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Methew Wade

38 thoughts on “GYM FAILS 2019 – NO BRAIN NO GAIN”

  1. Follow the second channel:
    Old videos will be uploaded there as backup.

    Also follow on facebook for videos daily:

    Instagram: ig.gymfail

    This YouTube Channel is for educational purposes!

  2. I'm only 1:22 in and I've learned a lesson from this video…Don't be like these morons…good job OE with being educational and providing a public service. 👍

  3. Glad you're back, my life hasn't been the same without being able to wind down at the end of the day to some nice gym fails.

  4. Two things, firstly that girl with 400lbs doing pull-ups; are they made of styrofoam? Secondly idk why blokes insist on dropping weights while benching. Do you like to breathe? Grip the fucking bar properly instead of suicide grip as the placement of your thumb has no bearing on the weight pushed and is a billion times safer.

  5. Really missed your videos!!! You do an awesome job with the added sound bites. I got my kid saying, "He needs some milk!" That's great parenting 101! LOL

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