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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Eggs and Cholesterol: Patently False and Misleading Claims”

  1. I've noticed that Dr. G's anti-egg videos focus on politics and regulation, while his typical format is to reference peer-reviewed literature. I'm led to believe he does this because he is having trouble finding recent anti-egg papers in the journals. I'm disappointed.

  2. Give it up, vegan freak. The cat is out of the bag. Eggs are great for you. And the so-called "egg lobby" has zero power and influence.

  3. All of the argumentative data in these studies is based on the recommended  intake of cholesterol. Who made up these recommended intakes. DOCTORS like this idiot. This guy carefully sifts through almost ancient out of date data in an attempt to discredit one the finest natural foods on the planet.

  4. The nation’s top nutrition advisory panel has decided to drop its caution about eating cholesterol-laden food, a move that could undo almost 40 years of government warnings about its consumption.
    The group’s finding that cholesterol in the diet need no longer be considered a “nutrient of concern” stands in contrast to the committee’s findings five years ago, the last time it convened. During those proceedings, as in previous years, the panel deemed the issue of excess cholesterol in the American diet a public health concern.

  5. What's this Doctor's problem with eggs? So what if the US Egg Board repeatedly ignored scientific evidence from the 1970s onwards; they were right to ignore it, weren't they??? The same world medical associations that demonised eggs are now saying that products high in saturated fats (not cholesterol) are responsible for raising cholesterol levels – so we can eat as many eggs as we like (though free range poached/boiled is the healthier option).
    Seems like "Doctor" Gregor is stuck in the politics of the late 20th century, and more bothered by principals than facts. Time to man up and join the 21st century.

  6. I totally disagree with this video.
    ~ First of all, whether we eat cholesterol or not, our liver produces cholesterol because we need it. The protective wall around every cell in our bodies is made up of cholesterol. Cholesterol is necessary for the production of every hormone our body produces, it is essential for brain function, and for the production of coenzyme Q10 (CO-Q10). When cholesterol is found in arteries, it is there to repair damage caused by inflammation. Inflammation is caused by eating too much refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup (found in almost all processed foods), refined carbohydrates, processed foods, artificial foods, and trans-fats (hydrogenated vegetable oil).
    ~ Eggs, particularly the yolk, contain lecithin which is a nutritional element that liquifies cholesterol so it will flow through our bodies without clogging up our arteries. The yolk also contains ALL of the fat soluble vitamins, some of the B-complex vitamins, including biotin, and all 22 essential amino acids that make up protein.

  7. What about quail eggs?? The Internet tries to say it's healthy but i need to KNOW it instead of reading a few bullshit articles. Please help me, i wanna add a few of them to my diet. I live vegan raw till four and heard its so good for my skin as i still got a few problems…

  8. Fitness people and bodybuilders get the quick protein from egg whites. We don't really eat the yolks anyway. Egg whites have no cholesterol, packed with protein and no significant fat and carbs. One egg white has 3.6 grams of protein. Call it broscience if you want. Eating egg whites gives you great amount of complete protein and no danger!

  9. If anyone is false and misleading, it's these nimrods who falsely make claims against eggs! This is "old school" quackery! The truth is that eggs are good for you! It's a good protein source, and there is no way that it clogs up arteries! Dr. Greger is definitely old school and would probably recommend the antiquated Pritikin diet, which strongly adheres to very little, if any fat, and recommends high carb intake! Dr. Pritikin, the founder of this diet, died himself due to suicide because he was diagnosed with Leukemia many years ago! It was undoubtedly caused by over consumption of grains which have proven to be universally contaminated with mycotoxins (poisons given off by molds and fungus, mostly due to being stored in warm and moist silos), in which these toxins can promote diabetes, arthritis, cancer and many neurological and autoimmune diseases! It is the high carb diet that clogs arteries, because our metabolism burns 2 types of fuel; carbohydrates and fats. The body prefers to burn carbs, and leaves the fats alone unless needed when the carb supply runs thin. Any carbs that are left over from the burning process is converted to fat, and is stored as such, amongst the previous fat cells, in which more and more fat accumulates. On the other hand, If you go on a low carb diet and you eat healthy fats, your body has no choice but to burn fat, because the carb source is low or nearly depleted. So when your body burns fat, you lose fat and lose weight! Burning fat will also clean out fatty deposits in your arteries, thus reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke! The quickest way to an unhealthy and shortened life is to mainly consume carbs and to minimize fat intake! Don't believe these "old schoolers" who practice medicine!

