Sally: My weight at my heaviest was 178 pounds. I was a serial Yo-yo dieter. The weight had started affecting my confidence and my relationship with my fiancé. and I knew that I had to make a change. I have lost 68 pounds. Jeremy: She’s found that lost confidence that she used to have. Sally: I needed something further to push me to keep transforming my body so I started getting into bodybuilding. Gemma: What Sally has achieved is remarkable. Sally: I’ll be judged against girls who have been small their whole lives. I am really nervous about traipsing in an Itsy Bitsy little bikini. Announcer: Number 178 Sally Hall. Sally: My weight and size over the years has been very up and down. I was very, very small during my childhood years and then after school I started working multiple jobs, and I guess stacked on the weight . It was just easier to have takeout rather than cooking. My weight at my heaviest was 178 pounds, which is quite a lot. It definitely had an effect on my mental health. I was very, very self critical and I started to really detest and hate what I saw in the mirror. I didn’t feel comfortable getting dressed up to go out on social events, so with friends and family. Avoided going to anything that involves swimwear, like going to the beach or going to barbecues around the pool. It had started affecting my confidence and my relationship as well. And I knew that I had to make a change. Jeremy: I first met Sally about12 years ago in high school. Sally: The turning point for me definitely came actually from my fiancé. Jeremy: It got to the point where she was just fed up with feeling the way she felt. And it took a little bit of a kick to get it started. But once we got there, it’s sort of just snowballed into where we are now. Sally: I have lost to date 68 pounds. I’m starting to sweat. You impressed at how long I can hold a plank? Of course. I started to lose the weight pretty much straight away when I found the diet and exercise that worked for me. And then other people started noticing the results as well which was a great way to keep me going. Jeremy: Sally’s overall transformation obviously has helped us in our relationship. She’s found that lost confidence that she used to have. Sally: In my weight loss journey I have learnt a lot about nutrition and what my body needs to be able to be healthy. I have quite a lot in the way of supplementation. So this is my stash. I’ve got all of my meal replacement shakes, which is what I was doing for the initial weight loss. I’ve got meal replacement bars; I’ve got energy shot, its an expensive habit. I’m pretty strict with my daily diet, so I’m sticking to my meal plan from my coach to make sure I’m ready. And that is really quite strict. Don’t eat that. So meal prep generally happens on Sunday which is steaming a load of vegetables. I needed something further to motivate me and push me to keep going and keep changing my body and transforming in a different way. So I started getting into bodybuilding. This one’s for next weekend and it will be going with my fairy wings that are being made in an iridescent blue to match the bikini. I didn’t really imagine that I would be on stage wearing such I guess small, tiny Itsy Bitsy bikinis. If you’d asked me this, a year and a half ago before I’d started on my weight loss journey. If I’d be doing something like this, I would have told you no, I’m never getting up on stage. This isn’t the first bikini competition that I’ll be in. Because I did the transformations bikini competition earlier to this, but this will be the first one where they won’t be considering any transformation, which does make me really nervous. Because I’ll be judged against girls who may not have had any weight loss and had been quite fit and small, their whole lives. Gemma: We’ve been coaching Sally for about five months now. It’s super important to know how to pose. It’s okay we do it again. What they’re looking for is wide shoulders into a small waist. So a V taper and then into wide glutes and quads. So we’re overall looking for an X shape. Start from the front.
Sally: Start from the front? Gemma: Yeah. You need to bring it forward. Yeah there we go. The discipline and sacrifice it takes to achieve what Sally’s achieved is remarkable and it’s not something that everyone could do. Sally: We have landed in
Sydney and Jeremy’s carrying everything for me. That’s why brought him along. I have to get my spray tan so goodbye makeup. Oh my god. Good morning.
It is show day. Jeremy: How are we feeling?
Sally: Excited, nervous, Announcer: Next number up 178 Sally Hall . Sally: My journey and transformation has been equally as challenging physically and mentally. There’s days where I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to go to the gym. I’ll sit in my car for a good 10-15 minutes trying to pump myself up to get in there and do it. Jeremy: She’s constantly looking to improve. I guess the best way to describe her would be to say she’s
incredibly determined. Sally: My fiance has been my biggest cheerleader my biggest support throughout my entire weight loss transformation. Jeremy: Sally motivates me every day to be a better version of myself than I was the day before. Weight’s only half the battle. The hardest part is definitely the mindset change. Sally: It’s not just losing weight, it’s changing you entire lifestyle. Because it takes that commitment to radically change everything you’ve been doing. Not just a new year new me it’s New Year, new lifestyle.

