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Methew Wade

20 thoughts on “Full Day Diabetic Meal Plan!!! Easy !Healthy! Tasty”

  1. Great effort. But just want to let you know that milk products and oil are the enemies of diabetes. It might sound illogical but its true. Cutting out carbs helps your body only because your cells are not capable of processing them anymore. So low carb is adviced. But milk and oil are the reasons for insulin resistance. Eating low carb does not fix the problem but only handles it. My family member who was taking 3 medicine after each meal and an insulin totally avoided milk, oil and sugar. She is now down to just one medicine. It is called whole food plant based diet and it can reverse diabetes. Basically eat unprocessed plant based diet. Anything coming from a factory is processed. This diet even can reverse heart problems and many deadly diseases.

  2. Thanks for sharing your plans…use of salt should be less in all the dishes…what is the calorie content for the day ?for 1200..1400…or 1500 calories….your approach is good…steaming is good…your diabetic thinking is excellent in your addition…eating salads are very poor…your portion control is fair…My suggestion is working people choice is preplanning?thats missing…Here abroad…the theme is using five veggies and five fruits…..that can be added to your meal plan…bread…roti…choices of the fruits should be shown…helps understand the theme behind your meal plan… I am diabetic and a food blogger…and my diet is for 1500 calories using five fruits as snacks…and five veggies for any cuisine…How much of different snack ideas for the day…my theme is to eat or drink healthy 2 hours apart…but with my two week libre sensor check my blood sugars…every meal before or after….plans my foods accordingly….My sincere thanks to you for this beginning of eating healthy and managing your Diabetes. Good wishes….Gita.

  3. Nice diabetic food madam, I have a clarification that as per the present doctors advice, we are not suppose to cook palak and tomato together in any form because by doing so chances of forming kidney stones are more. Kindly clarify

  4. thank you. Helped a lot with this video. Their recipes are very good, easy and these for diabetics like me, are a great help. And the lady is very nice and explains very well. I love your videos. Namaste

  5. Nice recipes. Diet will differ for each person( based on their current weight and physical activity ) . Only a registered dietician can suggest the diet . Breakfast , burn calories, Lunch , walk , Dinner walk . Check your sugars after each meal . Change food accordingly . Have snacks in between only if u r hungry. Carbs , oil also will spike sugars.

  6. Wonderful meal plan 👌🏻👌🏻 It’s not just for diabetics but for everyone with health conscious and weight watchers
    Mam I must appreciate you for patience and passion for cooking. Thanks for this meal plan

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