  10. Wow, people actually believe that cholesterol isn't the main cause of CVD. I hope they eat 2 dozen eggs a day and die young. Fuck em.

  11. it should be clear now, that eating colesterol does not rise the own colesterol level. that was an assumption without evidence from decades ago. high colesterol comes from inflamation – especially from bad fats that clogs up the cell walls and hormone receptors stop working. then hormone resistance kicks in slowly meaning diabetes type 2 or other problems like leptin resistance. the high level of insulin also supports inflamation. i don't see a problem with eggs.

  12. The cat is out of the bag alright. Decades of advice on saturated fat have been proven to be not just incorrect but extremely damaging tot he health of humans. We've seen huge surges in not only diabetes but obesity as well – and heart disease is still among the biggest killers despite a large reduction in the smoking rate.

  13. the eggboard-trolls are strong in this comment section. cmon guys, eggs mustnt be advertised as "healthy", "nutritious" or however else you want to bend it by LAW. start to think, wont you

  14. Love the scientific information that comes from this man, but it looks like from the real research and the real hands on nutritional biochemistry, it states that whole non hormone added, free range hard boiled eggs (not fried, the biochemistry changes), are a super source of good cholesterol, plus the mineral sulfur which is an essential precursor to making glutathione in the body, totally essential for making our hormones, and especially good for the brain and the creation of new nerve tissue especially the myelin sheath of nerves. The real research shows that low cholesterol is way more deleterious to the body than high cholesterol. The person that people should research on this area of nutrition is Dr. Joel Wallach N. D. who is an agriculturalist, a veterinarian, a naturopathic doctor, and also not even being a surgeon ( again looking for truths not plagued by any profession or scientific title ) has done over 25,000 animal and human autopsies and more than 10 million blood chemistries. He has far more data on this probably than any other man alive. I stand to be corrected on this if anyone has far better data thru comments, email, etc. Always open to far greater truths and wisdom and I hope someone can correct me on this if I'm wrong. Peace, love, and great wisdom to the human family. Thank You Andrew Polkowski

  15. I dont understand what is wrong with people, they rather believe a multimillion dollar industry who will put whatever they can in youre table if youre willing to pay for it. The man is telling you how to improve youre health for free. And the studies he cites, are available in his site. So you can make youre one conclusions. Peace

  16. This jerk is a typical misinforming a$$hole trained by Big Pharma to never cure but only suck people's hard-earned money out of their accounts until they're dry.

    DO NOT follow this idiots advice.

  17. I think Dr. Greger with all respect should respect the latest study about cholesterol and repost a update review on eggs. If such misinformation is not corrected (with new studies), we might suspect other supported nutritional information provided here might be biased based on personal preference, rather than proven by real studies.

    Actually I don't really believe all studies are officially right, in fact it is impossible for another organization to repeat every studies just to reconfirm all studies that are published. I am not sure is there a official organization that sort of policing such studies to ensure it is really what it is saying, not created to support certain food because it was funded by whatever manufacturer of those food. Since the cholesterol and saturated fat were wrongly accused as unhealthy food, health problem actually get worst. Promoting vegan diet may be a health improving strategy, I don't think it is a default human diet. Eat what your body want to eat. But first you must let your body try out different food first, then let your body tell you if it is ok. No food no matter how unhealthy is going to kill you on just one serving. Those are poison not food.

    Don't try to condemn everyone in the same ship, when one of them is a trouble maker. I notice most people be it religion, science or health related tend to use a few studies to sort of finalised and conclude that is the case. I observe the real world, I can't confirm myself with my own lab or studies, but the real world is around us. I can see what other people eat when we sit together or the next table. Or family members, relatives and friends. My sister bring my mom every two years for medical check up, she has zero concern on her health record. She smoke till 35, felt that she need to stop, surprisingly with some afford from herself she never smoke from then on, eat whatever she thinks is right or good. But she never eat out unless invited for whatever occasion. She died still in good health, from a fractured skull, after a fall at 83 I think. If not for the fall I think she might see herself at 100. My grandfather moved on at 95, another grandmother moved on at 98 i think. They all cook at home eat what they like to eat not educated nor thought how to eat healthy, also none of them need walking stick right up to the end. I actually observed that they moved on because they had enough of life, is boring everyday the same. So is it that difficult to just eat what your body like to eat and not complain about life. So far I can confirm it is not food that make you sick. Stressful lifestyle and your attitude towards your life and experiences.

