we need an extreme declutter of everything that stops us from resting welcome to a smaller drink for most people the goal is relaxation and resting but what do you actually use your bedroom for do you use it for entertainment do you use it for learning do you use it for complex problem-solving you have a power stations worth of lights at your bedside number one get rid of that TV set number two keep your laptop away if possible having both of these devices in your room will encourage you to watch things way beyond your bedtime and it's been proven that staring at a screen before bedtime is more likely to stimulate you than to relax you if like me you have a real issue with watching things before bedtime replace that habit with something like reading a book or doing some gentle yoga stretches number four get rid of that alarm clock if you can't get rid of the alarm clock make sure you cover up that screen so you can't see what time it is every time you are struggling to sleep number five if you still have a landline in your house and it's in your bedroom move it to another part of the house other areas such as your kitchen or your living area a much livelier places where you want to be in communication of the world number six games board or otherwise not a good place to keep them number seven keep any controls for devices such as air conditioners away from sight white noise the sound of a fan those sorts of things can create a droney sounds that will help some people get to sleep but make sure that your fan isn't the type that's rackety and actually keeping you awake number nine large reflective surfaces such as mirrors or glass can reflect light and amplify it find a way of moving them or covering them up if possible do you have noisy pets find them a bed somewhere outside of your bedroom close the door and teach them to stop disrupting you during your precious rest time decluttering the items I just mentioned can really help improve your sleep hygiene sleep hygiene is a variety of different practices and habits that are necessary for you to get a good night's sleep to improve your sleep hygiene create a regular nighttime routine what are some things in your space that can encourage a restful evening before you get to bed good airflow nice lighting lamps candles incense make sure that your sleep environment is pleasant your mattress bedding sheets should be nice and comfortable i shade Raven ear plugs if that's what's required to keep the outside world outside number 11 remove excess items from surfaces leave your day elsewhere number 12 remove excess decorative items that may collect dust or just create visual distraction give your purse well at handbag home that's far far away from your bed and if possible in room number 15 get rid of as much paper from your bedroom as you can paperwork is almost never relaxing number 16 G of a creaky or uncomfortable mattress find a way to repair it or replace it your sleep truly is priceless make sure that you're not storing any junk under your bed clear any boxes drawers bins underneath your bed number 18 get rid of any chemicals do not have any harsh chemicals within your sleeping space sentimental items keep a few of the most important ones of course unlike primate here however do get rid of anything that's excessive unnecessary or perhaps rings on negative memories remember the items themselves don't have any value except the value that you assigned to them but if these objects are overwhelming you with the amount of emotion they're creating perhaps it's time to give them a new home limit your color scheme I'm not saying you have to get rid of all color altogether just like I have in my room but keep the palette limited stick to just a couple of colors a muted palette will make you feel more relaxed and less overstimulated number 21 get rid of that giant jewelry box am I wearing between 13 and 15 rings right now yes of course I am but I don't have jangling jingly things right next to my bed when I'm trying to sleep get rid of any old clothing and storage boxes especially the stuff in here bed number 23 get rid of any old shoe boxes or other packaging I know shoe boxes can be really helpful and I agree that they're really great for organizing drawers but if you just have a stack of shoe boxes just sitting there waiting for a home recycle them get rid of them keep craft projects out of the bedroom this is another source of stimulation that you do not need plus sometimes if we're really bad at following up with our craft projects they might also be a source of guilt 25 likewise any mending or alterations projects find a space in the doing part of your home where you can store these such as the kitchen or the living area perhaps you have a study you want that energy of creativity to be away from your slumber zone now 26 is you're not quite dirty enough clothing don't leave it draped on that chair for you to stare at every time you go to bed and every time you wake up clear it from you while we are on the topic keep the laundry out of the bedroom keep it either in the laundry area or in the bathroom Emma 28 is extra bed linen blankets towels etc any sorts of those textiles that assess ities unless you can contain them and keep them super neat store them away from site number 29 excess hangers do you have a bad habit of eating in bed or worse do you eat in bed and then leave the plate or the cup on the bedside table for ages not don't do that it's gonna spoil your air quality get rid of that straightaway there's no place in your bedroom for a junk drawer or any of the stuff that lives in a junk drawer it's Eddie one extra case get rid of them especially if the keys from old places we don't even know what they are tables adapters he burned you the ones that are essential this is one of those things I feel always ends up in a junk drawer or often in a bedroom and that's old phones and phone cases number 34 are those loose coins put them in the bank or in your wallet my 35 is random paper memorabilia perhaps you have too many photos of the good times or photos of your family members maybe you don't want your aunt and your grandma watching you every time you're trying to get to sleep something to consider alright stop collaborate and listen what about the biggest spot of clutter in our homes our wardrobes getting dressed is such a massive part of our day and it really does affect how we feel whether you want to admit that to yourself or not if you are covered in things that do not make you feel good about yourself it's a lot less likely you're gonna have a great day if the bedroom is a space for you to rest your mind the Wardrobe is a place for you to expand your mind number 36 get rid of old PJs and loungewear that make you feel like a slob I'm pretty sure Marie Kondo talks about this in one of her books I don't know which one the undeniable magic of setting your house on fire your loungewear and your pajamas should make you feel as luxurious and worthy as your finest gown find a space for shoes where their dirt won't affect your well-being I like to keep buying half and a shelf that way I don't have to see the dirt number 38 limit the variety of color in your wardrobe and again I'm not saying get rid of all the color as you can see there is a quite a bit of color here behind me but having a narrow palette again will just make your life easier if you are someone who wants to develop more of a capsule wardrobe it's gonna be a lot easier to match those items together number 39 get rid of anything in your wardrobe that still has a tag on it this is actually another Marie Conde tip and I completely agree with this one if you place something in your wardrobe with the tag still on it seems almost untouchable special in some way by removing the tag you're officially welcoming that item into your wardrobe placing it into your rotation and hopefully enjoying it while you're intrigued by the item research has shown that a lot of people have many items of clothing in their wardrobe that they haven't never worn if you're too scared to take that tag off probably means you need to return that item duplicates do you have two three four four pairs of black trousers pick the pair that is the most flatter unless you work in an industry where you need to have that many pairs of black trousers a lot of the times you will find that there is at least one or two pair that you just do not love wearing get rid of the unflattering underwear you deserve to feel like a princess every day number 42 get rid of ill-fitting or uncomfortable clothing one of the best ways that you can feel great about yourself is to feel comfortable comfort is one of the things that breeds confidence so I definitely recommend that you get rid of anything that rides up itches sags or flops off number 43 consider clothing that you do not wear regularly number 44 and this is one we've all been guilty of holding on to your old running shoes we hold on to them because they're freaking expensive I think I mentioned this tip in a previous video but if you want to extend the life of your running shoes and you have that guilt of well I spent $200 on these and they only last me 600 kilometers what I'd recommend you do is get an insert for the inside of the shoe to prolong the arch in your foot limit the variety of color in your handbags and shoot collections and i remember i got really sassed for this last time i said it I'm not saying be boring I'm saying just be sensible about the fact that if you have crazy shoes and you don't have other stuff that goes with them they're probably not going to get one number 46 any items in your wardrobe that you do not love perhaps there's a weird sense of guilt attached to those items for some bizarre reason may be sensitive sentimentality number 47 is over-the-top formal wear don't let those sequins outshine you usually something a little more subtle is going to bring your natural beauty to the forefront now this is a logical one socks with holes we all have them we've all been here I love to months obviously if you've got mismatched socks you're not going to be able to do much with those however if there is just a small hole I would recommend that you try to mend them ASAP and get them back into rotation if they're too far gone then obviously it's time to say goodbye or craft them into some sort of a sock puppet and this is for those of you living in the northern hemisphere which I know is quite a lot of you go through your Ottawa any jackets that are too small uncomfortable hats scarves gloves balaclavas might be time to say goodbye to them number 50 finally is to define your style this is going to be the easiest way to guide yourself through the process of decluttering your wardrobe thank you guys for watching so much please check me out on Instagram I post my outfits weekly Pinterest where you can check out my daily inspiration and the description box below if you want some discount codes and an insight into my favorite things well that's it

