oh that is so nice mmm that's really good mm-hmm that's what she said it's a video good morning guys it is a blazing-hot today and today we've come out to Quezon City for a very unique Filipino food experience we're actually here today together with the travelling spoon and we are at tsuki market we're going to buy some ingredients and then we are going to prepare under supervision Filipino food which we'll be eating for lunch we're not here alone today we actually here with Sophie from everyday TV so real quick Sophie for those that don't know you tell us who you are what your channel is what you do every day me and my boyfriend Nick we live in Manila much like you guys we just explore the country basically we yeah we love to try the foods mostly that that's a that's our favorite thing yeah you told you especially love the Pilate I'm happy I did it then of course our host for today I know but just here okay and then we have here our host for today maybe tell us a little bit about yourself okay I am easy and I'm one of the traveling spoon hosts here in Manila Philippines and today I have Nelly Mike and Sophie to be do as my guest as my traveling studious and they're gonna be experiencing this market were cooking experience in my home and of course there we're gonna be eating all of it today terrified it's a video so we bought a ton of fresh produce at the market unfortunately that didn't allow us to film inside the market I don't know why but some of these places are really strict rules about cameras which is really weird because essentially it's advertising the place but anyway the market was super clean super nice actually it's one of the best smelling wet markets that I've experienced so far in total so I really loved that we bought a few ingredients that we're going to cook today is shrimp squid bunch of vegetables and now we came over to a Chinese market and I was very excited to see that they have a big big bottle of my favorite mayonnaise and I also might have found my favorite chili sauce in here we'll give it a try led to make sure it's the one but I think it is yeah it was good it was very good I haven't actually been to a wet market before I feel like I've lived here a while I should have been but this is my first time and I'm now just really excited about having some Filipino food so easy how often do you go to the market per week usually we go at least two times three times a week I like to buy my fresh ingredients we don't really stop in our house our usual cooking time would be three times a week you can tell we just reheat we make it fresh and then over the weekend we like to eat out you like to explore the weekend markets and just buy coke lose or whoever is new there we like to try but still meaning what we like to do what would you say is your favorite Filipino I would say seasick because that was the first one I tried and enjoyed because MMA gives me good memories because I tried it in Subic it was like a holiday environment but I love adobo I love them yeah I'm shaking oh yeah sissy how about you Nelly it's very simple ice and everyday dish basically every day so you guys know of course what my favorite dishes its Letran but there's another dish and I've mentioned this a few times in the vlogs Nikki that's creeping up to like number two slash number one surprising heat its sinigang I really really loved sinigang and I'm so stoked that today we are going to have a from city garage which is called because sinigang was on my list of dishes to prepare at home and today I'll actually learn how to make it the proper way alright so we just came back to Easy's home we just we're making friends with her dogs up time two dogs here and some ingredients already here excited yes very Hydra men sleep how do they like the juice very good very refreshing yeah sometimes it's oh that's oh the juice is better then there are local orange here in the Philippines yeah and I also make some kinda messy because we have a lot outside you guys can have this I'll get some more apron a year it will do sunita tangy fun some nice all which means it's our shrimp and sour soup with our local miso here in the Philippines with all these wonderful vegetables and then we'll I'll teach them adobo who set which is adobo with squid and it's one of my favorite dishes and they will just have some slicing some salted eggs and reheating the beef machado which I made ahead already and for dessert they will have the cotton fruit the sand dollars they could try it for the first time and then calamansi pie this is pretty much our dirty kitchen I love to have all these ingredients ready every time we cook here all the brands and the products that I make also for my home-based business everything happens here pretty much use this for everything every dish that we make here at home this is the most used tool in this household this is the machado of course this is so much better to eat like a few days after there are few weeks after this someone that is tired of the many dishes taste better a few days off here as well yeah pretty much but today the adobo percent is very straight up coconut vinegar yeah of course we have the sugar cane vinegar yeah that's all over the country but Oscars coconut vinegar as well but this one we're very lucky that my mom's friend owns this this is a very organic farm in Sorsogon so this is where the my own volcano is this is one of the last provinces in Legaspi region and they make this coconut vinegar and it's the real one because it's not yeah clear so we don't love clear vinegars here I know beans cigars actually it's not me cooking today I'm gonna be behind the camera and I'm gonna be watching melis every step of the way Nellie's the star of the show today and Sophie obviously my name so this swing beam is actually the secret ingredient for this spinning gun right it's what makes it so uh you know this is the reason why I cook many prepping vegetables yes I think there's a better way to peel an onion right um it must be some kind of last heck yeah application for the