I can do all things through Christ who
strengthens me Philippians 4:13 – Hey loves welcome
back to my channel I’m Jane so today we are doing a plank workout challenge that
is going to help you get back in line please subscribe to my channel if you’re
new, this is the most requested video from you guys so here we go
each Workout is 30 second so you can workout with me, remember to breathe and engage your core it’s really important I’m not going to speak I’m just going to let
you workout with me and enjoy the workout and I will explain in the
description box below so make sure to read it I shall until the end of the
video well done we have finished this
challenge my arms definitely burning but that sweet pain I love it I’m so proud of you for doing this with
me and please subscribe to my channel

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Methew Wade

20 thoughts on “GET A SMALLER WAIST| 5 MIN Plank workout challenge~Janekate Fitness”

  1. Girl you got it…i work out but sometimes i loose motivation when i don’t see any improvement😫, i guess i need a personal trainer for this mommy tummy

  2. HEY!!! Hope you loved this video, try the more advanced INTENSE AB WORKOUT; https://youtu.be/oBojv2asiMo
    Let me know which workouts you’d love to see next.


  3. 😃 Nice one! Using our online training program, we teach people how to incorporate exercise with the special needs population. Check out our website and keep it as a resource 😄

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