I have followed my father into the gym. To check his workout out. Age is not a limit when it comes to fitness. I’m bringing to you somebody
who’s not just my father… he’s a prime example of how
you can be fit at any age. And I want him to share
his experience with you guys. And hopefully get you guys motivated
to begin your fitness journey. Stay with us, keep watching. Hi, I’m Aparna Ganesh
and I welcome you to JoyGeeks. This is a special episode b’coz I’m featuring my dad. Very committed to his fitness journey
for the last eighteen years. And he’s 67 right now. It’s not like he’s retired. He’s the director of a
global consulting company and he’s quite…y’know busy,
on his toes at work. And traveling a lot, let me tell you between countries, y’know,
lots of stuff happening. Despite that his workout regime
does not really stop. Hi Papa…-sure, hi…hi… When did you start, really? And why did you start? I was married to the gym as such,
only when I was 50. When I saw somebody,
very close to me, my father. He had some…specific problems. His pelvic muscles, centration muscles
were not strong enough. That’s something shocked me, I said okay… Had he been alive, had he been aware of how the doctors were treating him, well,
he would have committed suicide. I was certain about it. Now, I didn’t want to end up in that state. I was clear. I’ll be a happy man when I die. My family will be happy. So i worked…I keep myself fit. Live a full life and die happy. No matter what somebody’s age is, how can they really just begin? What is the first few things they can do? First is get used to getting the body moving. Okay. If you think walking is challenging,
start with that. Now, in many places you don’t have
the proper pathways for walking. So get onto the treadmill, start light. Get on gradually, pick up the pace
and pick up intensity. And then once you get used to
the physical regimen, then get into the gym. Once you get disciplined to actually
get out of your house everyday and, schedule yourself
for that fitness program. Please have this notion clear in your mind, it’s you who is responsible
for your health and fitness. It’s not just the medicines and the doctor. It’s you, who can make a difference
to yourself. And when you make a difference to yourself, you are making a difference to everybody
around you. He did whatever he could
even when he could have said that “I’m not well, let me not do it.” So, what is it that kept you motivated,
because clearly consistency is key. I do have my own problems. It’s… if my knee’s hurting, I don’t have to work out the knee,
workout some other parts of the body. Injuries could happen anywhere. While I was walking there was this pit. I slipped, my ankle got twisted. I have bad, flat feet. So if I don’t wear the right sort of shoes, then I’m likely to get hurt. I had a sort of a minor tendon issue, which lasted for almost a year. During that period
the doctor told me not to do any exercise with just the ankles. Well I worked out still.
Well, I could workout my chest. I could workout my back. But not the legs workout. Or reduce the load. That’s how it was taken on and I have a vision problem,
I have glaucoma which is high introplifator. So which affects my ability to read. Colleagues are very supportive. They read the reports to me on the call. They take one hour, two hours, so what. What I do is, all the time I’m walking. It adds to my step count. So two hours of a discussion
or a conference call gives me three thousand steps. Why not? That’s fun. So, it’s not like he’s always had
a bed of roses, when it came to his workout sessions. All the issues didn’t really stop him,
from going on. My problem is the other way round. If I don’t go to the gym, I feel sad. It’s a very high mood elevator. First one week, it’s tough, the body will scream a bit. Get through with it. Then you are the king. You’re a king on the machine… And your heart will be pink,
emotionally you’ll feel very high. I realized on my third
set the last rep is the tenth rep is the deepest rep
I go on my squat. Because in my mind, o hell, I can’t come here, I can’t do this again
for next one week. Let me do the best. If you are starting weights, or even starting aerobics or anything, is there anything generic that
you can ask them to watch out for, so that, they can do it cautiously? Learn to listen to your body. The best thermometer, barometer
whatever you call it , is your body. Don’t push it so much
that it starts crying. And besides…this is my practice. I never do weights training, even after 17 or 18 years, if the trainer is not available to me. I just do not take the risk. More than the risk,
it’s the question of the form and the way… the technique that you use, for that particular action. It is easy to do you think…. Okay, I’m going to save the money
on the trainer. And…first, you can loose control. You can injure yourself. If not this… you may get used to a bad form, which would at some point
create a problem for you. Thirdly, be disciplined. So paa, there are lots of people… who really want to get onto their journey
but they have lots of hurdles, Maybe time, it maybe the discipline, it maybe not knowing where to begin, or they begin and they can’t continue. The first element is; making up your mind. That is always a starting point. These excuses that you give, these don’t manifest outside,
they’re inside you. You should really discipline yourself. “I’m going to get fit”, that’s the mantra
that you have to tell yourself, and be determined, and then comes the starting of the journey. It could be any form of physical exercise, and then…as I said, pushing yourself, motivating yourself. Yes, I can. I can do this. And I shall do it. What is it that paa, you think you really gained
apart from physical fitness? Fitness is just the icing, ya… I’m more energetic, active, quickly get onto things, I’m more focused than I otherwise
would have been, weather it’d be work or anything else. The concentration is much better. I don’t enjoy drinking. These things just don’t attract me,
I sleep well. And the commitment to getting up
early in the morning, and going to workout. Wow! Keeps you on and on
and excellent dedication. For sure the lifestyle is a 360 degree turn when you’re really onto your fitness regime. You really become unstoppable. That’s the benefit of being physically fit
and working out. Thank you so much, papa,
for helping my subscribers. Get a hang, get a little perspective, on how you can kind of alter it and
just begin your journey. This video was not to scare you, he’s been doing it for twenty years,
I’m reiterating that. When you see the visuals you’ll see
heavy weights being lifted, even I have just started
my gym workout. Largely also motivated by him. And I continue my yoga practice
but I really hope, that you begin and
if you’re already on it we’ll be just thrilled to
read your comments in the comment section and
let’s have this conversation going in the comment section. Yeah, paa? Great.

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