– I can’t hear you, it’s too loud. (gulping) Today on the Edgy Veg,
a big bowl of fruit. I’m a fruitarian, just kidding. But, what I am going to do is show you how to make the ginger shots
that we make every morning on our What I Eat In A Day videos. And if you haven’t watch my
What I Eat In A Day videos, you should stop, you
should open up a new tab, you should open it and watch
it, and then come back, ’cause then you’ll know
what we’re talking about. Right now, hit that subscribe
button, let’s do it. (upbeat music) Making ginger shots is super easy, I make one batch on a Sunday or a Monday and it lasts us for the whole week, so I don’t have to do it every day, because cleaning a
juicer is super annoying. But, I just have a centrifuge juicer, you could use a masticating juicer. Personally, I like the
fast spinning centrifuge, ’cause it’s really quick
and it’s a lot easier to clean up than the other ones. Step one, juice all
your ginger and apples. Literally all I’m doing is putting everything through the juicer. Get on a stool and get
your elbows in there. All right, less talk, more juice. Gotta turn it on. (upbeat music) (juicer whirrs) It’s like an airplane is landing. This is why I don’t do this every morning. We have all of our ginger
juice and our apple juice. Step two, I’m just gonna add a lemon and juice it and toss it in there. Now I’m juicing all of the oranges. I like to do three green apples to a big, two handfuls worth of ginger and about three to four oranges to kind of cover up that
super spicy gingery flavor. And put them through a sieve that just gets any
chunks out of the juice, I like smooth juice. Step three, add your spices. I’m just gonna add some
tumeric to the bottle and shake it all up. (upbeat music) Step four, enjoy the crippling agony that is taking a ginger shot every day. (spring boings) – [James] I actually do like it. – You really like it? Okay, maybe not crippling agony. Feel the burn! It makes me feel alive. So, there you guys have it, the infamous ginger shot
you guys requested so much. I honestly didn’t think that that was going to be
such a popular request. But, now you too can start your morning feeling like you’re
party rocking into your, the rest of your day, (crickets chirp) ’cause they’re shots. So, James do you wanna come
and have a little shotski? – I do, yes, I’m very excited for this. – I would offer you one,
but it’ll ruin the keyboard on your computer, so I’m sorry. – Cheers, happy Monday. – But, this video isn’t
coming out on Monday, it’s coming out on Wednesday. – Woo! – Some ginger punches you right
in the face when you take it and some ginger waits until you’re done and then it punches you in the face. So, let me know if it has become
the best part of your day, I mean either way leave me a comment. And make sure that you
subscribe if you haven’t yet. And if you liked this ginger shot recipe, make sure you give the
video a big, huge thumbs up and we’ll see you next time. Bye. – Bye. (hypnotic music) – Like on their own they’re amazing. Holy crapoly. And then we’re just gonna go like this. And them I’m going to put them on this.

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