Hey, guys! I’m Tasha. I’m the senior social media manager here at
FabFitFun, and I’m going to be showing you some of my five favorite fitness items in
the Fall Edit sale. If you’re not familiar, the Edit sale is an
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video ever. All right, you guys, so we have the Amanda
Kloots AK! Jump Rope, and this has to be the most chic
jump rope I have ever seen. It has these rose gold handles and this really
nice grip right here. This non-coil rope. And it is adjustable here, so I’m only 5’4″,
so I would probably need it to be a little bit shorter. So you can just kind of unscrew this here
and adjust the length however long you need it ’cause this baby is nine meters long, so
you’re getting lots of length there. There’s no way this is nine meters though. Actually because I used to be a diver, and
nine meters was one of the higher diving boards. Oh, yeah. This actually is a nine meter. Well, you learn something new every day. One of my favorite little fitness hacks is
to always bring a jump rope when I’m traveling or wherever I’m going because you can get
the best cardio workout in, like, even 10 minutes. The other thing that I really love about it
is that it comes with this adorable little canvas bag, so like I said, when I’m taking
this anywhere that I’m going or if I’m popping it into my gym bag, I just put it right here
into the adorable little canvas bag, and it’s not gonna get tangled all with the rest of
my exercise equipment or whatever is in my suitcase, whatever I’m bringing along with
me. How easy! These are the Bala Bangles Resistance Bands. They come in a set of five, which is amazing
because you get all different resistances. These are really, really great. Personally, I really like to use them for
my leg day at the gym, so I will take a lighter one and wrap it around my ankles and then
I’ll take a little bit heavier one and I will wrap it right above my knees. So I’ll do, like, ten squats, and then I’ll
do some pulses. Ten pulses. And then I’ll see if I can show you with my
arms. I don’t think I can. Basically, I do this with my knees. And then both at the same time. You can use these for a ton of different workouts. All of the fitness bloggers, you guys – all
of them use resistance bands, and these ones are really, really high quality. And they’re so cute! This says, “The best things in life make you
sweaty.” And I don’t know. I kind of agree with that. I’m really excited for you guys to get these
and take your workouts to the next level. All right, next up we have the Perfect Balance
Legwarmer and Headband Bundle. And oh my gosh, you guys. The 80s are back, and I’m ready for it. So if you do pilates, then you know that you
usually need to wear your grip socks. So what I really like about these is that
they’re perfect for fall and winter when it starts to get a little bit more chilly ’cause
you also have the legwarmer attached to it, but you’ve got the grip on the soles of these,
and then you’ve got the little spots for your toes. My fingers are going through right now. It is not a glove. You don’t wear it as a glove. And the coolest thing is that Perfect Balance
has a patented, physics-based design to allow you to stretch further and bend beyond what
you even thought that you were able to do. I’m gonna try these on for you. All right, well I guess I’m just gonna do
it right here. I accidentally gave myself a siamese toe twin. She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor. There we go. Look! And I’m more flexible than I was two seconds
ago. It really is keeping my legs nice and warm,
and then like I said, it’s got the little grips right here. The headband is not going to slip right now
though. She’s a maniac! This absolutely will not slip. My favorite thing about this headband, other
than it’s just really cute, is that it has the silicone grippers that make it so that
it will not move. Like, it’s not going anywhere. And when you’re working out, especially if
you’re in, like, a pilates class and you’re supposed to be, like, holding this position,
and we all know that’s really hard, you definitely don’t want to be like, “Oh shoot, fix my headband.” No, that’s not gonna happen with this. We’ve got you covered with the silicone grippers
on both the bottoms of your socks, as well as your headband. Another must-have for my gym bag is an all-natural
deodorant. Type:A makes these amazing one with sweat-activated
technology. It is so cool, you guys. This is aluminum-free, and it’s a little bit
different from your typical bar deodorants that you use. So it’s actually gonna go on more like a cream,
so you can see that as you squeeze this tube, it’s gonna go ahead and come on out. And then you just swipe it under your arm. I never thought I’d be doing this on a YouTube
channel in front of thousands of people, but here we are! It smells amazing. The scent is called “the visionary” with a
clean, crisp, citron smell. This is also totally unisex. The scent is not too girly. Your man can use it, you can use it, my future
man can use it. I have pretty sensitive skin, so when I shave
under my arms, I can tend to get irritated, so what I really like about this is it does
not do that. It’s non-toxic, very very important to me. With your normal bar deodorants, you know,
you get to the bottom and they always break in half or you’ll, like, drop it off your
counter and it completely explodes. That will never happen with this, so you’re
just gonna squeeze it right out of the tube and you can get every last drop just like
your toothpaste. Don’t use that as toothpaste though. So next up, we have the Maji Sports Exercise
Bar. This is a really unique tool. I’m really excited about this one. It comes with three different resistance bands,
so you’re gonna get your light, medium, or heavy depending on what part of your body
you’re working out, what level of strength you’re going for. And there are so many different ways that
you can use this. At the ends, then we also have these different
attachments. Whether you need them for your hands or for
your ankles, you can switch it out to be whatever you need. So here we go! I’m just gonna put it right around my foot
there. So you can’t see everything that I’m doing,
but I am gonna show you quickly how I would do this. So I’m just gonna put it underneath my foot. I’ve got the bar on my back right here. And this is just gonna kind of elevate – no
fun intended. No, all the fun intended. This is gonna elevate your squat and make
it a little bit harder than if you were just doing it with no resistance at all. Or if I wanted to switch it out to the heavier
band, I’m gonna make it really, really hard for myself. You can also switch it up and get a little
arm workout in. It’s not just your legs. Or you can kind of flip it the other way,
and then get into those shoulders. I’m basically an actually fitness instructor
right now. What’s also really cool about this is that
it travels very easily, surprisingly, because this just comes right undone. And then you can just kind of wrap it up there
and then pack the rest of your little accessories right into this bag. So easy. You can take it to the gym with you, wherever
you’re gonna go. This is not just a home fitness item. And honestly, everyone at the gym is gonna
be asking you where you got this, and you’re gonna tell them that you are a FabFitFun member
and that they need to join. All right you guys, so those are my five faves
in the fitness and wellness category. Make sure that you guys are going to FabFitFun.com/Edit
and picking your absolute favorites. Tell me in the comments what you’re loving,
what you want to see more of next time, and I will see you then. Happy shopping! Ow! Oh, look. I’m shaking just like a real pilates class. You can, you know, go kayaking. Okay, I had a little too much coffee.

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