hey what's up YouTube in case you've ever wondered which one is a better nutrition shake according to your taste and the nutritional info so here we have the insurer nutrition shake and chocolate from the left you on the right we got the boost plus also in chocolate so both are eight ounce and have this a little bit of calculation the insure cost about 168 per bottle and it's like 20 if you round it up it's like 21 cents per ounce while the boost is also 21 cents per ounce and cause about 166 per bottle all right let's do the nutritional info comparison so you can see the boost has a significantly significantly larger amount of calories 360 verse 250 it looks like higher cholesterol higher sodium but it also has a little bit higher on the vitamins and stuff so that you can check online I'm sure so that's what the ensure that you this twisting opens up but this one you have to go remove this annoying pull down tab and they got a twist it open so let me open them up and see how they pour and taste it looks like on top of that annoying pull tab it also has a stupid foil cover on the YT over do it like that I mean if you have a twist off campus good enough anyway so here's the ensure here's the boost well rather bad the boost looks like is a lot more watery will chocolate flavors a little bit dark on their insurer the insurer has a stronger chocolate kind of coconut smell to it I'm sure it's definitely tasty let's try the boost hmm tastes kind of similar except for a little bit more bland tell your truth a taste both very similar there's going to be a tough choice you know I guess when it comes down to something this close you just having to base it off the nutritional info dependent what you're looking for like if you want to gain weight or just to maintain you know nutrition definitely lower calories on the insurer lower sodium ten milligrams lower cholesterol with cholesterol 10 milligram here Ethan's five milligrams see so half so it looks like the insurer wins it I mean even has the number one doctors recommend it I'm sure they can back that up so there you have it close call close call

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Methew Wade

41 thoughts on “Ensure VS Boost Plus (Nutrition Shake) Review”

  1. Their are different boost their are the regular,plus,and mines do boost is the winner and ensure is different even tho ensure has low calories boost is the winner

  2. did you know ensure has synthetic vitamins in it and the sugar level is way out there boost has like half the sugar not sure on type of vitamins I just researched ensure. and. almost every ingredient is a chemical . Google each ingredient and what that ingredient is used for it may shock you like it did to me. BUT I still drink endure about 6 or 7 sometimes more in a day. stupid I know but my body handles the synthetic vitamin A pretty good.

  3. Boost was always best for me as far as taste, especially in the “plus” varieties, that has higher calorie, higher vitamin content. The Ensure here was regular and the Boost was plus, that’s what made the difference in calorie and vitamins in the two.

  4. I tried both. I needed a nutrition drink . I found both to be tasty but gained weight like crazy so I stopped. Luckily boost came out with a smart calorie line 🙂 they always make me feel more "alive" compared to not having them. I have a poor diet lol.

  5. Boost is on sale for half price once a month. Here in Ontario, Canada I just bought Boost 5 packs of 6 strawberry $8.99 each pack before taxes on sale. I hope to loose 20 pounds before summer. Here at my drug store Ensure was $6 more a pack of 6 then boost without boost having a sale. I drink the strawberry with 1 cup of 1% milk to help it not be so sweet and is more filling that way too.

  6. Ensure has soy. Not good for some people that have sinus allergies to soy. Brings on a wicked headache. Boost has no soy.

  7. There are a few differences;
    Boost Plus 360 Calories
    Boost Plus 3 Grams of Fiber.
    Ensure Plus 350 Calories
    Ensure Plus 0 Grams of Fiber.
    And looking at the video; you compared the
    Regular Ensure; with Boost Plus.
    You SHOULD have Compared "Ensure Plus" with "Boost Plus."
    In Order to make it a FAIR Comparison Video.
    Please make another video comparing the regular with the regular; and the plus with the plus.; you compared ensure original with boost plus by mistake

  8. Do a review comparing regular Boost and regular Ensure or Boost Plus and Ensure Plus. That would be better.

  9. damn is so fucking annoying the way you talk sounds laggi and boring as hell plus sounds like your drunk

  10. What is all the ingredients mean when it come to the words a person can't really pronounce under ingredients and is the ingredients bad for a person?

  11. You doing a review on BOOST plus & REGULAR ENSURE. You should have got ENSURE PLUS. Not regular ENSURE

  12. could care less about any of these cause I don't drink em but if I had to choose it would be ensure cause it taste better plus my uncle drinks em all the time!

  13. This isn't a good comparison. You're comparing boost plus with ensure original. You should compare boost plus with ensure plus and boost original with ensure original

  14. ensure drinks are amazing but the prices are silly if u can afford them buy them they are great the best

  15. I love the taste of Boost chocolate…I haven't tried ensure plus but my mom had ensure regular and i said yuck they are made by the same company—one is for nutrition and weight gain and one is for nutrition and low sugar for diabetics and people watching sugar.

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