what's going on Bella gang is Shigella of a natural back at it again with the NASA juicy Girl Talk Bella gang best friends and this juicy Girl Talk video well feminine hygiene video because I know y'all love my feminine hygiene videos this videos I'm gonna be telling you guys okay this is for all my women out there that got sensitive eyes kitty cats okay I'm not gonna say the actual word cuz you know you two gonna play that but if you're really sensitive down there cuz I have a a feminine hygiene routine video how about thoroughly get that joint clean honey like real clean and it works okay it really works that method but that method works but if you have really sensitive vagina down the air okay see I said the word whatever if you really have a sensitive thing down there and feminine wash used feminine wash use um feminine wipes and it every chance it gets red it's itchy is that's when number one you stop using those stuff cuz it's gonna irritate it even more called your goddamn yeast infection so you don't want to continue with those products but um you know it just doesn't work for you it ever takes you so worthy this video is for all my Bella gang best friends out there I got sensitive ass kitty cats and don't know what to do to keep it clean keep it fresh without washing it with soap because the soap makes it burn whether it's sensitive soap or not I got you okay um without further ado longer-range to this video but follow me on instagram says bella underscore bars yup that's but underscore bars my snapchat smell the same way connect with me you guys know i comment back I like you guys um comes when you guys right under my pitches and stuff like that so yes definitely connect with me I love you guys so much and let's get right into this feminine hygiene video on how to keep a clean down there when you're extra sensitive okay love you guys okay Bella gang let's get started let's get started I'm gonna get your kitty cat clean okay okay let me stop cuz I'm Way too extra but number one this is very important this is for my girls out there that got sensitive kitty cats I can't use soap down there even the mild soap irritates you down there do this because I do this and squeaky clean just like as if I was using soap so you wanna wash to kitty cat four to five times with hot water now like I said like I expressed in my last feminine hygiene video jump on wash ever China in the shower because I don't think that it gets clean like that unless unless you really open your legs you put your one leg up and you really get down there yeah I'm saying then it could get really clean but it's not comfortable I don't know about you but it's not comfortable for me so watch in the shower I just feel like I don't get in there good and then when I have to bend over open my legs look down you know you know it's a whole body workout and she doesn't even work out like that so come on now like that's too much movements okay what you want to do you want to get yourself in a nice comfortable position because guess what that's what you do when you're uncomfortable you rush whatever you're doing just like my trainer when she sees me doing this with my up with the weights she's that girl slow down because it's not gonna be effective enough your workout was not gonna it's not gonna help your muscles you're not gonna you know it's not gonna benefit you in no way it's the same way with washing your vagina okay you got to be comfortable in a comfortable position so you don't feel the urge so they hurry up and wash and get off the shower no getting you know everybody got a toilet or in the bowl right I was told me okay so before you can sit our shower honey get you a nice cup or whatever hopefully your your sink is right this close to your toilet I don't know how you gonna do this but I do this four to five times for about 40 seconds literally I count I don't care I count cuz it just joins to be clean I count so you wanna get a cup of really hot water it's okay if it's really hot water it's not gonna burn you not boiling how weird about hot enough just like hot enough to where you put your hand in the end um cup to see if it's hot if you do like this yes I'm doing a video right now in Nevada hold on I'm doing a video can saw that's my niece I'm sorry guys she's just not coming but um um yeah so it has to be hot enough where you touch the water with your hands yeah but you gotta hope shit yeah that's the temperature you need so wash your vagina it's to be squeaky clean okay now you want to do this four to five times for 40 seconds I'm telling you it's gonna help you like oh my gosh I'm cured ain't no stinking down there so take the water open your legs spread your cheeks I mean spread your lips whatever yeah you got a spreader spread your lips ready cuz your vagina don't be scared of your home vagina make sure the doors locked cuz you don't want nobody walking into you watching your vagina okay so open your legs okay separate them lips and get the water inside get the water inside now in this motion in this motion so when you're pouring the hot water in your kitty cat slowly do it why are you slowly pouring look at my lipstick all over this why are you slowly pouring the hot water in your kitty cat you got so washed you got a washing pour wash and pour wash your pork watch them pour okay um because when you do that number one is less chips to go back and forth and number two you get a more of a thorough clean as opposed to just quickly pouring the water and wash and rinsing it you know I'm saying because you're not using soap you're just using water so you gotta use the word as if it's soap you gotta kind of lather it up it's weird I know it sounds weird but you pour the hot water slowly why are you pouring a soda you're watching porn watch pour watch after 40 seconds you go back again do it again slowly going up and down open your lips especially the creases area where that's where that's where this thing is okay that's where the smell is honey you got to go into the lips parts spread it open like as if your boy from what's eating you out spread it open honey and then wash it pour the hot water pour it slowly wash it up and down eat your lips wash it for like 20 seconds each each each on each side of your vagina you know I'm talking about like this is your clear area yeah you know um then between the right in the left I spent like 20 seconds on the right side 20 seconds on the left side and I do the supportive five times after you do this five times for 40 seconds you're gonna you're gonna see a difference right away you know what China is gonna have that squeaky feel like and it's like you're gonna have no scent at all but it has to be hot water it cannot be warm water it cannot be it's either to extremes it could be really really cold or really really hot just not any screen because when you warm water I don't know for me to just don't do it I need I like to use hot water and my feminine hygiene routine my other one when I used to use the feminine watch I used really really cold water and it got to be clean too but then I noticed that I was starting to be it started to irritate me down here so I was like I gotta just stick to water because gynecologists also tell you to stick to water too but you know I'm saying I used to just be the sub person I need to be actually clean so I would get the feminine wash the sensitive one which still is helpful and it still works so for those of you who don't experience bumps or rashes or anything from using those products by all means you can't still use those products but this for my sensitive girls out there that I can't tolerate all of that okay number two now this is how you keep it fresh and smelling it all day now let's say that you cannot use wipes because like I said you very ever sit down they're very sensitive be on there no problem since I got you okay when you use the bathroom of course you want to wipe front to back not back to front because you don't want no faeces or nothing getting in see a vagina