forty years ago on Halloween night maintenance man terrorized innocent people Jim going people three people got permanent hearing damage that night I have prayed that he would return during that busiest times of the day why in the hell would you do that for so I could have plug happy Halloween maintenance man hey does anybody need their cord plug back in No oh yeah ready to lift some weights now what are you guys doing what okay is this thing worth testing okay we're approaching a paranormal gym site the owner of this gym has told us that most of the paranormal activity takes place between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. when the gym opens and when the gym closes oh my god are you guys seeing this readings are off the chart wow you guys I'm thinking plasma carbon I'm serious I know you're kidding this is unbelievable absolutely unbelievable right behind their cowbells unwrap them shouts there is a ghost guys guys guys guys do you think this may just be gym members forgetting to rewrite their weights oh hi yeah Hudson who the hell are you dumbbell was the lifting clown would you like your dumbbell back yeah give us you know what's so fast you have to do something for me what you have to do an upright row my favorite youtube fitness guru said never do upright rows oh he doesn't know what he's talking about because pain is good for you then you can have your dumbbells just one rep [Applause]

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Methew Wade

29 thoughts on “GYM HORROR STORIES”

  1. So. Just curious. How much does that janitor get paid? Don't tell me… that… he does it for free!

  2. Shit why I am I watching this at 11:50pm. I'll just have to externally rotate my shoulders, do some face pulls, and eat a sweet potato with cinnamon on it to scare all the gym monsters away.

  3. I use to workout at a rec center. I was lifting weights in front of the mirror. All I see is the maintenance guy passing by with the mop. (Get out I'm working out.) (Why are you cleaning at this fucking moment!)

  4. 1:56 A Silent Gym: Based on a True Story (more specific on every damn day at Planet Fitnes)………., really nice video, if any of those movies came out, I would go to look at them all πŸ™‚

  5. Ok, the way you guys can keep producing quality, creative content, not exclusively about fitness is ridiculously good. You could have success as youtubers doing ANYTHING ELSE, better than most

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