Hey everybody, it’s Dr. Jo! So we’ve got the
swiss ball again. Some people call it an exercise ball or a therapy ball. What we’re going to
do today is some advanced exercises. You’ve already seen the basic exercises to get you
going when your back is hurting or when your core is weak. This is the next step up. So
once you get those accomplished, these are the ones you are going to do next. So we’re
going to get started, and we are going to start off with a basic crunch. So what you’re
going to do is you’re going to roll forward a bit to where your bottom is on the edge
of the ball. You can either go back to protect your neck a little bit, or some people cross
their chest. It’s your choice, what ever is most comfortable for you. I usually go back
behind my neck just to give my neck a little bit of support. So you’re going to do a simple
crunch. You’re going to roll back, and you’re going to get as flat as you can, and then
you’re going to roll back up. Now remember when you are doing this, you don’t want to
hold your breath. You want to be able to talk to somebody or you want to be able to be a
continuous comfortable breathing the whole time. Now it’s going to be hard, you’re going
to feel it working, so you only have to start off with 5 or 10, and then work your way up
from that. Now see the ball moved a little bit, you want to keep the ball as still as
possible. Alright, so after you get that one accomplished, the next one you are going to
do is, is start up this way, and then roll down to about where your shoulders are on
the ball. You want to get yourself into what we call a table top position, where you are
flat, you can draw a straight line front to back, and then you are just going to drop
your hips down and then you’re coming back up. Now this not only working your back, but
it’s also working our hamstrings a little bit, so you can add this into your hamstring
exercises in the hamstring strengthening video. So nice and controlled, you want to control
it, you don’t want to be bouncing around, you don’t want to be going fast, and you want
the ball to be staying as straight as it can. If it’s wobbling around like this, then you’re
probably not quite ready for it. Okay, just drop it down, you can drop down lower, once
you get more comfortable, but you just want to come straight, you don’t want to arch your
back up, because that’s going to cause some pain, it might cause some injuries. You want
to just come nice and flat. Okay, now the next one, you’re actually going to come off
the ball. You can put the ball in front of you, and it’s almost like you’re saying your
prayers on your bed. Except you want to get your back straight again, you don’t want your
bottom sticking out, but you want to get, as straight as you possibly can. I’m just
going to sit here. You want to keep those abs nice and tight. So you’re not dropping
forward, and again your butt’s not sticking out. You’re getting a straight angle, keeping
that back straight as possible and not moving the ball around. If you can do this for about
a minute, then the next step up, is to bring your knees off the ground, and go up on your
toes to a plank position. So you’re just going to go up, same thing, you want your back as
straight as possible. You don’t want to stick your bottom up, and you don’t want to sag,
but you want to be as straight as you can. See how my hands are shaking? You should be
shaking, that means you’re working. Okay, so same thing, you just wanna start off with
5-10 seconds, if you need to do that a couple times you can about 5 times, and work your
way up. Alright, the next one is we call it a walk out, or a roll out. So you are going
to bring the ball close to you. You are going to start on your knees, and you are going
to come across the ball, and place your hands down on the ground. And just like it sounds,
you’re gonna start walking out. So you’re going to bring your arms, walk forward, you
want to keep the ball going as straight as possible, and try not to have it wiggling
around. If you can, you want to go all the way to your toes. I can’t quite right here,
but once you get as far as you can, then you are going to start walking back. The farther
out you go, the harder it gets. So if I want to go a little bit farther, I I can start
farther back. See if I can get a little further. You’re just going to walk yourself out. Because
once you start to get to your feet, see how the ball’s rolling, you want to try and keep
it steady. Walk all the way out, and then come all the way back. Wooo! Alright, so there
you have it. Those are some more advanced exercises on the swiss ball, and you can see
that they were definitely harder for me, so they are going to be harder for you. And we
are going to have another one, a next step up after that, so if you wanna check that
out, go to askdoctorjo.com And remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better

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Methew Wade

18 thoughts on “Exercise Ball Core and Back Strengthening Exercises (Moderate) – Ask Doctor Jo”

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  2. Could you please advise on exercises that are good to strengthen my core back .. I have a herniated L4 L5 over a year ago . thank you

  3. How about a video on exercises for knees that don't track correctly and pes anserine bursitis? Between liver problems and these two issues, I've had to stop doing everything I love to do.

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