Hello everybody, It’s Florian Poirson from Olimp Sport Nutrition Today I want to give you 5 tips on how to build you muscle mass Number of workouts So let’s start with tip number one It is the number of my wourkouts per week I work out 5 times a week with 2 rest days for example I go to the gym on Monday and Tuesday I have a rest day on Wednesday Thursday, Friday and Saturday – workout days Sunday- rest Why do I do this? Because it is a period of time when I need more rest so my body has time to build muscles Muscle mass is not built during workouts but when you rest that is why it is very important to let your body rest The workout Tip number two is about the workut itself about the excercises I’m gonna tell you how I do it simply On Monday I work mainly my chest and a little triceps Tuesday is a leg day Wednesday – rest day Thursday is a leg day again Of course every second day I also work my abbs and calves It is your choice On Friday I work on my shoulders Sometimes a little bit of triceps On Saturday I work my back and biceps As I mentioned before a little bit of abbs and calves So as you can see I have rest days on Wednesday and Sunday I like it this way because If I do my legs on Tuesday I need a little rest as my nervous system is really exhausted Even phisically I feel weak So there is no point of working too hard I’d rather rest So I am sure that I’m gonna do my best later Of course everything depends on you lifestyle your job It is important to listen to your body How you feel it Types of exercises Tip number three is about the choice of exercies I’ll explain you on an example of chest muscles I do my chest on Monday I do 4 or 5 exercises about 2 or 3 sets When I build my muscle mass my main goal is to increase the strength So the first exercises I do are always basic ones Of course I start with a warm up But then I do basic exercises such as barbell bench press Of course it is OK to use machines free weights barbells It is your choice how you feel it I strongly recommend free weights As you can work on your mobility much better mobilnością … Your muscles will get more stimulation “CORE” As they say in English if you want to have better stabilization you need to engage all muscle groups I’ve talked about chest muscles Moving on to biceps and triceps I do only 3 exercises 8-12 reps it depends Of course I start my workout with heavy weights 8-10 reps and I finish with 15 reps in order to improve hypertrophy to get better blood flow Talking about legs I do 5 exercises For my quads But it is always about 4,5 exercises the same with my back As I said before I start with heavy weights And then I gradually increase intensity and increase the number of reps You can use other techniques as well But I’m going o talk about it in my next tip Workout techniques What is tip number four? It is about various techniques that increase the intensity of your workut there is SST FST7 MTUT Drop sets progressive sets What is it all about? So let’s start from the beginning SST is a technique developed by my trainer Patrick Tour which concentrates on working sarcoplasmic muscles For example Leg extension that you can do at the beginning of your workout even on a machine Start with a warm up and then you start SST You start with 8 heavy reps with maximum weight you always do then you reduce the weight by 25% you do 5 reps concentrating on eccentric phase lasting 5 sec. so the movement is opposite direction than press Then you lower the weight by 25% again and you do 5 reps but this time concetrating on the concentric phase from point A to point B When you finish you don’t touch the weights you wait 4-5 seconds and you do isometric hold for 20 sec So talking about legs you hold your legs streight The goal is to hold it for 20 seconds It will burn, that is for sure But you will get the blood flow like never before Talking about FST7 It is about doing 7 sets about 10-15 reps with 20-30 seconds break Other techniques I’ve mentioned You can check on the internet you can easily find them drop sets nothing complicated you gradually reduce the weight So you prevent the plateau Don’t be afraid to change something in you workout from time to time The length of workout Tip number five is about the length of you workout Personally, I don’t recommend workouts that last 1,5-2 hours I don’t think they are effective I suggest shortening your workout as much as you can My chest workout, for example, should last not longer that 45-55 minutes 15
Leg workut – quads 1h 15 Workout should be intensive It is very important and this will influence the process of building your muscle mass Of course you can also take BCAA during workout The link is right here You can also take Carbonox simple carbs that will give you more energy during your workout Ok folks, that’s it for today I’ve just presented you with 5 tips on how to build your muscle mass Leave you comments below I will do my best to answer all your questions and check our playlist

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