Hello everyone, I’m Florian Poirson from Olimp Sport Nutrition Today I’m going to give you 5 tips on how to build you legs muscles Here you can see a Biodex machine One of a kind you don’t see it very often it is a machine which tests and controls the strenght of your legs helps in therapies and rehabilitation You can determine how your particular muscle works perform test and control exercises you don’t see such an equipement very often in a company that manufactures protein powders and other supplements This equipement lets them test the products on anhuman organizm So I’m going to jump on it and give you my tips Ok my friends… As you probably know especially those of you who have been following me for a while that my favourite workout is leg workout Today together with Olimp we are going to give you some tips so you can build your legs muscles even more My first tip…..is not about workout at all but about food, about the diet why? Because if you want to build your legs muscles you need a lot of energy A car needs fuel and you body needs food so don’t be afraid to eg. a day before, a night before eat more calories I’m not saying that you should go to Mc Donalds or other places like that but don’t be afraid to add more calories fruit, carbs, fat ect. of course also on your workout day eg. if you work out in the afternoon in the morning, at noon try to have more snacks meals, so you eat more calories don’t forget about drinking a lot of water minimum 1 liter of water 60-90 min before workout My next tip is warm up. Very often people don’t spend enough time to warm up appropriately and that can lead to pain in the knees What do I do when I come to the gym? First I jump on a bike for about 10 minutes go on a treadmill for 10 min or 10 min on stairs I do it in order to increase blood flow in the legs muscles to warm up my joints and knees It helps me a lot Next I strech a little bit but don’t strech too much no more than 4-5 sec in a particualr exercise Tip number 3 is about the exercise you choose I am this kind of person that prefers basic exercises so I always start with legs extensions to warm up my knees you can start with smaller weights on the machine the movement is fully controlled and we work the whole quads I think it is very important and we can also increase the blood flow in the quads at the beginning of the workout which is very important So when you move on to the next exercise your muscles are supplied with blood so you will feel each next exercise better you can also add some adductors and abductors exercises so your muscles are well stimulated by doing so you alo protect your legs and you can increase the mobility eg. when you squat Talking about exercises I really like squats, but everybody likes something different not everybody can do squats our bodies are different it is also important to choose such exercises that let you feel the work of your muscles the most Another thing is the attitude to workout. …it is a training! when you need to get out of your comfort zone if you work out and you don’t feel the pain (fatigue) you will never build your legs muscles To tell you the truth, you need to push your limits every time you work out Tip number 4 is about the muscles strength it is important to increase you legs strength it is one of the strongest muscles in the human body it is a muscle that can deal with big weights so it is good if you can do squats …heavy 6-8 reps Personally I avoid seated legg presses because this machine is not the best to work your whole body lower back tendons…glutes you can work those body part just a little bit but it is nothing special in comparison to squats As I said before, if you have problems with squats try doing them on a Smith machine or on a special squat machine if there is one at your gym for me squats are a key exercise to build your legs I always choose tested methods …when I talk about squats etc In my opinion the best way is to do basic exercises Then after squats you can move on to degree leg presses or other exercises like lounges Remember that your workout must be intensive a lot of reps when you do legs presses but you should start with squats with heavy weights and then 15-20 reps leg press and don’t forget to work out with the heaviest weights possible My tip number 5 it is just to get out of your comfort zone, push your limits I very often hear: “yes, I work out my legs twice a week… but the muscles don’t get any bigger…” If you have 2 intensive workouts a week but you don’t give 100% it is as if you do a very light workout 2 a week your muscle will not grow It will not be stimulated, it will not get bigger so just focus on doing one workout a week but very heavy for your quads one legs workout, you divide into 2 workouts (quads + hamstrings) so you have more power to work those two parts and you can work each of them very inetnsively using all your energy try to work out this way I have always done it this way and so far it has worked out well for me Ok my friend, that’s it for today 5 tips to work your legs If you have any questions, put them in the comments I will try to answer all of them personally or with help of Olimp Of course subscribe to our YouTube channel More videos are to come soon See you soon!

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  1. Tu es d'un calme Olimp ien. Enfin un athlète qui parle techniques et anatomie. Tu deviendras un grand coach à la fin de ta carrière, ta pédagogie étant optimale.Merci à toi.

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