job you should try it or fermented rice yes very very good with Letran we wrap it just like how the Koreans are doing it we wrap it in like this big to salad green button electron put some of the fermented rice amazing you know dish we love to ferment rice of course our vinegar solution anything that's all before what before the Spaniards came in we've been you know marinating in veneer we didn't have wraps we didn't have children's we didn't have one over there so you know it is in clay pots and just fermenting in the clay plastic of course the shrimp is that those are fermented also we've been fermented because were just salt we have been in the back over here so today the sinigang is the star because we'll be doing it with shrimp which is also so sinigang is usually well Filipino dishes are usually just one pot dishes and just put everything and just put the lid and that's it just leave it alone but of course we love to serve a we call it a side so we always have with the guinea sour mix which is beautifully garlic onion ginger tomatoes of course Chili's is a because we love chilies in Argentina so first step would be sauteing the onions tomatoes and chilies and then we'll add the hard vegetables beans the radish and in the farro and now we'll add the we'll just simmer it up and over add the shrimp and then we'll add the rest of the other regions the eggplant and then we'll of course end it with pepper and our fish sauce anymore normally it's just sauteing a lot of garlic I have already some garlic that we're gonna be adding up to this I love to make garlic oil already so and also make the garlic sauce already and then we just have a that and then we add this and then we'll add the vinegar the coconut one we're gonna use today and then today I like to add coconut milk so this is a dog bone push set with get back so that's a dough go of square in and we add coconut now this is a synonym : so since we have a lot of Sun with all the cotton fruit we make this we grate it and then we cook it in a lot of lemongrass and coconut milks it's a condiment it's also a dish on top over rice it has shrimp paste also that's it's the umami flavor of the so we just tried the coconut milk it's incredible well I mean how how could we miss out on this missus if you haven't I need this next next week from the mosh pits straightaway yeah yeah so good so but you have to try as well pina colada so the first dish is served we have the secret key shrimp sinigang yeah looks amazing okay so obviously the first dish that I have to try is the synagogue oh nice a really nice thick broth it smells so good I mean finally we have you have the knowledge how to cook it at home exactly very well-balanced it's a really rich broth very flavorful it's got a hint of acidity in it and you can taste the prawns yeah so then we just pick these up from the market this morning so all the ingredients are super fresh absolutely love it yeah I think he wants it to try they're doable yes yes ma'am I just mentioned earlier on that this is a very unique adobo anything like adobo I know it yeah I don't know I'm just gonna forget the rice purpley color okay mmm that's really good that's pretty like disappeared in my mouth that was so soft that was so good oh yeah and creamy okay so so Fitz thinks they want to sing oh that was a very odd transition so delicious that yakisoba sings you want to give yeah yeah what's the proper tender beef man I mean chatter met righto man Charles met alright so we used to make beef student is kind of similar to this one right remember when we were in Austria it was a Jamie Oliver recipe so wonder if it tastes anything similar like that mmm-hmm-hmm yeah he was some right it tastes a little bit like goulash but it it doesn't have that much of a prick on it but from the taste profile it's sick mmm very good all right to top everything off all the amazing food we've already had now we're finishing off with the calamansi why a famous calamansi paya mmm mmm it's almost like a key lime really yeah like key lime pie sober there's a consistency of a cheesecake almost but it has this really beautiful citrusy flavors I live for full cakes like this this is my absolute favorite no that was an awful lot softer than I expected any like it was gonna be really really hard but that was really nice and really really creamy that's what she said thank you so much for the incredible cooking I mean these dishes were stunning really nice experience thanks for fingers around the market are you really cool thank you so much and you're always welcome to visit me here again to taste other of our meals here or other things also tomorrow consetta alright guys this was an amazing food experience going through the whole steps from going to the market sourcing the actual ingredients and then seeing how a professional Filipino cook actually prepares these traditional dishes was amazing to me I can't wait to try and cook the synagogue myself at home and luck intolerance quite a few things today I can't wait to try that synagogue hello so we've linked all the details to this actually you can just book it it's the traveling spoons you can record the links all the details down below it thanks too easy for all the amazing food and for those great experience easy actually does a lot of things she's a professional cook she creates her own chilies ketchup sauce a lot of things you do so many things that's incredible we're happy that Sophie made it into our vlog so guys if you did enjoy the video be sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe if you're new also head on over to everyday TV subscribe to them tell them you came over from making it happen we will see you guys in the next vlog same time same place remember to stay awesome be positive and make it half my constant thing is are too sweaty yeah make it happen okay come on

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32 thoughts on “FOREIGNERS trying to cook AUTHENTIC Filipino Food (feat. Everyday TV)”

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