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  2. Meri Bibi ki Uterus ♥ ke jaisi hai Aur dono tube block hain
    Aur shaadi ko 14th months huye hain
    Dr. ne Leproscopy n Histroscopy test bataya hai ….saare test ho chuke hain
    Kya abhi Jaldi hi karaya jaana chahiye Ya nhi?

  3. Mam mera peroides 6 din badh Gaye My khush hogayi ki conceive hogayi but 6 baad fir peroid aagaya
    Mam 6 days before ya after badh jare toh My Kya karoo mujhe concieve Karna hy mam

  4. Mam mera period ka date 19 june ko tha lekin 14 june ko period aa gya h 4-5 din pehle hi aa jata h period esse pregnancy conceive karne me dikkat to nhi hogi pehle din jab period aata h to pet me bhut jyada dard hota h kya kare mam bhut paresaan h plz reply kijiyega plz mam

  5. AMH high hai prolction kam hai pcod hai period irregular hai pls di btaye Kay kru 4 iui fail ho choke hai

  6. Mam mera ab fertile day hai chalu hai as per oc calculator 13 to 17 fhir mujhe yoga contnue karna hai ya nhi…apse yoga poses fertile k liye….

  7. hlo mam mujhe pcod hai liver faty bhi hai aur chakar kafi ate hain shadi ko 5saal honay lgay hain ahr abi tak concieve nhi hua
    sexual satisfaction bhi nhi hota hai kya kron mera colour bhi kuch yelow sa hogaya hai mam i m feeling very helpless plz help me kya kron aap ki sabhi videos dekhte hoon aur kafi try bhi kar rahe hoon par plz aap mera satisfaction k liye kuch btaya koi aur problem to nhi hai jaisay mujhe sexual satisfaction nhi hota plz mam i m waiting for your response.

  8. Mam mujhe pcod h..apki pcod ki video v Maine dekhi h.lekin mujhe samhj me nhi Aa rha h ki Mai cocktail drink lu ya jafran ka istemal kru.8 month se try KR rhi hu pr cyst ki wajah se mujhe consive nhi ho rha.cocktail drink ko Bina freeze me rakhe nhi pe sakti hu.pls bataiye

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