  18. This is just my own anecdotal experience but before I went vegan I used to eat an egg almost every day, occasionally two. I never in a zillion years thought this was causing me any harm, since I wasn't overweight, until I got a check up which showed that I had very high cholesterol. Because I'm young and thin, I thought it was bullshit. But then I went vegan for ethical reasons and another recent check has showed it's now not just in the normal range but it's basically as low as you can go. 🙂

  19. New title for this video should be…  Dr. Greger provides patently false and misleading claims regarding eggs and cholestrol.  Eggs are VERY healthy for you and this information from Dr. Greger is incredible BULLSHIT.  Dr. Greger must be a vegan wingnut.  He certainly is uneducated when it comes to basic physical biology and human body function.

  20. In one of his lectures he cited a result from a very esteemed medical research center that the level of cholesterol in veg nd nonveg eaters is insignificant. That lecture is on youtube.

  21. I haven't read the other commments on here but here is my story. I have been consuming 5-6 whole eggs a day! I was worried when I went in to get my blood check but guess what?! Cholesterol levels are just fine all across the board!

  22. i had blood work 4 months ago then ate 4 whole eggs a day for 3 weeks and there was no change in my cholesterol numbers! seriously….

  23. Legal courts know so much about nutrition as do Doctors. As always (yawn) not a single mention of food combinations, although this Clown does make a strong case for the dreaded 1980's Egg cholesterol scare tactics that made all fats out to be EVIL. Somehow consuming these fats for hundreds of thousands of years however magically only aided humans, but now the voo doo has worn off and they are dangerous and will boost Cholesterol (What kind – the healthy or harmful?). How convenient.

  24. is there a way to block videos from ignorant losers like this guy. I hate people that work for big pharma.
    Hey genius what is your brain made of.
    And to show you shouldn't listen to the government show some evidence that cholesterol increases heart disease.

  25. Wow, this comment section is a full on smear campaign backed by no evidence. Denial is strong on this one! The "mad" phase is coming vegans, get ready to obliterate the sheep with facts.

  26. First back in the '60s eggs were promoted as healthy options for eating well and maintaining good health, then the egg was blackballed eggs have too much cholesterol, don't eat eggs,….and now Dr. Gregor says that eggs are bad for ya?!! NOT, poor people who haven't the money to buy meat, depend on the incredible, edible egg!

  27. Cholesterol is absolutely good for you. Its the precursor to many hormones your body needs, including human growth hormone and testosterone. Imagine how much big pharma would lose with their popular Simvastatin, Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, and Pravastatin drugs all being rendered toxic to the body? Follow the money and crooked or bamboozled doctors to know who's lying.

  28. Here's the latest study on the subject (1032 men)
    Eggs were not associated with any rise in CAD!

  29. i eat 19 eggs per day, they are the closest thing to steroids u can ingest. What was good then is bad now… Agghhh soon they r going to tell us that sex is also bad… lol

  30. what about the great source of protein and vit b 12 in eggs I eat very clean and healthy and I eat eggs and I have no problems at all. I do not eat baked stuff as it is to high in wheat and carbs so I do not see the problem in eating poached eggs, with baby spinach and some mushrooms every few days for my breakfast

  31. That's America for you. Australia doesn't use any hormones in cattle& poultry production ( we've banned it). Since America doesn't export eggs to the whole world
    When you're making a film could you please exclusively say which parts of the world or America these scenarios are going on?
    Thank you

  32. So where is the evidence that eggs are bad when cholesterol itself has been debunked as a problem…..

  33. i eat eggs almost everyday 3-4 eggs, i don't get sick and never gone to the dr unlike people who hate eggs. i am now eating more chicken breast to build muscle but still eating eggs 2-3 times a week.

  34. Can anyone explain to me… How much cholesterol would I have to eat every day to have a heart attack within 6 months? Would 12 eggs a day do it? How about if I ate a lamb brain, two kidneys, one heart, and 100 grams of liver every week? I'll keep a food journal and video myself preparing/eating every meal, just so there are no doubts.


