Its game day The most rewarding thing about this project is to create a product that makes working out, physical fitness that takes the word out of work so the level of co-founders of food
fitness Sylvie has a background in learning in ways people learning and learning
styles and also a technology background and my
background is in physical fitness I also have a lot of expertise working with people with
disabilities At the center, with love collaboration and we
love innovation and when Meg and Sylvie came to us with
this idea we were very excited about it We are triggering people’s imagination
we are driving them into the story but instead of just interacting with the story by touching
the iPad to move the story forward the iPad is actually part of the
experience and so it makes it workouts that they (Sylvie&Meg) were doing into an online digital experience You turn the app on on with your tablet and it’s taking you to the game, so you go with that experience you walk to the game, you do all the
movements that you might experience at the game and before you realize it you’re in the
story and you are getting a great workout the app is a great tool to use with an exercise
program it adds variety It allows people with cognitive disabilities to be physically active Foov is the
combination of three words Fun Move Live and put it together and you have Foov.

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Methew Wade

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