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43 thoughts on “EXTREME BEDROOM DECLUTTER | 50 Things to Get Rid of for Sleep Hygiene Detox”

  1. I keep paperwork and bills in my bedroom. I need to put it away. My walls are bare, but I like my light sand color on my bedroom walls.

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    I just woke up one day realizing my wardrobe wasnโ€™t representing who I am.
    I went from 4-600 items to around 20-30 items.
    I recently bought a whole new wardrobe because almost everything was ill fitting, full of holes or uncomfortable.
    All of the clothes I have now are basics and neutral colours.
    I have 1 red tshirt and 1 red sweater and 1 red dress (the dress Iโ€™m considering to declutter) and one pink set of lingerie. Thatโ€™s it when it comes to strong colours.

  7. Fun video as usual, loved the bits of filming with just the relaxing music.
    Side note, the Northern Hemisphere is huge and does include places as hot as lots of places in Australia, AND Australia and NZ do have a ton of places where you need thick winter jackets and boots (between Canberra and Adelaide, Tassie and basically the whole of NZ).

  8. Great tips. Your bedroom is very peaceful. I have not yet achieved this. I am living with my boyfriend now since 3 weeks. I finally have a bedroom that serves it's purpose as a bedroom instead of an "office", workout space, place to eat, etc. It is very very busy in the room though. There are many items. I have another task to do this May vacation.

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  13. What a great variety of suggestions and important topic to focus on. Itโ€™s so easy to overlook the small stuff thatโ€™s impacting our sleep. The quality of sleep Iโ€™m getting impacts everything!

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  15. I feel like a lot of these apply to people who are single and living in a full sized house with multiple rooms. Some of these things wouldn't work for people with kids or people who live in loft apartments. Maybe I'm stating the obvious and everyone just picks and chooses the tips tat work for them, but I figured Id come to the comment section and point out the obvious.

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