and ever tating and necks in on you in the hospital damn near dying from e.coli okay you got to wipe okay with this how will I sent a towel wipe with the toilet paper as usual but then you want to go to back to the sink now with the hot water damp um take another wrap another thing of tissue around your hand and go under the sink and let some hot water go into it just like a like like two drops two good drops of hot water for the towel on the toilet paper because you don't want to be drenched because when this judge is gonna ball up and be harder than when you you wipe your vagina is gonna be very irritated so just you know lightly dab it where it's still wet as wet but it still has some dry parts and then you want to slowly wipe in between the lips um back to front to back on each side so this is the napkin you want to this is the napkin you want to put on the UM some hot water so this part is dry this part has water then this is your vagina you just you know wipe it open the lips part and wipe it in between get in between that then wet it again folding see how just fold it pull it wet it again and wipe your China again so that counts as pretty much used in a white that's gonna make you feel extra clean extra fresh all day I promise you comment below after you watch this video and you do these steps comment below if you see a change and the set a change and the freshness cuz I swear to you I do this all the time okay it's gonna be fresh and clean promise okay alright so moving on to number three number three I personally still use wipes but the wife said I use is the Dove sensitive baby wipes not the regular wipes not feminine wipes now regular wipes you need baby wipes you know why because baby wipes aren't made for babies and that's what babies are very sensitive down there like us hello they're sensitive I'm very extremely sensitive so you know these companies when it comes to baby wipes they put whatever chemicals or ingredients they put in the wipes it's hypoallergenic so that means you won't you know break out it has no fragrance in it well the Dove one I use has no fragrance in it so it works really really well no fingerings and then on top of that it's very soft and I go and with the wipes I don't just you know take the wipe out my bag and just wait I once again with the hot water I take some hot water put it in the white and then I proceed to wait my vagina and go about my day all fresh all clean so I like so as a woman you should always carry dub wipes because what if you go to a restaurant and there's no freaking tissue in the store you go to your boyfriend's house ain't no tissue hanging I don't got them tissue you know I'm saying you don't want to use the bathroom the worst thing ever is is washing your vagina really good and then it's all stinking the whole day because you don't have no white yeah I'm saying and you don't have this on tissue so you got to get up and you know just put your panties on commando without wiping and now you know you can't catch my like pee are they like that's not okay and that's how it gets irritated so you want to make sure that to prevent irritation and and stuff like that yo John has to continue to be clean like all days all day thing it might be tedious it might take us some time it might be annoying to do but it's the best thing to do if you want a healthy pH you know you want to be confident and you know maybe your boyfriend is very spontaneous he won't eat you out randomly at least you know damn they're not watch good upset love you now she already got me up I was good and yeah I'm saying it's a good feeling where any given time you could bust wide open you don't say I'm Sullivan now but you know when I wasn't it's like okay daddy let's get it on right now like what's good and just like it's a confident feeling and I want you guys to have that same confidence about your vagina cuz it's very important as women we have to keep it clean keep it right keep it clean keep it side keep it right keep it tight keep it clean okay yeah all right so number four I'm in hide room team for sensitive kitty cats number four this is something I like to do in the morning well not really yeah in the morning and in the night you don't have to do this I'm just extras how I just like really I don't know I just like a really clean clean feeling I don't know why I feel like I got there baby I got these baby wipes and now number four baby powder like I don't I don't know baby products I love products I don't know they just work for me like it's it's so weird it works for me so I like to act out watch before I go to sleep you know I picked a little slab of baby powder and I just Pat it not inside your lips turning thing cuz that's gonna cause everything I just Pat it on down there you know I'm saying when I put my paintings on and I put my paintings on and go to sleep and it's fresh and clean in the morning I do that and I just feel like it's not it takes away um so much moistness you ever get moist down there like you you know saying like why are you so it feels like you wet and gets like why like I just woke up like what's the problem like yeah I'm saying if you have the type to have a lot of discharge or whatever it is TMI you know put a little baby powder on there it is dry it dries it dries it up down there and it makes it I don't know it makes I feel like it makes my Johnny's much extra better like extra fresh but it's optional this number four is optional have you really since it sensitive then do the top three things I name but if you sense it about consolidating powder stop a little a bit on top yeah I'm saying on the sides like you know where you're on thises I like to put big powder on the top of my vagina and on the sides and then I put my panties on and it looks like a powdered donut no but seriously like it's and then I feel clean and I feel fresh and I feel confident you know I'm saying you get you'll be surprised how confident how more confident you can become when you know everything about me is lit my pretty hair makeup done yeah I'm saying nails is always dead vagina smelling good all the time that who can stop me who can really stop me right now you don't say you want to have that self-confidence and that I know you guys you know I know you guys can have like period I don't know about you but it's not a good feeling when it's not someone I write down there you know I'm saying yourself it seemed uh slow and I know a lot of you guys even me a lot saying that oh my god would you do if it's very sensitive oh I don't know what to do cuz it really smells and let's say let's say you did all these things and it happens it's so smell which is like 99.9% chance that this this works if it don't work that means your diet has to change you need to drink at least six bottles of water Poland Springs needs to freaking freaking make me the frickin poster child of their brand because I drink six bottles of water a day I eat a lot of veggies I eat a lot of fruits a lot of yogurt those are all those things not only can unbalance your ph but em it allows you to taste good too so if you eat you out human like yeah like why sex I saw that no seriously though like you taste better when yogurt especially yogurt plain yogurt it's really good for your vagina and that it even cures used yeast infection that's how effective plain yogurt is and it promotes um weight loss so that's really good benefits and get you some water says get you some water I'm telling you like water drink water all day and then you're gonna notice that when you watch how I'm telling you to watch and when you drink water no smell no smell nothing at all nothing at all okay so that's pretty much the end of my feminine hygiene routine for sensitive kitty cats if you guys found this video useful definitely give it a thumbs up like comment subscribe follow me on Instagram I bet 11 square bars I love you guys so much until next time Bella gang Butler gang are no gay love you prank for you don't forget to pray for yourself I love you guys

