hi welcome to midbrain finger fitness let's start part 1 press your palms and fingers together then move your entire fingers together to the left then move it to the right make sure that you are not using your wrists just use your fingers parts ooh first move just your thumbs from left to right don't move any other fingers next move only your index fingers now the middle fingers then the ring fingers finally the pinky fingers try really hard not to move other fingers during the steps part three press your hands together then let the thumbs fold over each other like so then do the same thing to only the index fingers next the middle fingers now the ring fingers finally the pinky fingers part four hold your hands together then open and switch holding hands position make sure your palms don't open continue switching your hands back and forth part five in this exercise we are going to practice finger independence fold your hands together then lift up your thumb that's on the top and go in order starting from thumb one thumb to index 3 and X 4 middle 5 little 6 and so forth now go backwards pinky 10 pinky 9 ring 8 ring 7 and so on make sure you are looking at your fingers and no other fingers are standing up at the same time part six put your hands together like this as if there is an invisible ball in between your hands roll your thumbs forward good now backward you now try your index fingers roll it forward now backward you next your middle fingers go forward you now backward you ring-finger Ford you now backward you finally pinky fingers roll forward now backward you part seven put your arms and hands out let your palms face outwards now hold hands and bring it towards your chests we're now going to do the same finger independence in order from 1 to 10 then 10 to 1 great keep going you

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Methew Wade

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