hey guys I hope you guys are doing well so today I'm going to do a video on intimate hygiene but this is a topic that I always wanted to talk about on my channel and I just want to help all of you out there because having a good intimate hygiene especially for us women is very important so I hope all of us are mature enough out here to understand the importance of the stop it and let's just you know educate each other and let's just talk more about a topic which needs to be talked about so the first and the most important tip that I want to put out there is to stop using public washrooms train yourself train your body and refrain yourself from using public toilets as much as possible no matter where you are going what shoot is a place you know it can just get you infected in so many ways no matter you know how much they're like cleaning them you just don't know you know who is doing their business and what were inside the washroom since my childhood I have trained myself nobody knows you know I have been trained by my mom in a way where I try to you know not use public toilets and all of that even if I do you know I carry a little toilet seat sanitizer and I just prayed on the toilet seat and the areas around or I just squat and you know just do my business I don't allow my skin to completely come into contact with the toilet seat my second tip is to use an intimate wash there are a lot of intimate washing in the market you can't go for any but I really have been liking this one by everdene this is the Ewa teen intimate wash now why I like this brand ever it is because their approach smooth natural the products are very gentle you know especially on these paths which are very very sensitive and these products are actually free from SLS SLES and soap which can you know really irritate sensitive areas like your intimate parts and if you have been following me for a while you know that I don't like anything that has SLS in it it tries out you know if it's in your shampoo it tries out your hair if it's in your any other product it just tries out and it just causes irritation so this one is you know compared to the other washes I have used a lot of washes in the market this one has been a lot gentle on the skin and it leaves are very you know like a cooling soothing effect and feels really nice my third tip is one of the most important tips because we girls we love you know like are pretty launch it again cute laundry but most of the times you know those underwears those songs and stuff it just is not the nicest thing especially for your body especially for your skin down there it rotates those places causes you know friction and you know pumps which are like painful being there and it just feels like do you get like plain and simple death so I definitely recommend using cotton panties like this one this one is from jockeying this one is very comfortable it comes in a pack of three and it's very affordable as well now girls let us accept the reality all of us you know we have a certain discharge and from a body and it's just normal all of us get that but it gets like it is heavy especially before and after your period and you're not only period but you still feel kind of damn and tacky and you like what do I do about it so you see you are definitely a panty liners so panty liners are like you know SideReel napkins but they are smaller in size and very thin so you just place it on your underwear and you're good to go so you don't have to feel like you know like tacky and you know like just feel embarrassed and all over there and so when you use a panty liner all of the discharge is so by it so you will not have to like you know keep on feeling like you know damp and crows and tacky you know me how we all of this speed right try it it's life-changing it's very thin very comfortable the brand again I recommend for panty liners there's everything and as I've said earlier in this video the reason I prefer Everton you know for my intimate hygiene is because they have a more natural approach they use food products you know which are not very hard for your sensitive lady parts and especially the panty liner it's made of natural cotton so it's not something once again which will suffocate which will just irritate that area you don't want to do that you want to take care of it but not irritated so I definitely recommend everything and the best part is that these panty liners are unscented and you get 30 panty liners for 166 rubies so since we are talking about you know like sanitary napkins and panty liners and all of that my fifth tip is that when you are on your period make sure you change your santa napkin every three to four hours I know people who wear it for the entire day and even they go to bed with the same sign Jerry napkin and Dodge's is the unhealthiest thing you can do to your body like your body is just you know discharging something that it doesn't need right but if you're going to just you know where that thing like throughout the day then you are just causing more irritation and you can also get crazy infection from that so please girls please don't do that that is the worst thing you can do Daria and extra DiSanto in app can if you are going outside if you're going somewhere change it every three to four for the least at least change it every five to six hours because it is not healthy to wear that Santa napkin throughout the day and between the changes make sure you are just cleaning that area very well you know maybe with plain water or with an intimate wash or anything that you are just comfortable with that will not irritate of course with maybe just a dry tissue so my next tip is again something do with underwears now this is a tip that my mom has literally forced into me because this is something very important I've seen a huge difference for you there are times when you just wear your Co you know especially you know you prefer for like a one or two word and you didn't even spent that much you just went out you had some chard and came back and you like me this thing is fine I'm not at all that sweaty so I can just reuse it do not do that my mom actually just taught me and just you know push this and do my head and now I don't repeat it okay as dirty undergarments can cause crazy infection skin infections and it is not the cutest thing ever trust me because as women we already have a lot of things going on we already have you know friends visiting our face every single month during a period so you don't want body acne and all of that at the end of the day nothing is a lot of people now you know you know we just love cleaning the area clean and you know shaved and stuff but sometimes you know while shaving you know your bikini line area and all of those parts you can get cuts and Nick's another day the worst thing you can get I like in drones which I hate the most about shaving and then the bumps which are like oh my god especially if you love that you know jeans and stuff oh my god like god bless you it hurts the most so you want to make sure that while removing the hair it's easy to remove and it doesn't call as you know such problems right you know the general like hair removal creams which are like available on the market even for our hands and legs they can talk in the area like crazy so what do you do once again I found this really cool thing buy everything this is actually made specially for your bikini line area this is actually made with natural chamomile extracts as we all know chamomile is very calming and very soothing comedy is one of my favorites this stuff is specially designed for your bikini area so there is like no second thoughts body no it groans and you know like gods and heroes crazy bombs or you know even those pungent smell that hair removal creams have and obviously no skin darkening whatsoever I personally have been using this this is just for obese 149 so you just use it you know just applied with the spatula that it comes with and one like key tip that I want to share is do not rub this cream like a facial cream or something because it will burn so do not do that follow the instructions given on the package and you will have a very nice experience me being mean I try to experiment in my way and the first time it wasn't Pleasant so definitely follow the instructions you applied with a spatula keep it for a while and it comes with these kind of tissues so this you just dropped in a bowl of water and it just becomes a cool blown in wet wife and after keeping the screen for a while you can just wipe off everything and you will have a smooth clean bikini line and my last tip for today is to visit a good gynecologist every six months you know as women there is always some changes happening in the body and you know with this modern lifestyle that we have with all the pollution even the stuff that were eating and you know preparing and all of that some of them are not the best of the quality okay so you want to make sure that you are okay your most sensitive part of your body is okay the other scariest you know infections and diseases affect your intimate areas first so cool pay a visit to a good tiny you know make sure you're okay they know what they are doing go for a check-up every six months see what is working for you what is not working for you so now I do you know avoid order down there if you have like something special coming of you just like you know smelling French then stop having spicy food like at least I'll be prior trust me on this the order will leave you trust me on this wear comfortable clothing and definitely you know just read he was having garlic and ginger and no cheese and all of the spices and stuff that I said with this video I hope you guys found this video helpful let me know if you like when we talk about such topics because I love you know talking about things that help you guys let me know what topics should I talk about next and let me know if you have any other tips and tricks that you followed and I will see you guys in my next video till take care I love you all

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