want to run some classes we want to get ultimately fitness culture we want it to be something that people we have like standardized weightlifting classes in here so ultimately the goal is really to do something that no one else has done it so just a place will come in and work out follow the apps you're doing but also if you guys wanted to feel class to do like a college strength and conditioning type class but more to come on that to so many things going on right now speaking of that next time we travel will we go on to LA to shoot my new clothing line Jim shark can't wait for that so be on the lookout for it we're about to go live so you guys don't have to leave you can't watch us live today I'm left in a peach snow but no cameras today okay thank you guys make sure you thumbs up the video and subscribe I know this was a super fast video and next time we'll make sure I keep my blog

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Methew Wade

47 thoughts on “Gym Tour | Would You Workout Here?”

  1. Yes i would, if i lived in the us xp i train now at oldshool gym, and a bit of weights at home i have a sqautrack- bench, dips, and a couple of weights and an bar- ez bar , and tricep bar, but if i lived i the usa i would definitely come 💪🏼

  2. I’m sorry Steve, but you definitely looked like white goodman from dodgeball saying hi to everyone in the gym 😂😂

  3. FYI the Hawaiian Punch fountain is from “mr deeds” with Adam Sandler. Just make sure it’s CHOCOLATE protein coming out of that fountain, mate. Cheerio✌🏼

  4. Love the layout of the gym. It's so well stocked as well as the fact that it seems to have a very nice atmosphere. Everyone there seems really happy and smiley

  5. how much do you guys charge? should post the details so people can visit prepared eh. and what are those power racks called?

  6. I never been to USA but when i come the first thing i will do is to train at this gym…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You need to come to Oregon!! I didn’t even know you were in st. George! I’m definitely coming to visit!

  8. The best idea you can do at 2nd floor was restaurant, and serve food for lifters or bodybuilders food.

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