chapter six the fitness test one of the most important things you'll need to do before enlistment or appointment is past the fitness test DFR will let you know the date of your test this is the easiest fitness test you'll ever experience in the Australian Defence Force so if you can't pass this one it provides a pretty clear indication that you'll struggle with any future fitness requirements and you won't be able to enlist there's a reason why so much emphasis is placed on your fitness and that's because the ADF wants you to be physically prepared whatever ADF training establishment you are set to attend you've got some highly demanding physical challenges ahead of you if your body isn't up to those challenges you'll risk serious injury and failing the course you've spent so much time and effort getting into this could lead to your discharge from the ADF by now you should have been exercising regularly to help you pass the fitness test and prepare your body for the challenges of initial training okay so what can you expect on the day the exact physical standards are different for each service and in some cases the job but you will have to complete push-ups sit-ups and a beep test the standards are for navy 15 push-ups for males and 6 push-ups for females 20 sit-ups and a beat test to level 6.1 for Army 15 push-ups for males and 8 push-ups for females 45 sit-ups and a beep test to level 7.5 and for Air Force it's 10 push-ups for males and 4 push-ups for females 20 sit-ups and a beep test to level 6.5 now most people would like to think that if they had to they could produce a decent set of push-ups and sit-ups and maybe you're thinking the same thing but the Australian Defence Force has high standards and in order to pass you'll need to perform each individual push-up and setup using the correct technique the fitness in the ADF section on defence jobs sets out the correct technique for push-ups and sit-ups and it's an unfortunate fact that when you're doing these exercises correctly they're actually a lot harder to get through so practice before the day to make sure you can pass this section of the test a shuttle run or beep test consists of running back and forth along a 20 meter track keeping up with a series of beeps on a recording the timing of the beeps starts off slowly and gradually gets faster so it becomes more difficult to keep up with the speed required to touch the line in time running in staggered sprints is pretty different to a standard jog so as well as going for regular runs to prepare it's a great idea to download the beep test from defense jobs yep so when the candidates rock up to us at the gym what we'll do is give them a heads-up on what's required of them for the day after we've covered off on all the safety tips will reiterate the fitness standards for each of the services Army Navy and Air Force yeah and then we'll do a demonstration and explanation and we'll get the candidates to do a practice so that we can check their technique and then now will conduct the fitness test in the following order this is how we test we'll test the strength components first the push-ups the situps and then of course the cardiovascular component the aerobic fitness test which is the beep test or the multistage shuttle run it is very achievable and the standards from here once you're recruited will actually get a lot tougher coming up next enlistment or appointment day

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