  36. Cholesterol is ok. It's a medical propaganda .
    Winning in Court doesn't make you right. A Court fond guily somebody, and he was burnt in a public place for saying that Earth is round. The Court says that is flat.
    Cholesterol is great.

  37. There is a Canadian Documentary series called "the nature of things" who last season did a episode called "the cholesterol conundrum" in which they explore a genetic anomaly of persons born with a VERY,VERY, high HDL/LDL profile and take the physician prescribed precautions to reduce their Cholesterol which doesn't work yet they stubbornly aren't dropping dead as predicted, infact MOST people who drop dead of heart attack and stroke have healthy range cholesterol profiles, so what gives?Most diets high in cholesterol are also typically high in animal derived L-Carnitine, when L-Carnitine hits your gut biome they digest it into TMAO which caused increased INFLAMMATION. A few weeks prior to watching  this Docu I had comprehensive blood test and everything was in good to moderate range except inflammation markers,  I was supplementing …you guessed it L-Carnitine as a part of resistance training.

  38. It's funny. People who eat eggs, dairy flesh, refined foods, etc. SAY that they are 'fine' when they are not. They still get headaches, stomach aches, toe fungus, runny nose, congestion, diarrhea, constipation, rashes, itching, foul odors, trouble sleeping, need for coffee, and all the other inflammatory ills that most 'get'. These people who say that they are 'healthy' are so unaware of what 'health' feels like. As long as they are still standing they they think that they are fine. And the game goes on.

  39. there is nothing wrong with dietary cholesterol. most people eat way too many carbohydrates and trans fats, which are the real problem.

  40. I use to eat eggs raw everyday and seem perfectly fine. Till I switched to an all plant diet and wow was I wrong! When you're sick it's impossible to self diagnose.

  41. Dear Dr. Greger, I'm conflicted about eggs after reading this New York Times article; "Foods High in Cholesterol Don’t Raise Heart Risks". Could you please explain on how this study fits within the larger body of work published on Cholesterol and Heart decease? It seems very contradictory.

  42. you wanna know something else! Dihydrogen Monoxide is in all of food and drinks. And is know that %100 of people who consume this DIES! Lets take a stand and ban this chemical!

  43. Sorry but healthy people in a Keto-diet, eating eggs and other fats, every day, have perfect blood results. So…..

  44. Isn't it the truth that we are all different? Our bodies are essentially the same but individually they are different enough for eggs (and other so-called "unhealthy" foods)to be a danger for some and not to others; for example those (not me) who are overweight and already with high cholesterol levels. The egg Industry reflects this by being restricted by law from saying carte blanche that eggs are safe – in the general sense – for everyone. I have been eating eggs for 70 years and I don't have negative signs or symptoms of any kind, neither have I ever in my life. There is no conflict or confusion for me personally.

  45. WHAT ABOUT FREE PASTURE HOME-RAISED EGGS? Btw i'm vegetarian – mostly vegan, but i'm still striving to find ONE good study that would show any negative implications of consuming an egg or 2 per day. All i hear is propaganda from BOTH sides. I WANT PURE UNBIASED FACTS and demonising cholesterol is just pure BS. My blood lipids a month ago were: Total cholesterol 147, HDL 89, Tryglicerids 88, LDL 65.

  46. can someone that is good with science stuff explain this to Me? This is really hard for me to read. http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1109400?query=featured_home

  47. I have just seen a Danish TV show about food, on a leading channel:
    A man (≈42 years old) eats 28 eggs per week, and he is a marathon runner. He cuts out eggs for 14 days.
    His Total cholesterol: before = 5.7, after = 5.2.
    A professor from a Danish university/the TV show concludes:
    – Eggs doesn't lead to elevated cholesterol.
    – It is probably not the cholesterol, but he fat in the eggs that affects his total cholesterol.
    – nobody said that he should chance his diet.  
    – it is a myth that eggs are bad for you cholesterol.
    – The Man said "I am happy that it isn't dangerous to eat eggs".

  48. I'm statring to get sick of the bias in most of your videos against anything that is egg, dairy or meat. Just admit that you're pushing veganism. That disgusting sound you made when you wrote "bullshit' was very jarring.

  49. It's not far that's bad, it's processed sugar. And all processed food.


  50. I had like 6 eggs in a day the other week, but I made sure they're those expensive pasture raised eggs…if I'm going, it better be tasty.

