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Methew Wade

23 thoughts on “Global Food Security: U.S. Commitment to Action”

  1. This video was considered a great success by the state department when it was released. To be honest, I expected something worse. I already do agree with the premise of supporting small local farmers instead of dropping our crappy overproduced corn "food aid" on poor areas. There is nothing wrong with empowering the poor to succeed, no matter how fazed you are by our government.

  2. I disagree. We do not need to reduce our food consumption. We need to change the way we produce, We need to change the way we eat. That's what's going to change the world.

  3. Heres a crazy idea: STOP POPULATING.

    It's like a house of cards; we keep building, but we're running out of table.

  4. Problem is population, Less population but a more educated one is what we need. Therefore were sterilizing the African continent.

  5. Stop praying and act instead !

    Save the human race, Earth will follow her own path of regeneration… with man kind or not..
    Stabilized our actual environment and we have to do the best we can to save ourselves.
    Less choices and peoples will act.

  6. Empower women to have control over their own bodies and we can reduce overpopulation, and, thus, reduce starvation. Men are their own worst enemies, sacrificing the heritage of our future generations, all for a short-term gain.

  7. This is basic BIOLOGY 101. If an animal species (including man) overeats its food supply starvation in that species occurs. Once enough of the species has died, the food supply returns so that the next generations have enough to eat. The NATURAL BALANCE is then restored. I know it sounds harsh and cruel, but, hey, that's Mother Nature. That's what has to happen in places where people have OVERPOPULATED and OVEREATEN beyond their limits.

  8. The problem is not a FOOD SHORTAGE, it's the problem of OVERPOPULATION. If you give them more food they're just going to pop out more and more babies. You must find ways to DECREASE the POPULATION, as opposed to INCREASE the FOOD SUPPLY.

  9. Soylent green…. That is what we will be feed 30 years from now. Oh.. I mean thats what the poor people will get. The top 2% will get whatever they want.

  10. ok so in other words mandatory spaying and neutering in china india and all of africa and then not shipping them any food and shazam half the population of the planet gone yay xD

  11. The answer is to cut back on the human population. Have one child then get sterilized is the answer…..

  12. I'm an ESL student. At 3:07 of the video where shows the image of a women and a cow, I have difficulty to understand what narrator is saying. "If we ??? and protect our natural resources … ". Could any help me fill the blank?

  13. But what model of food are we proposing? GMO's ? This would make things worse in the long run. Need to stop looking for the short term fix.

  14. 1 death every 5 seconds from hunger???.Well, maybe thats the sulution to the problem. Lower the population

  15. I thought your video on Global food security is Excellent. Global warming is a serious matter that people do not pay enough attention to. Our world is in bad shape now. People need to re-think their future now.

  16. Take a socialism class and find out why the population is really growing. The best way to fight is with knowledge and compassion!

  17. I think the reason we haven't fix this is because they are unable to keep up with the problem and don't want the world to panic.

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