7. Stand on One Foot. Use a sturdy chair, table, or counter for this exercise. Sandy: So, what I want you to do, hands on, both, just how you’ve got it. You’re going to draw your abs in, your feet are shoulder width apart, pull those shoulders back, head is up. Holding on. You’re going to lift one leg at a time holding for 10 seconds. Now, we would normally do 10 to 15 of these. And take it back up. 10 seconds can seem like a long time, doesn’t it?
George: Yes! It does! (laughs) Sandy: Perfect. One more time. Hold it, 10 seconds, and hold, hold, hold. And down. Now, this time, can you do it with one hand?
Yvonne: I think so. Sandy: O.K. Just relax. Take it up, remember that plant leg is slightly, slightly bent. Abs in. And take it back up. O.K. How’s that feeling?
George: O.K. Yvonne: No problem.
Sandy: Well, we’ve got that other leg to do, now. So, abs in, shoulders back head up. Take it up. Hold for 10 seconds. Just relax that grip just a little bit. We’re just using it for balance and stability. Take it down. Now, Yvonne, that was great. George, you’re doing fine. Take it back up, you’re going to hold for 10. How are you doing over there?
Yvonne: I’m doing O.K. Not as steady as I was with 2. Sandy: Yeah, well, if 2’s good, 2’s good for you! Here we go.
George: Let’s try it again.
Sandy: Take it again. The next progression after one hand is fingertips. So, just for everybody to know. And take it down. Soften that knee that you’re using as your plant leg because we don’t want to lock it. We’ve got 2 more to go, O.K.? How’re you doing?
George: Good! Sandy: Perfect. You guys are looking good. You’re not smiling, George! Are you having fun? George: Not yet. (laughs) Sandy: Take it down. We’ve got one more. See my imaginary chair here? You liking it? There you go. Oh, Yvonne’s dropping one hand! I like that she did that.
George: Sure! Sandy: And done. That’s a great job!

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