too often farmers today are trying to treat the symptoms of weeds of plant disease of low yields and they try to treat them with things like pesticides and chemical fertilizers a lot of it goes off into the atmosphere as greenhouse gases the residue stay on our foods and they can make their way into our homes a lot of people who worry about the food they're giving their children very early in my medical career I was exposed to the notion that toxic chemicals could get into children and caused devastating damage to the brain that could last for decades one very important thing that parents can do is they can buy organic food families who eat an organic diet have 90% lower levels of pesticides in their body but the only way that parents are going to have an impact on societal uses of pesticides is to band together to join of organizations like the NRDC who can magnify their voice and RDC helped ride the law that regulates pesticides we've been helping enforce it since then and has been incredible successful we reduce lots of toxic chemicals in our food supply or eliminated some of them for instance nine of the twelve worst organophosphates had been eliminate because of that RTC's advocacy now it's a really big achievement

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Methew Wade

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