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100 thoughts on “Fitness Goals: My Incredible Body Transformation | BRAND NEW ME”

  1. my heaviest was 178 as well but i was barely overweight due to my height and certainly looked much "slimmer" than her, crazy how big of a role your height plays

  2. Really commend her for her hard work but you definitely dont need so many supplements if you're just trying to live a normal healthy life. Personally for me just trying to make each meal healthy and listening to my body when I'm full along with doing daily exercise. I found fitnessblender workouts which are free on YouTube I'm not sponsored at all just my go to. The hard part is getting motivated and the hardest part is keeping that motivation:)

  3. I’m not too far from 178lbs 😩 Sad times. I’m still gaining weight despite going to the gym 6 days a week and spin class 5 days a week. I even eat less. Maybe I need to eat even less. The meal replacement drinks are horrible and full of sugar. I don’t think I can ever get down to 120lbs, maybe in another lifetime 😂

  4. Ok I was 160 I know it's not 178 or whatever she was but I wasn't that big or at least I didn't see myself that big. I'm 5'5" idk maybe she's a lot shorter… I just never looked that big and I was almost that weight

  5. I too have lost a lot of weight. So I too know the struggles of losing and maintenance. So congratulations!!!! But she looked bigger than 178!! But this is such a great TESTIMONY!!!

  6. How come their saying pounds and not kilos? I swear I hear an Aussie accent coz I’m Aussie not so much the British/UK accent – am I tripping out 😂

  7. My highest weight was 188 lbs. I decided to finally start loosing weight and lost 23 lbs so far 💪🏻. I’m now down to 165 lbs! My goal weight is 140 lbs. I’m 5’6 in case you are wondering 🏋️‍♀️✨

  8. So being obese is not healthy but, this channel promotes obesity promoting channels. Actually this channel promotes extreme bodies, like the black chick making people believe she’s 100% natural.

  9. For me I prefer her before she lost weight. But whatever makes you happy. I think other people are the main cause of people a insecurities.

  10. Her fiancé is super hideous. She should have just stayed fat if she was marrying that 😭…cause skinny her is super out of his league !

  11. I've struggled with obesity pretty much most of my adult life, and apart from the many health issues that come with being obese; dealing with how I looked was extremely difficult to reconcile with. It was pretty embarrassing to say the least. And being on the receiving end of demeaning and fat shaming comments pained me deeply; especially from those you care for the most. Now! I've gone through a complete transformation, having lost over 90 lbs. I admit I couldn't of done it without medical intervention(Bariatric Surgery), and 2 hours a day; 5 days a week at the YMCA. During my transformation, and still to this very day, I am somewhat incognito. I am reclusive and pretty stay to myself. I keep a very small inner circle. And what is crazy, I have people who tell others that they seen me at a store or something; saying that I'm still fat and a bunch of other nonsense. I guess I can never escape the lies from my haters. I look real good; I lift weights, dress in style and take care of myself. I am a handsome man. And you know what? I am proud of myself!

  12. My body is literally this shape.. my weight is 143lbs and have 5.4 height.. lost 5kg in 2 months.. but still way to go

  13. Such an amazing transformation. Not just of the body but the mind and soul too. Hard work and dedication definetly pay off!💪💯

  14. I weight 140 pounds but im just 164 cm and im hoping to go down to 120 pounds and ill feel like i would look a lot better and be more confident

  15. Two months ago I was 220lbs and this morning I am 194lbs. Diet is 90% of your weight loss journey the other 10% is your exercise and your motivation.

  16. Weird. My highest weight was 208 lbs. I looked way thinner than her. I'm 165 now and still struggling to lose the last 30 lbs. I wonder how short she is.

  17. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that I haven't seen any Tess Holliday types in the comments saying this is fat phobic or whatever those unhealthy idiots promote.

  18. From one extreme to another. Great. Now she's a rake! And she wants to get up on stage butt naked for more attention. This girl will never be happy. Once she gets old & wrinkled, she'll go back to being miserable. I'd get out of that arrangement now if I were you. Real confidence comes from inside, not from showing off anorexia in a tacky 2 piece. God these women are dumb.

  19. Even when she was at her max weight, her waist was crazy small. Weird how different people carry weight differently.

    And what kind of bodybuilding is this lmao it looks like a pageant

  20. I can’t be bothered I’m small and fat so I mean we’ll I class my self fat but everyone says I’m a stuck it’s it’s rude in my opinion 😅

  21. Omg… I started the same weight too! 178lbs 🙂 haaaa, now I’m 166.6 and I hate it. My lowest was 158lbs. I want to make it out of the 60s. Even though I’m much smaller than I was, I STILL FEEL THE SAME!
    O B E SE
    I carried it a lot begged than this lady but fat is fat

  22. I like all size of the people ,just hate those DIRTY arms ,hands or back

  23. While your story is very inspiring it appears that you have more tattoos than when you began your weight drop Tattoos can be harmful and cause numerous skin diseases and side effects which can be harmful to your health Please check with a dermatologist about your current Tattoos and before getting any more done

  24. Currently at 175 lbs after losing 51 lbs! Like she said, it's all about finding the diet and exercise that works for you. For me, I found my love for CrossFit and Olympic style lifting.

  25. I am 168 pounds and i look like im 130 pounds to everyone but what i see is fat i need to get rid of. I tried many times but i just give up, this has inspired me to not give up this time! She has done amazing to get the weight she wanted but not underweight, most people cant do that and she looks amazing before and after!

  26. No way! I was 170lbs didn’t look like her at all. She has to be heavier that 178lbs. But glad she changed. Proud for her!

  27. I need something to make this challenge i fell horrible cause i was sport woman now after my tree babies i look older and agly im so sad big kiss from morocco stay beatifull

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