  51. Every time you make a video about egg, you talk about the intricacies of what goes on behind the marketing and stuff, but never actual rock solid science about the effects of egg on health. I don't see any graph or cohort studies or intervention studies. Nothing. Just this Michael Moore-ish way of degrading egg's reputation by exposing "secret" papers about egg advertisement.


  52. Eat at most 1.5 yokes a day if you try want to eat eggs that much. Btw eat as much egg whites as you want but don't go overboard with them either ^^

  53. One of the keys to protecting the health of your heart is to lower your cholesterol. The fabulous news about this check link>> https://bit. ly/2rP2Z2r

  54. what would you comment on this study that says eating one egg daily is not associated with increase in CVD https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29680985

  55. I LOVE IT!!! Dr. Greger went SAVAGE FULL SIZE on the Egg industries claim!!! Greger is a BEAST!! Well done my good man, well done!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  56. Animals eaters: " so what it has nutritional benefits" , semen does too..some things just isn't for human consumption..think about the first person who seen a egg and thought to theirselve, " I wonder how that taste, sick…In this society I guess whatever has nutrients is for human consumption, watch out humans

  57. There is nothing that god made that isn’t good for us , everything in moderation is key , I’m vegan but what kind of diet is s vegan diet wen u have to take a b 12 supplement and omega 3 suppliments , it means the vegan diet is insufficient , show me one culture that is fully vegan in this planet ? Yes vegan is good if u wang to cleanse or detox but after a while u lack certain nutrients… I ate 2 eggs today I feel great

  58. "Patently false and misleading"

    Show me the studies proving this please, not what the judge ruled. All this back and forth with the egg industry means nothing.

  59. New research denies a link between higher intakes of eggs, cholesterol imbalance and elevated risks of cardiovascular disease (CVD) events or type 2 diabetes. 

  60. 255 misleading thumbs down so far
    2 this proof in ya face explanation of
    researched fakts about eggs video.
    yeah. apparentli i have a hatred problem….

  61. Dr. Greger, can you please look at this studies: Effect of a high-egg diet on cardiometabolic risk factors in people with type 2 diabetes: the Diabetes and Egg (DIABEGG)? They contradict what you say about eggs and it bothers me a lot: https://academic.oup.com/ajcn/article/107/6/921/4992612

  62. but not all cholesterol is bad, and it is very doubtful if even cholesterol is the major contributing factor for heart disease.
    Insulin peaks, triglycerides, free radicals etc may be the bigger villains and offcourse a certain type of LDL but not all.

  63. Although a few eggs every now and again aren’t going to harm you, and there’s some good nutrition in there.

  64. a couple months ago I did a blood test and I had a very high cholesterol (above the high risk range!) I was recommended to start taking pills to lower it, I declined and instead I switched to a high vegetarian diet + low ~ medium animal sourced protein. I ate 3 boiled eggs daily (80 ~ 90%) for 2 months and few times i ate chicken and fish every 2 or 3 days, my diet consist of (Hummus, Lentils, rice, light salads, with extra virgin olive oil, hot sauce sometimes, vegan meals) .., I hardly drink caffeine during the weekdays except in weekends because I hangout with friends and families and enjoy drinking either a black coffee or have it mixed with Almond milk..and my routine continued as it is..I always have a small plate of fruits (banana, red apple, grapes) after my lunch and hardly i took any sweets you can say (rarely happened).. I avoid refined sugar, A1 milk(typical milk), and wheat (I switched to gluten free diet long time ago but the cholesterol got me regardless) however during my 2 months experiment i ate boiled eggs which never happened before + vegan in most days and the result after the 2 month…. It went Down to the bottom !! no cholesterol threat whatsoever!! I enjoyed the results and still eating my lovely eggs daily and I add olive oil in top with it with some spices.. delicious and nutritious. this is a fact! not pulled from randomized clinical trial! I also have the lab results before and after.. you a want proof? do this and challenge everyone here and to see the results for yourself!

  65. Nobody has ever proved that eating cholesterol is a health hazard. Because we dont absorb dietary cholesterol anyway. In fact organic butter that is high in cholesterol helps lower LDL. Proccessed oils and sugar raise your LDL even though they don't contain cholesterol. Also nobody has ever proved that LDL is a risk factor for heart disease. So eat all the eggs you want. I do. I am 72. The last time i checked my blood pressure. 102-60. Avoid all refined food and all daiy but butter. Those are the bad ones

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