Methew Wade

35 thoughts on “Girl Talk : FEMININE HYGIENE ROUTINE FOR SENSITIVE 😽‼️| MUST WATCH !!!!🙌|”

  1. Can you please do a video showing us all the feminine products you use and where you buy them. That would be very helpfull 😊


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  4. Idk i was hearing baby powder was giving women ovarian cancer..please check into that..i dont want anyone to have to go through that

  5. B yasss another tip keep a watering pot in bathroom for everytime you pee so you can clean ur kitty better just water no soap b

  6. PSA: Make sure that powder is made with cornstarch and not talc ladies….Talc can cause cancer down there….Okay carry on ladies💋

  7. These tips are great also probiotic supplements can help with like sensitivity and proneness to yeast infections🤗

  8. I use dollar tree feminine wash. I had to also switch to cloth pads because regular pad was breaking my skin out. (like a heat rash .. sorry tmi) .oh and plastic was cause me to have problem with cyst growing too big. great video.

  9. The doctor recommended me to use aqueous cream to wash the cat,I use it to wash the lips every where of the vagina ,I use cotton swabs to clean the hole been using aqueous cream to wash for months I haven't gotten yeast infections like I did when I used even sensitive soap,thanks for the cold bottle tip when washing I feel so fresh

  10. Thanks sis you look beautiful as always love your coat I'm very sensitive I use hot water and aqueous cream its a cream that is for sensitive skin that can be used as soap too when water adds it bubbles it has no perfume I use dove original soap to wash my clit and the top bit I don't let it touch down there

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