(bright music) – Back in the 1940s and 1950s everybody knew it as physical education, so it’s kinda something
that’s really evolved as a field, as a discipline,
exercise science. It’s more than just activity, which is what we know
physical education to be. Exercise science has developed
into a really critical part of the allied health field, which is why it’s really important
to be recognized as that, not the activity, but really
the science behind it. – I’m gonna get degrees in, associate of science degrees in exercise science
and physical education. Once I get my two associate degrees I plan on transferring to one
of the articulated colleges, and get a bachelors in kinesiology with an emphasis on athletic training. – Because obesity levels have
reached epidemic proportions, it makes our programs
that much more important. And it opens the doors for
a number of our students to have opportunities, and that solidifies our
role as exercise scientists in that allied health field. – My goal is to work with athletes. I just find athletic
programs interesting to me. I like watching athletes and helping athletes become better at what they do. – We also have our highly coveted personal training certificate program. Students end up getting a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer certificate at the end of their first semester. It’s a two semester program. Actually, a course we offer it’s applications of personal training. And students get that
in their second semester of the personal training program where they actually train clients. – What I like best
about the program so far is the availability of the staff and their knowledge of the
subjects that they teach here. – Our exercise science
faculty are outstanding. We all come to teaching
with real world experience as strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, exercise physiologists, and now we’re here teaching students within our program. And that just makes our
program that much stronger.

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Methew Wade

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