reading oh gosh I think it's terrifying I have no experience about alright five seconds move when I say go plant your feet you go hon – I got a dude right hand my experience of boxing is very limited CJ's gonna make sure that none of this gets destroyed I don't want to mess this up my your feet jab cross jab cross ha ha ha I got my ass kicked in Pilates so this is gonna be challenging as well I really hope I don't pass out five hot ok I've been boxing since I was a little kid a lot of people come in a box saying already in shape the way you breathe the way you you push yourself is a lot different than in any other sport boxing really does push you to different levels when you get into some technical drills on how to move where to punch what punch is what then we'll get into padwar drills you guys are gonna hit some pads so yeah I want to be pounding a piece of meat right now grab like two levers here pulls lovers right in front you okay now I'm gonna take my left foot slide it right out in front now the first point is our jab the most important punch in boxing the jab is gonna be our lead hands going to come out and rotate over these to hurt what we're hitting these two knuckles hurt us we're just gonna bring it and come right back keep our legs bent the whole time ready one two three four all right so now we're we go to the cross across is the money punch it's gonna come right from this how you're gonna push off your back leg it's gonna come straight a line from your knee to your foot and come right back it set across in this way I don't want you punching somebody's cousin uncle sister right punch the person right in funny ready three four much better five you see how now it gets that snap okay so in boxing there's numbers associated with punching a jab isn't one across the two two one one two jab ah non-stop for the next 30 seconds this right here let's go 3 3 3 3 3 there you go time alright so now we're work on how to move our feet is everybody else up this puddle resetting resetting reset good continuously let your weight feel in your legs and go backwards I feel like I could sneak up on someone and really give him the hammer I don't even think we're through the warm-up and I'm like already tired when the Bell beeps it's gonna give us a 30-second warning so you're gonna go non-stop on the bag it's not about pushing it it's just about non-stop movement 1 2 3 4 yep one two three four jab jab jab cross jab cross back up look at it look at that out nah stop go we got a strong jab and a strong cross but we'll see what the guys have whatnot push that you hit with stop there you set it off again again again Jeff Ross second punch it lugar their ad they all actually have a good good um a good punch on him but hers actually has more populist yeah hala gonna beat their absolute just watch out arms are turning into noodles so it's uh it's challenging to different than Pilates it's okay fine everybody can handle it grab your jump rope are you ready right you're fast feet go fast me hands up fast feet speed speed and push-ups go push up from the put your additional going mountain climb oh let's go let's go just go three two one time I'm thoroughly beat my feet hurt too there's not anything like it really though I mean like it's cool you guys you guys you guys did really well for your first class can you say that one more time please to the camera yes who did really well you know it teaches you how to push through things when you're tired it teaches you how to achieve goals that you didn't know what were possible boxing is just it's not good just for physical fitness but just understanding how much more about yourself you can learn

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Methew Wade

35 thoughts on “Fitness Pros Try Boxing”

  1. People think this is boxing but this is training to box. Those 3 individuals will be punished tbry have no idea what it means to live a sore life.

  2. fitness pros?!?!??!?!? Prooss?!?!?! dafuq ??? that ppl train who dont want to get tierd and dont like pain in sport;)

  3. Boxing is fun when you get good at throwing punches.. I’m not a pro but I’ve been teaching myself for 12 years or so.. knowing you can beat someone up and each time you go hard, you get even better.. it makes you feel pretty bad ass.. and it gives you really great cardio without having to run or do other things.. use most of your body.. and your arms get toned really nicely

  4. I trained in Boxing, Muay Thai, and a bit of Judo for years now and there's a saying in Martial Arts:

    "You train to look good, I train to kick ass."

  5. Ppl don't understand the amount of stamina u need for boxing and MMA in my first kickboxing match i was like abt to fall down due to lack of stamina left bt alhmdulilah i won a gold in heavyweight category in that match

  6. You call that boxing training or just doing it for cardio and exercise?
    Boxing is a martial art, and when you train a martial art, you don't just blindly punch or kick , you actually have to think and feel what went wrong, and how did it feel when you punch, it's all about finding the "feeling"
    NOT just sweating and exercising.

  7. This video was fun to watch! Im all hyped up for creed 2 XD. Boxing always seemed enjoyable/rewarding to me! I want to try it!

  8. 3:11 the worst thing you can do after a workout and there is more ahead of you what is harder. OH IVE GOT A STICH!Too much water fam

  9. A boxer trains his whole life in the art of punching.
    Being fit is just part of it, but being fit and without the right technique, your training is pointless.

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